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If you are a business owner, you will definitely need a business account through which you can analyze and evaluate the behavior of your audience towards the generated content. In previous tutorials, we discussed how to create an Instagram business account, as well as a solution to increase the efficiency of the Instagram page. Now, if you want to analyze the behavior of your audience and know which content is most liked or even you want to place ads on other pages, you should be familiar with effective advertising techniques on Instagram. In this regard, you should know that impressions and reach are two important terms in Instagram business accounts that provide you with important statistical information. Knowledge of these terms and familiarity with their use in order to produce targeted content will be essential. In this article from busocial MAG We decided to get acquainted with the concept of impression and Rich on Instagram and know what is the difference between reach and impression on Instagram ? Finally, you can take action to increase Instagram Rich. But before that, you need to know what Rich and Impression mean.


Important points of Instagram page analysis

There are several criteria when analyzing a brand on Instagram. But in order to know which page will be more and more effective for advertising or to analyze a post, you should evaluate the two main factors of the Rich and Impression advertising page. The two main criteria of impressions and reach on Instagram are examined in order to analyze the account. Ritch number and impression are two separate and different concepts.

First, consider what Rich and Impression do:

  • When you want to have effective ads on Instagram, you must evaluate the Rich and Impression of one of the target page posts.
  • When you want to identify the tastes of your contacts, you can analyze the rip and impression of your posts.

Now you need to get acquainted with the two concepts of impressions and reach.

  • Meaning of impressions on Instagram: The number of times a post or story is seen by Instagram users. (For example, a value of 3 in impressions may mean that an account has seen your post 3 times.)
  • reach Instagram: means the number of unique accounts that have seen your post or stories. So Instagram reach calculates the actual statistics of users. Try to maximize this statistic to introduce your brand. (Note that if an account views a post multiple times, its reach will be the same.)

reach is the total number of people who have seen your post (content). But impressions is the number of views of the post. So the amount of impressions is always either equal to or greater than the amount of Rich on Instagram. Now to have effective ads on Instagram, you must analyze one of the target page posts based on the above two factors.

What is the difference between reach and impression on Instagram?

This statistic helps you to know the tastes of your audience and to consider important points in the content production strategy. For example, check popular posts and extract constructive tips from them and implement them in future posts. In this way, you will be somewhat aware of the tastes of your audience.

  • Impression calculates the number of times a post is displayed. In fact, impression counts the number of times your content is viewed, but reach counts the number of clicks.
  • If a person views your post several times, the number of times it is counted in impression, but in reach, it is considered as one visit.
  • Rich is actually the number of unique accounts that have viewed your post.
  • The stats that reach gives you are important, so try to maximize your Instagram Rich stats.
  • If your Instagram impression is higher than your reach, it means that your audience has seen a post several times.

Where is Rich and Instagram Impression?

To check the performance of your content, you should refer to the Instagram insights section. insights is an analysis tool for Instagram business campaigns and are available on business accounts. Therefore, your Instagram account needs to be commercial.

If your account is not a business, apply for converting your Instagram account to a business account. After commercializing your account, follow the help of the Instagram connection guide to Facebook and connect your account to your Facebook account.

Now follow the steps below to view Impression and Rich statistics on Instagram:

To check Rich and Instagram impressions, open the desired post and touch the view insights to see the statistical information about the post.

Learn how to advertise effectively on Instagram

insights provide complete statistical information on the number of impressions and reach of the content.

Learn-how-to-advertise-effectively-on-Instagram-2Now you can check the total number of times your post has been viewed in the last 7 days.

The reach section displays the number of unique accounts that have seen your post in the last 7 days.



Keep in mind that reach displays the actual number of hits and impressions provide the total number of hits. So usually the number of impressions is more than Rich.


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Important points after analyzing the Instagram post

  • When evaluating the impact of your ad, focus on the value of the ad impressions.
  • If we divide the reach value by the value of the impressions, we can calculate the average impression per user. For example, if Impression 12 and Ritch 4, it means that each job has viewed your post 3 times.
  • If you have a small number of likes and comments compared to the reach value, it means that your advertising content has a problem.
  • Marketers use the amount of Instagram Rich as a criterion for calculating the percentage of Instagram engagement or interaction. The higher the reach of a post, the more likely it is to share and increase the follower page.
  • To increase followers, you must maximize the reach of your posts. Therefore, producing quality content and knowing the right time to publish a post (when most Instagram followers are online) will be necessary.
  • If the impressions of your posts exceed the reach, it means that users will see your content more than once.
  • reach means the number of people who have seen your content but impressions are the number of times your ad is displayed on the screen.

In order to analyze your business campaign, you need to get statistical information from it. This information will be provided to you in the insights section of the user profile. Impression and Rich are the two main and important criteria in analyzing a page. In this article, you got acquainted with the difference between reach and impression on Instagram. Instagram impressions count the number of times a post is viewed, and reach indicates how many unique users have viewed your post. By examining the two factors mentioned, you can identify the tastes of your contacts and increase the efficiency of your Instagram page. If this article was useful to you, share the link with your friends.

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