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Before talking about making money from Rubika, it is better to briefly familiarize yourself with this application. The Rubika application has been in the category of most used Iranian applications for about 4 years. The main reason for the popularity of the Rubik’s application is the variety of services it provides to users. Making money from Rubik’s is another important aspect of this program that has attracted the attention of many users. In this article, we have decided to provide you with general information about how to earn money through Rubika. be with us!


Make money from Rubik’s

Generating income through internal systems is considered one of the safe methods due to the lack of access restrictions. Using the Rubika application is completely free and there is no need to pay money to earn money from Rubika.

Make money from Rubik's
Make money from Rubik’s

The most important and frequently asked questions about making money through Rubika are related to how to activate making money through the Rubika application and how to make money from Rubika. In the following, we will mention the main ways to earn money from the Rubika application

Earn money from the game

One of the most attractive ways to make money through Rubik’s is related to making money from the game. For this, you must enter the prize games section and participate in the “play, win prize” section and become one of the top players.

Earning through membership in educational channels

There are many channels in the Rubik’s Messenger section. Through membership in channels that are related to education and learning, you can achieve some kind of professional income generation by teaching some practical techniques.

Creating content in Rubik's

Generating income through content production

Making money through content creation is one of the best ways to make money. Content means text, image, video or any other attractive thing that can attract the attention of the audience. If you have enough information about a certain topic and want to share it with others, the Rubika platform is a very good option.

Earning by creating a page

Rubika has a space called Rubino, which has the same functionality as Instagram. The way of making money from Rubino is very similar to making money from Instagram. In this way of making money, the more followers you have and the more views your posts have, the more money you can earn.

Creating a channel in Rubik's

Earning by creating a channel

The Rubika messenger space is another space of the Rubika application, which is structurally very similar to Telegram. Therefore, if you are familiar with the ways of making money by creating a channel in Telegram, you can easily make money in this space as well. In fact, the more views or downloads the posts you put on the channel, the more your income will be. After expanding your channel, you can also increase your income by promoting other people’s products.

Earning through sales cooperation

Another way to earn money from Rubika is cooperation in sales. In this way, you can sell products and receive commission by promoting other people’s products on your channel or Robino page. This method has many fans; Because there is no need for your physical presence and you can sell products through the Internet.

Make money from Rubik's

Golden tips to increase income from Rubik’s

In this section, we are going to introduce the most important points about making money from Rubik’s. By applying such tips, you can significantly increase the amount of income generated through the Rubika application:

  • Increase the number of channel members: The more members of your channel, the more views your posts will get and thus the more money you will earn. In order to increase the number of channel members, in addition to adding attractive and regular content, you should advertise your channel using the content calendar and ask your friends and acquaintances to send your channel to others.
  • Produce more content: If you regularly produce content on your channel, you will earn more in exchange for more views. Therefore, you should be active and always do your best to produce high-quality content and attract more contacts.
  • Have a regular content publishing process: Regular content publishing is one of the golden ways to earn money. Therefore, if you intend to earn money from Rubika by creating content, you must proceed according to a basic plan.
  • Buying Rubika Followers: Definitely, the less followers you have on social networks, the less people will be encouraged to follow your account, so by buying followers, you will make your showcase page attractive so that people will be encouraged to follow you in addition to trust. In this social network

  • Do not produce content at any cost: Do not publish poor quality content at all. Poor quality content is content that does not convey value to your audience. If you are just starting out and you don’t have the ability to create content professionally, you can use the content collection technique.
  • Promote your content: After you have published your content, try to reach more audience. For this, you can request people who are active in other platforms to follow you in the Rubika application.


The Rubika application has many features for users. One of the most important and popular functions is related to the income generation section. In this article, we mentioned the most important methods of generating income from this application and explained them well. We have also listed some tips that can help you to increase your income.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it possible to earn through Rubika?
    Yes, you can earn money in different ways with a little effort and activity in this program.
  • What are the ways to earn through Rubika?
    There are different ways to earn money through Rubik’s, including creating content, collaborating in sales, creating a page, playing games, etc.
  • Is it possible to earn money through Rubik’s games?
    Yes, you can participate in the games of this program and earn money in this way.

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