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First, let’s talk about the importance of putting a few links in your Instagram bio. Putting a few links in the Instagram bio is one of the most important actions for many people and business pages on this social platform. Instagram bio is a place where users can learn about the personality of the page owner or the type of business.

This is an opportunity by which you can direct your followers to a website or blog that can increase traffic and engagement with your brand or content.

Also, these links can help to promote specific products or services. This will cause more sales for businesses and convert actual customers into potential customers. If you have a product sales page on Instagram, using a link you can easily direct users to your site to buy products easily.

Of course, you can put the link of other social networks in your bio, in which case you can also share more information about yourself or your business. In general, placing several links in the Instagram bio is one of the important aspects of marketing for this social platform, which we will continue to teach about placing several links.


How to put several links in Instagram bio

Instagram only allows one clickable link on bio pages. This creates limitations for individuals or businesses who want to promote multiple products or services. However, there are different ways to put some links in Instagram bio, which we mention below.

Linktree site, link in Instagram bio

Using Linktree

Services like Linktree as an intermediary service can help you put multiple links on your page. Below we will learn how to work with this website:

  1. First, visit the Linktree site and create an account. Creating a user account on this site can be paid or free, and you can choose the free option.
  2. Then a profile will be created for you that you can customize for yourself by adding different links.
  3. Now you have a Linktree link that you can add to your Instagram bio.
  4. Update your Linktree profile regularly to include new content.

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Link.Bio Link in Instagram bio

using Link.Bio

The Link.Bio website, like Linktree, is an intermediary service through which it is possible to add several links in the Instagram bio. Working with a bio link is the same as a third link, and you must first register on the website and then create your profile. After that, you can put some links in this profile and then put your website link, bio link, in the Instagram bio website section. However, some features of this website may also be paid.

Campsite link in Instagram bio

using Campsite

Another famous service that can be used to easily add a few links in Instagram bio is Campsite. This service works exactly like the previous two sites and we need to create a profile to work with it. However, the camp site is completely free and you can use all parts and features of the site without paying.

You can also get help from the site analysis. This section of the website collects the number of clicks on each of your links. Then you can use this information to optimize your page and make sure that your links are relevant and useful to your audience. Also, remove or replace links that have created little satisfaction for users.

Shorby link in Instagram bio

using Shorby

Another website that provides services for multiple links in Instagram bio is Shorby. This website also provides services completely free of charge and has a working method similar to the rest of the services. shorby also provides the possibility of analyzing link statistics and also personalization for each link. Call to action options can also be added to the links, which is very useful for sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it possible to put multiple links in Instagram bio without intermediary services?

Instagram only has the ability to place a link directly in the bio.

  • Which pages need more links in Instagram bio?

Business pages and sales of products and services need more to put a few links in the Instagram bio.

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