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When you are looking for videos with different topics on YouTube, you will be offered a large number of videos in this regard by searching for your desired topic. YouTube video SEO is very effective in ranking and showing these videos. In this article, we are going to talk more about YouTube SEO. So stay with us.


What is meant by YouTube SEO?

YouTube SEO means optimizing videos, channels, pages, playlists, etc. for the YouTube search engine.

Since by searching on Google, 9 out of 10 videos are related to YouTube, in reality, by using YouTube SEO, you optimize your videos for Google and other search engines so that they are included in the initial video list.

To be at the top of the videos, it is necessary to study YouTube channel SEO thoroughly and apply strategies for this.

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YouTube SEO

How does YouTube SEO help our channel?

By applying YouTube channel SEO tricks, you can put your video in the list of initial videos and people can see your videos and channel by searching for a topic related to your video.

In fact, applying these strategies will lead to your being seen more and more and increasing your views, which will also increase your income.

In fact, the main goal of using SEO is to be able to get our videos to a high rank on YouTube so that people can quickly access our videos by searching for the desired topic. Of course, doing these tricks is not easy and requires a lot of effort and patience.

At the same time as focusing on YouTube SEO, buying YouTube subscribers and buying YouTube watch time helps to grow and increase YouTube channel views.

What should be done for YouTube video SEO?

If you are also looking to increase the rank of your YouTube video and increase your income, and you want to show your videos to more people, we suggest you follow the steps below.

Video SEO on YouTube

Step 1: Choose a winning idea

The first and most important step to success on YouTube is having the right idea. To find an idea, first you need to write down all the topics that come to your mind for making a video on a piece of paper and think about them.

Creating content on YouTube is very challenging and competitive; Try to find popular ideas and write them down. Of course, you should note that according to YouTube’s copyright rules, you cannot exactly copy someone else’s videos, you can only take ideas from them.

To find ideas, you can search for popular videos on YouTube and see which topics have the most followers. Of course, it may be difficult for you to compete with popular videos, but you can find topics that have attracted a large audience.

Of course, in addition to these, you should consider your talents and abilities, for example, if you are proficient in physics, you can start a physics teaching channel. At this stage, you need to determine your goal of creating a YouTube channel. For each topic you choose, you should consider its advantages and disadvantages and write it down on a piece of paper.

YouTube SEO

Then write video making ideas for each topic. Finally, choose a topic that you are more capable of than other topics and has fewer weaknesses and start making a video about it.

Second step: producing professional video content

Next, you need to start making videos. You should note that in order to increase the number of video views, it is not enough to just take a video and publish it, and it requires a professional team to design and edit it. At this stage, you should have knowledge about media science and be able to produce videos of maximum quality.

First you need to design your video cover. The design of the cover must be very precise and completely match the topic of your video. The text written on the cover is also very effective in attracting the audience. Try to write texts that make the viewer curious to watch your video.

In the production of your video content, you must speak in an eloquent and simple tone and you should never use jargon. Note that your video is going to be viewed by thousands of people, and among these thousands of people there are different people and strata, so you must Speak in such a way that everyone understands what you mean.

Another thing that you should pay attention to is choosing the background of the video. If you intend to make educational videos, the background and environment in which you teach should be suitable for your work career. If you intend to use music in your videos, it should be in a way that does not bore the audience.

YouTube video content production

After making the video, you should get the help of expert and experienced people to edit the video and correct its color and sound. Video editing is very important, so try to leave it to experts if you are not skilled in this field.

Step 3: Search for keywords on YouTube

In the next step, you need to look for the right keyword. Usually keywords are included in the title of the video. Try to use the keyword in the first line of the video description.

The choice of keyword should be in such a way that it covers the content of your video completely and be searched by other users so that people can access your video by searching for that word.

To find the right keyword, you must first see which words are searched by people the most. One way to find a keyword is to use YouTube’s own suggestions in its search section.

You can also see the suggested keywords in the YouTube reports section which is located in the YouTube studio in the Traffic Sources and YouTube search sections.

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Keyword search on YouTube

Also, there are many tools for finding highly searched keywords, such as YouTube Analytics, Google Trends, Google Ads Keyword Planner, BuzzSumo Keyword Research Tool, etc., by using which, in addition to finding highly searched keywords, you can analyze Pay your YouTube channel.

After choosing the keyword, it is better to search it on YouTube to see the results generated for it. The best keyword is a word that has high search volume but little competition.

Step 4: Complete the YouTube video SEO settings

In the next steps, you need to complete other YouTube video settings. You should be very precise in writing the video description, especially in the first 100 words.

In fact, when showing YouTube’s description, it first shows the first 2 to 3 lines, and then if the person wants to, he can read other descriptions by clicking on the show more option. Therefore, it is very important to write an attractive caption, especially in the first three lines. If you plan to add a link, it is better to use it in the first three lines. Also, the use of keywords should occur in the first three lines.

YouTube video SEO settings

Another important issue is the subtitle or video text. Writing this text should be appropriate to your video and use a lot of keywords. Subtitles, in addition to increasing SEO, increase the ranking in searches, higher participation of users, and more access to your videos by people who are deaf or unfamiliar with the video language.

Using tags can be very effective in making your video more visible. Be sure to use tags when uploading videos.

When using tags to increase your ranking, you must use words that are related to the video and the keywords you have chosen. Using irrelevant words will lower the video’s rank and will not help you.

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Fifth step: Using advertising methods on YouTube

One of the methods of YouTube Neoseo is to use advertisements on YouTube. The cost of advertising on YouTube varies according to the number of views, and it is not possible to calculate exact statistics for it. On average, YouTube ads cost between $0.01 and $0.03 per view.

Advertising methods on YouTube

Some models of YouTube ads include:

trueview-in-stream ads

These ads are used to appear as part of the main video, sometimes clickable and sometimes non-clickable.

Trueview video discovery ads

This category of ads are display ads on video that people click on and are directed to your channel.

display ads

You can see these ads only when you enter YouTube with a computer or laptop. which is at the top of the suggested video list or at the top of the movie you want to watch.

last word

Now that you are familiar with YouTube SEO and you know how important it is for ranking and increasing income, it is better to spend time using these strategies by applying detailed plans and in this way you can earn a lot of income. We hope this article was useful for you. Share your comments with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does YouTube SEO mean?
    YouTube SEO means optimizing videos, channels, pages, playlists, etc. for the YouTube search engine.
  • What should be the basic keyword selection?
    The choice of the keyword should be in such a way that it covers the content of your video completely and is subject to search by other users.

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