What is the reason for the loss of followers on Instagram? Why are my followers decreasing? (2023)

Why are my followers decreasing?

Today, due to the special competition that exists in the Instagram space, the smallest negligence will cause you to lose your audience. Since users have a lot of choice in this space, if they are not satisfied with your performance, they will choose other pages.

In fact, it can be said that one of the most important reasons for the drop in Instagram followers is the decline in the performance of the page manager.

If you are struggling with this problem, be sure to read the rest of the discussion; Because we are going to describe the reasons that cause your audience to unfollow. If you are with Buy real followers You have raised your page, you can use these things and reduce the loss of your followers.

Factors that cause followers to drop

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The persistence of followers on the page depends on various factors. If the audience is satisfied with your performance and their needs are met, they will become loyal followers. In general, the drop of followers includes a set of factors that are discussed below.

1- Too much promotion of products drives away the audience

No one can deny the extraordinary effect of advertising in increasing sales; But if you only focus on publishing sales-oriented and promotional content, sooner or later you will lose your followers. A page where only products are advertised becomes extremely boring for users and they prefer to leave it.

It is necessary to include entertainment and educational posts on your Instagram page in addition to advertising content. Try to share content that has something new to say and attracts the attention of the audience. When you meet the needs of followers by publishing useful content, they will stay on your page.

2- Your captions are not attractive enough

One of the reasons for the drop in followers is due to the poor quality of the captions. Some admins are so obsessed with selecting post photos that they completely forget about the effectiveness of captions. Writing an attractive and high-quality caption will encourage followers to connect with you.

One of the parameters that makes the caption interesting for the audience and arouses their attention is raising questions in these texts. By asking questions, you are actually inviting your followers to take action. Be sure that by doing this, the audience will express their opinions and there is even a possibility that they will tag other users as well.

3- You use hashtags incorrectly

You are using hashtags incorrectly

Some managers of Instagram pages either do not use hashtags at all or do not know how to use them well. Hashtags have a lot of power in attracting an audience, and if you don’t use this useful tool, you’re missing out on free visitors.

Unprincipled use of hashtags has many disadvantages and causes your account to be penalized by Instagram algorithms. Using spam, repetitive hashtags, as well as excessive use of this tool are among the reasons for the loss of followers.

4- Your followers are fake accounts

Since fake followers are not real, they do not show any reaction to the published posts. When a person follows you and sees that the number of followers does not match the rate of likes and comments, he will easily understand that the followers are fake and he will leave the page.

5- You are a passive admin

Just sharing content does not make you an active admin. Rather, it is necessary to dedicate hours daily to communicate with the audience. To increase your interaction, you can leave comments for users, answer their questions patiently and like their posts. It is enough to spend a little creativity, so that users feel close to you and decide to stay on your page.

6- You post too much

One of the reasons for the loss of followers is posting a lot and irregularly. Publishing a lot of content in one day confuses the followers and finally they decide to unfollow you.

So try to share only one or two posts at certain times every day. By doing this, you give your followers a chance to connect with your business and slowly get to know the page.

7- Your content is not entertaining and attractive enough

So that the followers of your page do not unfollow, it is better to satisfy them by producing educational and entertaining content. The content you share should have rich content and address the mental concerns of users. For example, be sure to use fun and funny content, so that more people are driven to the page.

8- It is possible that you have become cheerful

Shadowbanning can be mentioned among the causes of follower drop. When your activity on the page increases abnormally and abnormally, or you do spammy actions, the page is subject to being refreshed.

In this situation, Instagram algorithms will consider crimes for you. For example, your posts will not be displayed in the explorer and it is not possible to use hashtags. However, the number of followers will decrease every day.

9- Incoherence of the page

Your Instagram page should follow a general format. For example, the photos you use in your posts should have harmonious colors and somehow introduce your brand to the audience. The lack of overall coherence in the page and the lack of quality of the published content cause the audience to unfollow.


The reasons for the drop in followers are diverse and include components such as not following the rules of Instagram and the unfavorable performance of the page manager. By using the solutions mentioned in this article, you can prevent audience loss and improve your performance.

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