What is the difference between free and paid likes and followers buying panels?

As you know, having followers and a high number of likes is the beating heart of any Instagram page. With the passage of time, people try different ways to raise their page, the most important of which is buying followers and likes.

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But one of the easiest and most inexpensive creative ways is the free follower panel and the free like panel, which has gained many fans.

As much as it is easy and effortless to get this type of likes and followers, on the other hand, it can also cause problems. That’s why we decided to address this important point in this article, why you shouldn’t use free follower and like panels.

What is the follower panel?

Before discussing the disadvantages of using free panels, we should know what the follower panel itself is and what its nature is. The follower or like panel are actually websites that provide services related to social networks, especially Instagram.

  • What is the difference between free and paid likes and followers buying panels?

In these panels, you can buy likes, views, comments, followers, etc. Meanwhile, there are panels that claim their services are free and donate likes, comments, followers, etc. without receiving any fees.

Why shouldn’t you use free panels for your Instagram page?

The statement that everything expensive is necessarily good is not true at all, but if something is given to you completely free of charge, you must think about whether it is good. Maintaining servers and troubleshooting programs related to buying followers, likes, etc. involves a lot of costs.

Therefore, if a group claims that it will provide you with free followers, be sure to doubt that it is good. But why do we suggest not to use the free like and follower panel? Here we will examine some of these reasons.

Detection bots for buying fake followers and likes

Detection bots for buying fake followers and likes

In a significant part of the Instagram panels, robots are the onion of the story. In this method, which is called robot farms, softwares are produced that are at an acceptable level in terms of intelligence.

Robots perform a significant part of various operations in this social network completely automatically. Bot farms in different countries are follower apps that ask you to like some posts and then give you something like coins.

After that you can get free followers according to the number of coins you collect.

But why is this method of attracting followers not suitable?

Instagram pays a lot of attention to the accounts that like the post in the first moments of your publication. In general, likes are more valuable that are done in the first hours of posting.

So when you use methods like bots, the likes expire after a few days and lose their initial value.

On the other hand, these robots may be recognized and banned by Instagram due to the type of functionality they have. This issue can be harmful for your page. Getting a large number of likes and followers after a certain period of time can be suspicious for Instagram and eventually block your account.

Therefore, to get free followers, it is better to think of other options. So far, we have found that using the free follower panel and the free like panel, which use robots, can harm your page.

Use of direct and indirect signals

It must have happened to you that after entering a site and with one click dozens of other sites and pages will open for you. This completely incorrect method is used to force users to a specific content such as liking or following people.

The public who come across such advertisements leave it very quickly and lose their trust and confidence in that site.

Users who neither know you nor like the content of your page will like and follow, which will not be of any value to you.

For this reason, this method is not a good way to attract free followers or likes. In general, this method is called direct signal.

Buying unreal likes and followers

Buying unreal likes and followers

99% of free panels use bots for likes and followers, which means there are no real users behind these systems.

But if instead of using free models, you use the method of buying followers and buying likes (of course, through reliable sites), various operations such as being liked or commenting by 100% real users who have opened an account on Instagram like you and me. will be done.

This will be well recognized by Instagram.

How does the free like panel harm your page?

As we mentioned before, these free panels are not done by real users.

Meanwhile, Instagram pays a lot of attention to the authenticity of your likes, and if it sees only 1 small sign of being a robot, it will definitely do a lot of damage to your page.

Meanwhile, by buying likes, you can get likes that are 100% done by real people.

How does the free follower panel harm your page?

The free panels that give you followers generally contain fake accounts. These user accounts generally do not have a good profile picture, username and biography. Meanwhile, you can see strange names, meaningless profiles or accounts without photos.

If your real followers see your follower list for any reason and come across such fake accounts, they will definitely get discouraged and lose their trust in you.

Final point

Therefore, our general suggestion is not to use the free like panel and the free follower panel, and if you are in a hurry to get your page to bear fruit, use techniques such as buying followers and likes, and of course, make sure to buy from completely reliable sites. And do known.

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Frequently asked questions about buying followers and likes

What is the difference between free and paid likes and followers buying panels?

Free likes and followers may be from non-reputable sites, that’s why they face a high drop rate, but paid likes and followers are from reliable sites and are beneficial.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of buying free likes and followers?

Free likes and followers are done at a lower cost, but due to the use of non-authentic sites, it causes damage to the page.

How can you be sure of buying your likes and followers?

To buy likes and followers, it is better not to be fooled by the fact that it is free and to use reputable sites to buy it.

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