What is the best cooperation system in Iranian sales?

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What is the best cooperation system in Iranian sales?

Collaboration in sales or affiliate marketing is not a new way to increase sales and earn money. It has been common to use such a mechanism since the distant past. But these days it is done on a different platform, the Internet. Internetization of this process has made more people willing to do it because there is no need to go from one house to another or from one store to another.

People cross their legs at home and earn money using a mobile phone or laptop. If you are also looking for such jobs, we suggest that you stay with us until the end. Because we want to introduce you to one of the best cooperation systems in Iranian sales.

What is cooperation in sales?

These days, the way of making money has seen changes and most businesses are moving towards becoming online and virtual. Sales cooperation systems, or affiliate marketing, have not been left behind.

In general, it can be said that affiliate marketing is a method of marketing that has been practiced for decades in Europe and America and then in our own country.

In this system, there is a supplier and a marketer. The supplier sells a specific product or service. The marketer tries to find customers for this supplier.

For every purchase of a product or service by a customer, a part of the supplier’s profit will go to the marketer. As the marketer finds more customers for the supplier, his income will increase.

Cooperation in sales is a double-edged income earning system. Both supplier and marketer will benefit in this process.

In the past, cooperation in sales was implemented in different ways. But these days it is done online. but how?

What platforms do affiliate marketing marketers use for sales?

As we said, these days affiliate marketing is done using the internet and this wide global network. Almost anywhere content can be placed can be a suitable platform for promoting products by marketers.

For example, an Instagram page with a high number of followers can be a space that a marketer can use to attract customers.

A personal site can also be a platform to attract customers. Sites will have fewer visits than Instagram pages, but because they provide more freedom of action to the marketer, the level of influence will increase.

Telegram and YouTube channels can also be a good platform for marketing.

In fact, any space where you can put movies, photos, videos, audio, etc. and produce some kind of content can be a good option to attract customers in the process of cooperation in sales.

What will happen in the affiliate marketing process?

What will happen in the affiliate marketing process?

In the process of affiliate marketing, the marketer looks for the target community, that is, the community that needs that product or service. After that, he tries to advertise using tools such as content creation. These advertisements are done in such a way that the audience is encouraged to buy something.

One of the advantages of this method for customers is that they can obtain information about the product. Because the marketer needs to create content to find customers.

Also, this process has 3 main pillars. The first pillar is the producer, the second pillar is the marketer and finally the third pillar is the customer.

What is the best cooperation system in Iranian sales?

The affiliate marketing system has been going on in the world for decades. But this method of marketing has been popular in Iran for several years. Currently, there are many suppliers who sell their products in this way.

Of course, each of these may have its own characteristics and profit percentages. That’s why we decided to introduce one of the best sales cooperation systems in Iran in this section.

Cooperation system in the sale of the Digi Follower site

Digi Follower is one of the oldest sites in the field of Instagram that sells likes, views, followers, pages, comments, etc. One of the main characteristics of this site is that it focuses on sales.

It means that he has reduced his profit margin and is thinking of increasing his profit by selling more. That’s why we think that the cooperation system in selling the Digi Follower site is one of the best options for making money in this way.

Digifollower site has considered 33% profit for marketers. That is, if you cooperate with this site as a marketer, you will receive 33% of the profit from the sale of each product you sell.

The interesting point is that this site has a panel through which you can have the profit received in the form of credit and use the same action to buy likes, followers, views, etc. for your page. You can also add to this credit and get more products from the Digi Follower site.

What are the benefits of cooperating with the Digi Follower site?

Of course, the advantages that we mention in this section include a large number of sales cooperation systems. However, the Digi Follower site has the following special advantages due to the conditions and form of the product and service it has:

You will not need to leave your home by using Digi Follower’s affiliate marketing system. You can sit in your room and find clients and eventually earn money.

By finding a customer for the Digi Follower site, your relationship with customers will be completely cut off. They will enter the website through the link you provide them and make their purchase. That means you don’t need to support them or answer their questions while shopping.

Digi Follower site products are not physical. So you don’t need to worry about whether these products are in stock or not.

Also, the 33% profit of Digi Follower is one of the highest profit percentages in the whole country, which you can receive in cash or by placing an order and buying likes and followers.

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