What is the amount of WhatsApp internet usage?

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What is the amount of WhatsApp internet usage?  2

What is the amount of WhatsApp internet usage?  3

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WhatsApp internet usage

WhatsApp has been providing video calls to its users for a long time, the use of the Internet for WhatsApp video calls has raised the question in the minds of its users, what is the amount of WhatsApp Internet usage?

One of the features of today’s social networks, including WhatsApp, is the video chat or video call in the WhatsApp messenger, through which you can make a group video chat and send SMS during the conversation. It is also possible to change the camera or, in other words, turn the selfie camera into a large camera or vice versa during a conversation.

In addition, the microphone can be muted or with volume, but have you ever thought about how much internet is required for all these processes? Continue to find the answer to the question of how much WhatsApp internet usage is? Stay with us.


WhatsApp connects one billion users worldwide through text and voice messages and, like other messengers, has video chat capabilities. In this article, we will take a look at the features, tools and use of WhatsApp phone calls on the Internet so that we can compare the problem of using the Internet with WhatsApp video calls with other applications with similar features.

The amount of internet usage for calls Check out the WhatsApp video

Video call on WhatsApp is what we call

We know video call, which means two people can see each other on the smartphone screen. Many people believe that all calls on WhatsApp are free, which technically means that you don’t have to pay for all calls.

But you need internet to make a video call and the calls are made through mobile internet packages. Likewise, if you don’t use a Wi-Fi connection to make a video call or you don’t have internet, you won’t be able to make a video call. This means that using WhatsApp video calls online can be important for everyone using the internet, but how much internet does each person pay to make this call?

WhatsApp video call using the Internet

In fact, WhatsApp video call is part of the call of this application. Many people think that the use of any of the video call features requires the Internet again, for this reason, they do not use video call features such as changing the camera or muting the screen. In order to fully familiarize you with the amount of internet usage in a WhatsApp video call, I will first explain the establishment and features of this call.

Does it require internet to use video call features?

To make a video call, select your connection and click the camera icon next to the name, and your camera will turn on immediately.

The recipient can then answer your call (by pressing the blue button), connect the call (by pressing the red button on the phone), or reject the call and send a message. (by dragging the message button)

It is also worth mentioning that by default, WhatsApp uses the front camera of the phone to make video calls. However, you can change the position of the front and rear cameras by tapping the camera icon on the screen.

You can also mute your microphone during a video call. This means that the other party can see you without hearing anything from you. (To control the conversation volume from the buttons

Use voice. )

It should be mentioned that these features are completely free and you don’t need to pay more for using them. However, video calls require internet, so the phone uses data according to the minutes of the call. That is, the more minutes you call, the more internet you will pay, and this cost does not depend on the use of WhatsApp features.

Of course, it should be mentioned that if you use WiFi for WhatsApp calls, you will not be charged and you will only pay for your internet connection, and you can also check how much data WhatsApp is using.

Users who already have WhatsApp should update it and new users should download it, as this process affects the internet speed of each video call.

What is the internet speed during a video call?

WhatsApp does not limit the Internet speed when making a video call. For this reason, the Internet speed is automatically tested every time a call is made and the quality will be determined based on that. This is one of the good differences between the new version of WhatsApp and previous versions.

It is similar.

You can make WhatsApp video calls on 4G, 3G and 2G networks. However, with a 2G network, your quality will be low and pixelated. Of course, paying attention to the call process will still be enough. You may also experience some lag with this internet.

It is worth mentioning that even if you use the Internet at home, the quality of your call will vary depending on the quality and speed of the line.

What is the amount of WhatsApp internet usage?

What is the amount of WhatsApp internet usage?

Video chat with WhatsApp messages is free, but keep in mind that there are separate charges for internet traffic that can be high or low. Wi-Fi Internet is often used for video calls, but if you have a cheaper Internet package for your SIM card, you can safely use this platform.

WhatsApp’s whole focus is on providing better quality depending on the internet speed, so if higher quality is possible, we will definitely include it. Of course, this means that the amount of your internet usage depends entirely on the speed and quality of your internet network, and the better the speed, the better WhatsApp will try to provide better images.

But on average, per minute of talk, 5 MB of data is used on 4G, 3.75 MB on 3G and 3 MB on 2G, which is much better than we expected.

Frequently Asked Questions :

Does deleting videos from WhatsApp backup reduce internet usage?

Yes. When you make a WhatsApp backup, all the information of your WhatsApp chats including video, photo, audio and text files will be saved.

As you know, video files are bigger than others and saving them in backup uses more data. By disabling backup of video files in WhatsApp chat, you can reduce your WhatsApp backup data usage.

If we disable the automatic download of photos and videos, will the internet usage decrease?

Certainly yes. Photos and videos are automatically downloaded after receiving them in WhatsApp. Actually, this is the default setting of WhatsApp. These settings take up a lot of your phone’s memory space and consume a lot of internet data.


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