What is Rubik’s Cube? Introducing the different parts of the Rubik’s application

The world of applications and virtual networks is very wide and every day new applications enter the Internet space. Each of the applications is designed according to a specific purpose and has its own unique applications.

Important topics in this article:

Many daily activities are done using virtual applications and many of these applications have helped a lot to improve communication and progress in the Internet space.

In recent years, various Iranian applications have been launched that have tried their best to provide the best services to their users. The application is one of these Iranian applications that has been able to keep the satisfaction of many users with appropriate design and providing various services.

The design of the application is made up of different sections and parts, each of which has its own features and uses. By knowing about the different parts of Rubik’s, you can use this application better and get the most out of it.

  • What is Rubik's Cube?  Introducing the different parts of the Rubik's application

In this article, we have introduced the different parts of the Rubik’s application and the uses of each part, so stay with us.

Introducing the Rubika application

It is better to familiarize yourself with this application and its purpose before dealing with different parts of the application. Rubica is an Iranian messaging app that was launched by Toska, a business development group.

This application has been able to attract the attention of many people due to its unique features and easier use. Even now, the Rubika application has about three million active users.

Rubika has been able to include many services in one application with a suitable and practical design and in this way, provide many needs of users easily. Many people assume that Rubica is only a messenger, but Rubica is more than just a messenger and offers the services of several separate applications with its various features.

Rubica has tried to identify the needs of the users and has helped the users to be able to do many daily tasks, which can be done through the Internet. Also, Rubika has provided a platform where users can earn money and progress in their field of interest.

Different parts of the Rubik’s application

If you are looking for a versatile Iranian application that has various features at once, make sure to prioritize the Rubika application. Because the application consists of separate parts, each of these parts has its own advantages and uses.

By knowing each part of this application, Rubika users can make a better decision in using this application and can get enough benefits. We have continued to introduce different parts of the Rubika application.

Messenger section

• Messenger section

One of the most used parts of the Rubik’s application is its messaging section. In this section, Rubika users can access and send messages to contacts who are members of Rubika.

Also, like other messenger applications that have the possibility of creating groups and channels, it is also possible to create groups and channels in the messenger section of the application. Also, by setting up your desired channel in Rubika and acquiring many members, you can also earn money by receiving advertisements.

Rubino section

• Rubino section

In the Rubino section, you can launch your desired page. This section is similar to the Instagram profile section. In the Rubino section, you can share your desired posts and stories with other users. Also, the Rubino section provides information such as; There are the number of followers, profile picture, posts and stories, etc.

Showcase section

• Showcase section

Similar to Instagram Explorer, Rubica’s Showcase also contains posts shared by other Rubino users that made it to the Rubino Showcase due to high engagement.

In Rubica’s showcase section, there are different types of photos and videos, and users can follow their favorite content. By viewing the posts in the showcase section, you can like and save the desired posts, leave comments and send them to other friends.

• Settings section

In the settings section of the Rubika application, you can also set all the settings related to the program, including; Change and adjust appearance, access, privacy, notifications, data storage, etc. according to your opinion.

Rubica application services

Rubica application services

In addition to the various and practical sections that were mentioned, Rubika has another separate section that consists of various facilities. This section, known as services, is the first icon on the right side of the program, by clicking on which you can view the various services of this section.

Of course, due to the fact that the Rubika application, like all applications, is updated from time to time, so it is possible to add or remove features to it, so it is better to download and install the latest version of this application first. The most important features in the service section of the application are:

Movie and series service

• Movie and series service

When opening the services section, a list of recommended and most popular movies and series is presented. In this section, there are different types of Iranian and foreign films and years, in different age groups that can be watched. The advantage of this section is that you can watch your desired movies and series even without an internet package.

Calling service

• Calling service

In the calling service section, you can easily and with the highest quality, make a voice call with your target audience. By clicking on the call service, the list of contacts will be displayed to you and you can select the contact you want to contact and call it.

Charging and internet shopping service

• Charging and internet shopping service

Another important part of the Rubika service is the recharge and internet purchase service. It is possible to buy recharge and internet in the application for all opera tours.

Store service

• Store service

In Rubika’s store, there are all kinds of different and necessary tools and equipment. Many sellers compete in this area, and for this reason, the products of the store section have a reasonable price.

• News service

Another feature of the services department is news channels. In this section, you can see different news agencies and see their updated and real news published.

• The service of popular channels

There are a lot of channels on Rubik’s and because of that, it’s a bit difficult to find popular and useful ones. For this reason, channels that are popular and have many fans have been introduced in the popular channels service so that users can easily find these channels and subscribe to them.

• Sharia time service

You can also find information such as Azan time, date, etc. in the Rubika Sharia time service.


In recent years, many Iranian applications and programs have been created, and each of these applications has its own uses and capabilities. The application is one of the best Iranian applications that has many features and many users are active in it due to the provision of suitable services.

Also, the application has different sections such as; Messenger, Rubino, showcase and settings are formed, and each of these sections have their own uses, which were discussed in this article. There is also another section called Services in Rubika, which also offers various facilities.

The services section includes items such as; Movies and serials, news, buying recharges and internet packages, making calls, stores, Sharia times, popular channels, etc.

To receive various application services such as; To create a standard page and channel in this application and earn money from Rubika, you can refer to the site for buying Instagram followers. The site for buying Instagram followers is a reliable and well-known site that provides various services in the field of different social networks, such as buying Rubika followers, etc., with the highest quality.

Frequently asked questions about the introduction of different parts of the Rubik’s application

What is the Rubik’s app?

The Rubika application is an Iranian application launched by the Toska company, and this application has various capabilities and facilities such as; Communicating and making money.

What parts does the Rubika application consist of?

The application has different sections such as; It consists of services, messenger, showcase, rubino and settings, each of these parts have their own uses.

What services are offered in Rubika’s services?

The services section includes items such as; Movies and serials, news, buying recharges and internet packages, making calls, stores, Sharia times, popular channels, etc.

Do you have to pay to watch Rubika movies and series?

No, all the movies and series in Rubika are free and you don’t need an internet package to watch them.

How to make money on Rubik’s?

There are different ways to earn money, which are two of the most common ways to earn money: creating a channel on messenger or creating a page on Rubino Rubika.

How to find popular Rubik’s channels?

In the Rubika services section, there is a section called popular channels, through this section, you can see popular and popular channels.

What actions are taken in Rubica’s showcase?

Rubica’s Showcase section is similar to Instagram’s Explore section, which displays posts shared by users.

What information is there in the rubino rubica section?

In the Rubino section, information such as; There are the number of followers and followers, profile picture, published posts and stories, etc.

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