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Last year, Instagram introduced a new feature called Rails; This attractive feature attracted a lot of attention. In this article, we will tell you completely what Instagram Rails is and how to use the feature.


reel instagram What is?

To answer the question of what is reels, Instagram reels, inspired by the Tik Tok application and to compete with it, has been added to Instagram and its purpose is to create short videos.

Instagram rails are seconds ? Rails allows you to create 15-second videos and edit them with music, stickers, and various effects.

Rails, like posts, are displayed in the user’s feed. You can use music and sound effects made by others for your video. If you record an original voice, others can use your voice.

The meaning of reels in Persian
Teaching how to use Rails

meaning reels in Persian

reels is actually the plural of reel. Reel has many literal meanings, but here it is translated as “film reel”. Actually, because this feature is a kind of video recording feature on Instagram, they named it Rails.

You should note that Rails is different from Story. You can display rails in your feed and they will remain on your profile. In addition, Rails’ capabilities for video recording are more than story.

download program reels | Rails application

Rails functionality is in the Instagram application itself. If you use the new version of this application, you can see this feature in your account.

But there are applications that have been created separately and are used to create or view Instagram Reels videos.

To download reels application, just search reels instagram in Google Play, App Store or any application download program and then download and install your desired application.

How to enable Rails?
Download Rails program

In these applications, you will be able to download and save Instagram videos on your mobile.

How to enable Rails?

In order to be able to use the feature of Instagram rails, you must have updated the Instagram application on your mobile phone to the latest version.

Now, if you want to record a Reels video, enter the Instagram app and then select the plus sign from the left corner of the screen.

The new page that opens for you has four options: Reels, Post, Story and Live at the bottom. You can enter this feature by selecting the Reels option.

Now you can start recording video and start editing your video using the options available in Instagram Rails.

Instagram rails
Enable Rails

To see other people’s Instagram Rails videos, enter their profile and select the Rails icon from the toolbar above the posts. In this section, you can see videos of people’s rails.

If you do not find such an icon on the person’s profile, it means that he has not recorded any live videos and has not shared them on his page.

Buying live views will increase your Instagram page traffic and increase your followers dramatically.

Rails activation for Android

In Android phones, Rails activation is a bit more complicated. In this section, we will introduce two common ways to activate Rails for Android:

  • Using Instagram Pro
  • Getting help from inssist plugin

Using Instagram Pro

The Instagram Pro program is a more professional version of the Instagram program, which is based on the latest changes of the original version of Instagram. It supports Persian language and provides advanced features to its users.
One of the features of Instagram Pro is the ease of viewing or downloading videos and photos. But what made us go to Instagram Pro in this article is the fact that Rails is enabled by default in this program.
To use Rails after installing the program, log in to the program with the username and password of your Instagram account. You don’t need to do anything special to use Instagram Rails, tap the + sign to show you different options, now you just need to select Rails from the options and start taking videos.

Getting help from inssist plugin

To activate Rails for Android, you can use the inssist extension method. This method is effective for all phones and you only need to go through the following steps once.

step one: Installing the inssist extension in Chrome
Search for insist extension in Google. Click on the first option that appears. On the page that is displayed for you, click on the Add to Chrome option to install the extension on your Chrome.
The second step: Log in to your Instagram account
After installing the inssist extension, go to the Instagram site through the Chrome browser and log in with your user account. After entering the site, you will see the inssist program icon in the lower right part. Open in Insist is visible in the discussed box; Click on it.

The third step: Select the type of post
Now your Instagram page will be displayed on mobile. So just click on the + sign in the middle of the page to enable you to post. In the menu that is displayed for you, select the Reels option.

The fourth step: Select the desired video
After clicking on Rails, you must select the video you want. Just be aware that the duration of the video should not be more than 30 seconds and its dimensions should not be square. After selecting the video, click Next.

The fifth step: Make final settings
At this stage, you should add the final settings of the video, such as effects or text, and finally publish your reels. From now on, Rails in Instagram installed on your phone will also be activated.

How to disable reels?

To disable Instagram remix reels for a specific post, open that post and click the three dots icon in the bottom right.

Then a window will open for you, now choose Disable Remixing from the options in front of you.

After this step, Instagram will ask you if you are sure to do this. Select Disable option for final confirmation.

Disable reels
Disable Rails

But if you want to disable the Remix Reels feature for all posts and for the entire length, enter your profile and then go to the settings section.

How to disable Rails?
How to disable Rails?

Now click on the Privacy option and at the end go to the Reels section and disable the Enable Remixing option.

Completely disable Rails
Completely disable Rails

Why doesn’t my Instagram have rails?

If your Instagram doesn’t have rails, there can be three reasons:

  • The first reason is that your Instagram app is probably not up to date and you need to update it so that this feature appears.
  • Another reason could be related to your account. This feature may be disabled or unavailable for your account, so you have to wait for a while for this feature to be activated again.
  • The last reason is because of the location. To solve this problem, enter Instagram with a foreign IP (a specific country) through the filter breaker and work for three weeks so that Instagram recognizes your geographical location in that country. After some time, this feature will be activated for you.

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Reels feature

As we said, Instagram’s Rails feature has options for video editing that you can use to make your videos more attractive.

Reels feature
Reels feature

You can increase sales through Instagram Rails, it’s a very simple matter, just don’t pay attention to it and try to make more attractive videos using the features you have.

Audio: The first option is Audio, by clicking on this part, you will see a list of different musics from which you can choose the music or sound you want.

audio rails
audio rails

length: In the length section, you can choose the length of your video. Set the length of the video to 15 or 30 seconds.

Speed: In this section, you can set the speed of your video and upload the video in slow motion or fast motion.

Effects: This section allows you to apply filters and special effects that you can use to change the color and light of the video.

Rails effects
Rails effects

Video Layout: In this section, you can divide your screen and put several videos together at the same time.

Rails layout
Rails layout

Timer: And finally, using this Timer section, you determine the duration of your video.

After you make these settings, you can record your video. If you tap the record icon once, your video will stop, and if you tap again, you can continue recording the video.

After the video is finished recording, you can apply adjustments to it and add to the video if you missed anything.

At the end, if everything looks good to you, you can publish your video by touching the Next button. After selecting the next option, a page will open for you where you can write a title and caption for your video, choose an image for the video cover or tag people on it.

Release Rails
Release Rails

Now it’s time to release the video. You can see the Reels and Stories tabs at the top of your screen.

Subscribing to Rails in Stories means that you want to publish it exclusively to Instagram Stories (or to a specific user or group), which will only be available for 2 hours.

But subscribing through the Reels tab will make your video appear on your profile and in your followers’ feed as a regular Instagram post.

To choose a cover image, you can touch the preview button and choose an image as the cover of your video.

If your account is public, your video reels can appear in Instagram Explorer if they get a lot of views. For this, you can increase your ViewRails by buying post views.

share reels
share reels

At the end, you can publish the video by touching the Share button. If you decide to publish it later, you can select the Save Draft option and publish your video whenever you want.

Difference Instagram rails with a story

  1. Instagram Reels have no time limit and will remain on your profile until you delete them. But the story only remains for 24 hours.
  2. Instagram Rails, like other posts, can be entered into Explorer, but your story is not entered into Explorer and can only be viewed through your own profile. By buying Instagram likes, you can increase the number of likes on your rails so that your rails go to explore.
  3. Rails can be reposted using the Share option in a story, but to repost a story in another story, you must be tagged in that story or take a screenshot of it to be able to repost it.
The difference between Instagram rails and stories
The difference between Rails and Story

The difference between rails and posts

To express the difference between rails and posts, we must mention the nature and applications of each. Instagram Reels is a short and funny video. Rails has not yet opened its place on Instagram and does not have the power to compete with Tiktok, but if you have a TiKTak account, you can also repost your videos on Instagram. The use of hashtags in Rails is more limited than a normal post, and on the other hand, the caption is not very important in Rails.
A normal video post will be displayed on your page and you can use many different hashtags (of course, according to the limit of the number of caption characters). The caption is very important in the video post.
The important thing about the difference between Rails and normal post on Instagram is the speed of displaying Rails to other users. So, if you want to get your voice to your audience quickly and lightning fast, Rails is the right option for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can we find Instagram Rails feature?

This feature is located in the same section of the story and in the separate tab called Reels.

Is it possible to increase the views of Instagram Rails?

Yes. You can increase your Instagram Rails traffic by buying post views and many other ways.

What should I do if the Rails feature is disabled for me?

Update your Instagram to the latest version and if this feature is still not available to you, your account is probably restricted by Instagram and you have to wait a while until it becomes available to you again.

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