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Complete Instagram IGTV tutorial, the most important Instagram IGTV tricks

The use of Instagram is increasing day by day. After creating an Instagram account, new users connect with close circles, new people, and brands they know.

Increasing the use of Instagram is effective in adding new Instagram features to our lives. Instagram is always updating, changing and adding new features to its structure.

One of the features that has been added to Instagram in the past is Instagram TV in short IGTV.

Since the TV

Instagram Van was first launched, it has become a feature that is used a lot by Instagram users, content creators and brands alike.

Today, while there are millions of people and brands using IGTV effectively, there are still those who are not actively using the feature.

By reading this article, you can learn more about Instagram TV and use it in your digital marketing efforts with the most important Instagram IGTV tricks.


What is IGTV?

Instagram TV, short for IGTV, is an Instagram feature that allows users to share videos of up to one hour.

Previously, Instagram users could upload 15-second videos in the Stories feature, while they could upload videos of up to 30 seconds and 1 minute on their profile, but thanks to the Instagram TV feature, users can now upload their videos up to 1 Upload time. to Instagram and benefit from many benefits as a result.

What are the features of Instagram IGTV?

Here are the highlights of the Instagram IGTV app update:

  • After the uploaded video is not removed by the uploader, that video will always remain in the channel. These IGTV videos can be viewed by any Instagram account.
  • Videos up to 1 hour can also be viewed vertically. Instagram IGTV videos should not be shot horizontally.
  • Instagram users get IGTV channels. Just like the channel subscription concept in YouTube, users can subscribe to the IGTV channels of their desired accounts and follow and watch content.
  • When you go to the IGTV section in the Instagram app, videos here will play automatically. If users want to switch to another video or make a call, they can make these calls by making some gestures on the screen.
  • IGTV channels and videos Instagram is a mobile project.
  • One of the features of Instagram’s IGTV update is the vertical streaming of videos. It is considered based on the user’s habits.
  • In order to follow longer and high-quality content, Instagram has provided its users with an update that they can easily do. Users just need to subscribe to the channel they want and see all the shared videos.

How to create an Instagram IGTV channel?

To open the IGTV channel in the Instagram program, you must follow the following steps:

  • First of all, your profile picture is at the bottom of the video watch screen. By clicking on this profile picture, you will enter the IGTV page of your user account.
  • Click Next and click the Create Channel button.
  • Then you can easily open a channel on Instagram IGTV.
  • You can also upload your first video to the channel by clicking the plus sign on the screen. At the same time, it should be noted that videos are only uploaded vertically in the channel. Videos to be posted on Instagram’s IGTV must be pre-recorded. In other words, video recording cannot be done directly on the app.
  • This is an ideal update for uploading ready-made and edited IGTV content. In fact, this is the answer to the question “What is an Igtv video?”

What are the most important Instagram IGTV tricks?

  1. Be professional

One of the first things that users who want to increase their IGTV views should pay attention to is professionalism. The more professional the quality and content of the recorded video, the higher the number of visits and interactions. Those who want to shoot professional IGTV videos.

It is important to shoot with professional cameras or phones with good cameras.

Ambient light should be well adjusted.

It is very important to set the background professionally when filming. When setting the background, you can choose a background with simple colors that won’t distract users.

Be careful not to repeat the sound in the environment. So users will better understand what you are saying in the videos.

  1. Diversify your video content

Diversify your video content

Many users who spend time on Instagram like to watch entertaining content. People taking Instagram videos should diversify their video content to increase both the number of followers and the number of likes. When filming IGTV:

  • Be creative.
  • Capture the audience’s attention by shooting videos with different topics and different concepts. Therefore, you can more easily reach people with different interests and increase your traffic.
  • Avoid repeating the same concept in your videos and highlight your difference.
  • Consider DIY ideas when filming your videos. Because DIY videos are among the most viewed videos on IGTV. So, you can increase your traffic.
  • While filming IGTV, you can increase the number of views of your channel by filming popular videos as well as the most viewed and engaged types of video content.
  1. Send the message at the very beginning of the video sequence

You’re watching a video on Instagram or Facebook on your smartphone and suddenly you have to pause or cancel the video because you get a phone call, you need to get off the bus, or the TV commercial break is over.

Later, chances are you’ve forgotten which video you were watching, the video no longer appears in your feed, or you simply don’t have the time to finish it.

Because of these external factors that constantly influence our smartphone usage, our attention spans are often very short. On average, Instagram users only watch a video for 1.7 seconds. As a result, it makes sense to convey a clear message and establish a link with your brand early on.

  1. Videos should be understandable even without sound

A common mistake with IGTV videos is that companies offer a great mix of video and audio, but viewers end up watching it on the train or bus, with their phone off, or listening to music.

Same time. Therefore, the video can be understood through the visual context. To ensure this, it is important to convey the most important information to the viewer in the form of text or graphic elements.

This way, users can easily watch videos on the go without disturbing others and still get the meaning of your video message.

  1. Screen Split editing tool

Regarding the vertical format, you should absolutely avoid uploading videos in horizontal format. But if you already have content you want to use for IGTV, you can use apps that allow you to embed existing videos into a landscape-format background.

The downside is that the video looks too small on the screen. Likewise, you can split a screen and play two videos simultaneously or offset.

A great free app to edit your videos like this is StoryArt. There are several formats in the program that you can easily insert and cut your videos.

  1. Buy IGTV View

Seeing this trick, you must be thinking to yourself, how does this help to increase IGTV views naturally? You can enter the explorer page by purchasing the IGTV view.

In this case, more people will see your video. On the other hand, every viewer will be more encouraged to watch your IGTV videos by seeing the high number of views. But when buying IGTV views, you must buy from a reliable and correct site to avoid fraudsters.

Digi Follower brand is the best and most reliable site Buy Instagram views Is. With fair prices and great gifts, this site only prioritizes customer satisfaction. Even if you are not satisfied with Digi Follower products, you can get your money back.

  1. It uses effects as eye-catchers

Given the short span of Instagram users we mentioned earlier, it’s important to make your videos exciting. Use effects to make your content more engaging and keep viewers engaged for as long as possible.

These can be small emojis, arrows or keywords. Such highlights attract the attention of users.

If you want to read the full Instagram IGTV tutorial, read the most important Instagram IGTV tricks offline, download the pdf.

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