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Organic Followers Maybe you are looking to increase the number of your followers after establishing a page on Instagram. Getting organic followers is not an easy way and you need to use tricks to attract people to your page. In this article, we are going to talk about the ways Increasing organic followers Let’s talk with you, so stay with us.


What is meant by organic follower?

You may be wondering what is an organic follower and how is it different from a fake follower? Organic followers are your target followers who follow your page based on their needs. In fact, the more organic followers you have, the more popular your page will be, and the more your sales and income will be. The following tricks will help you to attract organic followers.

Tricks to attract organic Instagram followers

There are many tricks to attract organic followers, some of which you may be familiar with and others not, in the rest of this article, we will introduce the most important tricks and solutions to increase Instagram followers.

Write an attractive bio

Instagram bio is the first thing a person sees on your page and makes a judgment about it and decides to follow or unfollow you.

Therefore, having a suitable bivy is very effective in increasing organic followers. In fact, Bevy Page shows the audience exactly what your page does and can make them certain about whether or not you are fake.

Tricks to attract organic Instagram followers

First, choose a profile picture that matches what you do. Try not to use photos that are seen in many places and create a photo that fits your brand. In the bio page, write the name of the brand and a brief and clear description of what you do.

Be sure to include the website address, contact number, store address, etc. in your bio. In the bio section, you should use words so that people can access your page faster by searching for them. For example, if you have a manto sale page, be sure to write the word manto in the bio section.

If you need to put several links together in the bio page, it is better to use a single link tool and put all the links you want as one link in the bio.

Active presence on Instagram to attract organic followers

Active presence gives the followers the assurance that you are real and this increases the organic followers of the page. Post stories regularly and go live once in a while.

Live allows you to show your products live to your followers and assure them that the products are real. Also, in live, people can ask their questions directly and you can answer them.

Active presence to attract organic followers

Be sure to use the Instagram story feature when posting a story. You can ask followers challenging questions using the question box feature or ask them to ask you. Or, once in a while, hold contests in the story and give prizes to the first people who answered correctly.

Respond to direct messages and comments as quickly as possible. This will increase engagement and increase organic followers.

Have a detailed content calendar

Using a content calendar and careful planning can be very effective in attracting organic followers for Instagram. Having a regular content calendar will help you know exactly when and what days you should post.

First, plan whether you want to post every day, or once a day, or twice a week, etc. After the initial planning, you should think about the hours when more people are online and can see your post. You can use Instagram’s insight feature to see what hours of the day and night more followers are online.

Principles of Instagram content calendar design
Principles of Instagram content calendar design

Before posting, you can inform the followers that you want to post a new post at this time and ask them to be online at the time of posting by turning on their timers and they will see the notification of your post as soon as it is posted.

Consider the audience’s taste when designing posts

First, you need to see which posts are most liked by users using Instagram’s analytical tools. Identify the posts that are more popular and more interesting and liked by users, and follow them in designing new posts. The post you publish must be appropriate to the content of your page. Irrelevant posts can decrease your followers.

You should design your posts in a way that creates a sense of need in the audience. Be sure to get help from experts and experts in this field in designing the posts. In the caption section, write the features of the product and its functions. Caption and content should be in such a way to create interest in the audience and make them eager to buy the product.

Instagram post design

The more people trust you, the more they try to buy and introduce your brand to others, so the design of your posts should be such that the audience can fully trust you.

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Interaction with users is a practical trick to increase organic followers

Identify the pages related to the topic of your page and always interact with them by liking posts and commenting, tagging them in different places, editing their posts in the story, replying to the story, etc.

This will cause the target page to like and comment on you in return, and the page interaction will increase, and it will also cause your page to be included in the explorer or suggestion section of the target page audience and attract organic followers. will be

To increase the interaction of followers on the page, always encourage them to leave comments or participate in competitions. Make them interact by asking challenging questions. You can encourage people to send your post to their friends or tag their friends under your posts by posting Instagram contests and setting prizes.

Another way to increase user engagement on Instagram is to buy reach and impressions.

Increase engagement on Instagram

Analyze the behavior of competitors

Analyzing the behavior of competitors is one of the good ways to increase organic followers. Find the pages of people who are related to the topic of your page and have many followers, then analyze their behavior. See what hours of the day and night they post the most. Which of their posts were liked more by users and which posts were more popular.

See what the stories she shares are most about and how she gets her audience to interact more. You should pay attention to the fact that completely copying competitor’s pages will not only increase your followers, but also destroy other people’s trust in you.

Therefore, do not completely copy them, but first analyze their behavior in order to know what posts and stories the followers like the most, then start making attractive posts and stories according to the users’ taste. do.

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Proper use of hashtags on Instagram

Instagram hashtags are very effective in increasing the visibility of your page and posts and increasing productivity, but if they are not used properly, they have the opposite result. Your hashtags should be neither too few nor too many. Try to use new hashtags in each post.

Hashtag on Instagram

Avoid putting hashtags unrelated to the post because this will not only increase your followers, but in the long run it will also reduce page views. See which hashtags related to your topic are most searched by users and use them more often. You can use external programs to find hashtags suitable for your page.

You can create a new hashtag with your brand name so that people can only access your posts by searching it.

Think about promotional methods

Advertising is another way to increase organic followers. People who have a large number of followers, such as influencers and bloggers, can be good options for advertising because many people follow and trust them. If the cost of influencer advertising is high for you, you can get help from pages with fewer followers and micro-influencers for advertising.

Advertising on Instagram

You can also do a two-way exchange with pages, that is, in exchange for the advertisement you advertise on your page, they will also advertise you on their page. In addition to Instagram, you can advertise your page if you are active on other social networks. and ask people to follow you on Instagram.

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Finally, think about buying Instagram followers

As soon as followers enter your page, they first look at the number of your followers, and if this number is low, no matter how good content you have produced, people will trust you less. Therefore, buying followers is one of the ways you can increase Iranian organic followers on your page.

To buy Instagram followers, you need to go to reputable sites in this field. Buying followers is a cheaper way than influencer advertising and will add as many followers as you want.

last word

Increasing organic followers is one of the goals of every business page on Instagram. Now that you are familiar with the tricks of increasing followers organically, it is better to use them with detailed planning and see the increase of your followers and income. Share your comments and suggestions with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is meant by organic follower?
    Organic followers are targeted followers who follow you based on their needs.
  • Does buying followers help increase organic followers?
    Yes, by buying followers, you can increase your credibility in the eyes of other users and they will have more confidence in you to follow and buy.

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