What is an influencer and what is influencer marketing in simple language

Who is the influencer and zero to one hundred influencer marketing in simple language

If you are even a little familiar with the complex world of marketing and sales, you have probably heard the term influencer marketing many times. Influencer marketing is one of the methods of attracting the audience and it has become one of the most effective solutions for several years. Many businesses use this method to increase their sales and income.

or people with Buy real followers And by raising their page to millions of followers, they have become famous and become influencers.

That’s why we felt that we should address this topic in this post from Digi Follower. We suggest that you stay with us until the end of this article.

What does influencer mean?

Maybe it’s better to first look at the meaning of the word influencer and understand who is called an influencer.

Influencer means “influential person” in English. Any person who can influence a large number of people in any way is called an influencer. This effect can be an encouragement to buy, follow or trust another collection.

It is good to note that a celebrity can be an influencer, but that is not always the case. There are many people who are not even celebrities, but with the content they have produced, they have become powerful influencers.

Influencers basically have a lot of knowledge and experience in a field, and this makes their point of view very influential on the people who follow them. This makes it much more profitable to entrust advertising to them.

Types of influencers

It is not that all celebrities are influencers, but the situation is such that influencers are more likely to become influencers. Since these people are famous, the general public will pay a lot of attention to them and can get a lot of influence from them.

Weiners are another category of influencers. Weiner is someone who produces entertaining videos on social networks. Since the content of this type of people is interesting, as a result, they have many audiences. This issue causes the audience to pay a lot of attention to their words. For this reason, various businesses use suitable Viners as influencers.

Bloggers are another category of influencers. As Viners produce video content, bloggers produce textual content and will review various areas in a specialized manner. This issue causes the number of their audience to be less, but their impact will be much higher than the previous 2 cases.

Micro-influencers are influencers who have about 2000 to 50000 followers. Basically, these people specialize in a certain area. Their number of followers is small, but like bloggers, they have a great impact on their audience. As a result, using them to advertise or introduce a product, service or brand can have a great impact on sales.

What is influencer marketing?

To put it bluntly, influencer marketing is one of the marketing strategies. In this way, businesses try to find people who can influence the decisions and thoughts of the audience or customers. They use these people to convey their advertising message to their audience. Since the influence of these people on the audience is high, as a result, the possibility that the audience will accept their words will be very high.

In fact, in this way, businesses will do their best to find people who can influence the thinking of their audience. After finding the desired person, with the help of these people, they deliver their advertising message to the audience.

But influencer marketing is not a new phenomenon. It must have happened to you that during your childhood or adolescence you used to mediate your mother to express your desire to your father. Also, this happened very much in the school where the principal used to convey his opinions to the students through the teacher whom the children liked the most.

What is the purpose of influencer marketing?

Business owners don’t do influencer marketing just to increase sales. They may have other goals in mind. Among these goals, the following can be mentioned:

  • Increasing credibility is one of the goals of influencer marketing. When an influential person promotes a brand’s products, it increases the credibility of that brand.
  • Another goal of influencer marketing is to be visible and in the language. Using the power that the social network has given them, influencers can promote a product, service, or a brand name in general.
  • Creating trust in the audience is another goal that an influencer marketing campaign can achieve.

Steps to create an influencer marketing campaign

Every business organizes its influencer marketing campaign in its own way. However, there are general steps that are the same in almost all cases. But what are these steps?

First of all, a business should choose a suitable influencer related to itself and its services. It is better to choose a person who has expertise or experience in the field of business. In this way, the level of people’s trust will increase.

After the right influencer is found, it is enough for them to design their desired campaign. This campaign must be precise and calculated.

Once the campaign is done, it is necessary to repeat it again and in a different way with the same influencer so that a larger audience receives the content.

After all the steps are done, it is necessary to pay attention to the indicators that we have determined and see if the influencer marketing campaign has an effect on it or not. For example, one of these indicators can be the number of followers.

But more precisely, this is done as follows:

Finding the right influencer

Before you do anything, you need to think about which social network you intend to work on. The shape of your business determines which social network is right for you. For example, if you are business to business, LinkedIn will be the right option for you. If you are a business-to-customer, Instagram is the right option for you.

After you have found your suitable social network, you need to look for influencers in this social network. You should think about which of them are related to your business and which one can have more impact.

Determining the budget and planning

One of the points that should be noted is that the cost of influencer marketing is completely variable depending on which influencer you use. Therefore, you should know how much your budget is and which of the influencers this budget fits. Advertising agencies can help you plan to do this.

Determining the purpose of influencer marketing

Determining the purpose of influencer marketing

At this stage, we must define our goal of influencer marketing. Do you want to increase brand awareness? Would you like to increase your sales? Are you looking to increase your followers? The clearer your goal is, the more likely it is to reach it.

After you have determined your goal, you need to think about how your message will reach the audience and what content this message should contain. In general, influencers talk to the audience as if it were a two-person conversation. Therefore, it is necessary to clearly specify to the influencer what you would like to be said and what not to be said.

Re-examining the campaign and trying to improve it

After the various stages of influencer marketing have been done, it will be time to analyze its output. Have you reached the goal you wanted? If your goal was brand awareness, are more people familiar with your brand now? If your goal was to increase followers or increase sales, have your followers or sales increased? It is necessary to check these indicators after completing the steps and try to improve your campaign if there is any deficiency.

Also, in order to get to know your audience better, you need to re-run the campaign in a different way so that more people can see you.

What businesses need influencer marketing?

It must have happened to you that while buying a product, you pay attention to the opinions of different people who bought it. The fact is that the opinions of a third party can always help to build confidence in the customer. The impact that a third person will have in introducing and defining a product is much greater than the impact that the seller can create on the audience.

Now, if this third person is a reliable and well-known person, the impact will be much higher. This is where the audience will be interested in the brand and will follow it, and finally, the probability of buying the product will increase greatly.

Therefore, it can be said that all businesses need influencer marketing in some way and can benefit from its effects. Of course, this is achieved when you use a good person as an influencer.

final word

Influencer marketing is one of the ways of marketing that has been done since the distant past until now, but the form and method of its implementation have changed. In this article, we tried to address the points of who is an influencer and what is influencer marketing. We also discussed how to launch a good campaign in this field. The important point here is that all businesses can use this marketing technique only when they find a suitable influencer and deliver a rich message to their audience.

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