What is action block? And how can we avoid it?

What is action block? Instagram is a professional application with billions of users that requires advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence to manage and control it;

Important topics in this article:

Of course, the rules are determined by the owners of Instagram, but in any case, these are the algorithms that control our activity on Instagram

And if these behaviors do not match the rules and existing for this application, they can block us or close the page in general, which is also called action block.

Today, in this article, we are going to introduce you to this term and analyze the actions that can cause your action to be blocked by Instagram, and also talk about how to fix the action block.

  • What is action block and how can we avoid it?

Acts that a violation of them can cause the action to be blocked

In general, Instagram is sensitive to the fact that you do the same thing repeatedly and in a robotic manner and blocks such accounts. In this section, we will discuss actions that can cause action blocking.

Too many followers

In the Instagram program, you can only follow a certain number of people and pages, and if this number exceeds the limit, you may be blocked from Instagram.

The number of people you can follow in twenty-four hours is only seven thousand and five hundred. It is impossible to follow this number of user accounts and Instagram only implements these rules to detect bots.

Too many likes

Considering that looking at Instagram pictures and videos is a time-consuming task and it is not possible for a user to view all the content he has seen online.

If he likes and likes everyone, then Instagram feels bad about the user who is constantly liking

And he thinks that it is probably a robot that is liking so many posts. As a result, blocking due to too many likes can also happen.

Repeated comments

Repeated comments

If you have a business page on Instagram, maybe answering comments every day will become a difficult and boring task for you, and you should prefer to answer the same and similar questions that are asked of you.

Send the same responses you have already prepared and don’t have to prepare a response for each comment; Not knowing that this can easily make Instagram sensitive to your page and cause your action to be blocked.

If you find it too difficult to answer the comments, you can hire an admin and if you are an admin, be aware of this issue.

Copyright and Instagram rules

Every content that is produced in the virtual space has an owner, and without his permission, no content can be published; This issue is one of the important principles

Instagram believes in it, and if someone accuses you of plagiarism and using their content without permission and reports you and this issue is proven for Instagram, Instagram will block the page they copied.

Types of action blocks that occur on Instagram

We have four types of action blocks on Instagram

1) A temporary block occurs

2) A timed state occurs

3) state without time

4) Permanent block happens

In the type of temporary block action, you will be temporarily blocked, which usually only takes up to twenty-four hours, and then the block will be removed.

And in timed mode, you will be blocked only for a limited period of time, usually twenty-four hours to thirty days, and after that, the removal of the block will happen automatically by Instagram.

But in the timeless state, you will be blocked in general and it is not possible to get out of the block in most cases, but still, if you are sure that you have not done anything against the rules of Instagram, you can send an email to Instagram about this; In the fourth case, which is a permanent block, your page will be completely and permanently deleted.

Is there a way to save the page from action block?

If your page is action blocked, you can save your page from the block by trying some methods and prove to Instagram that you are not a robot and that you are a real Instagram user. In this section, we mention some of these methods:

  1. Change password: If you can change your password and enter Instagram with a new password, there is a possibility that you can prove that you are not a robot and you can enter your page.
  2. Reinstalling Instagram: One of the other ways you can get back to your page is to delete your Instagram and reinstall it on your phone.
  3. Report the problem: You can report your problem through Instagram help and wait for the answer.
  4. Change IP: If you always connect to the Internet with Wi-Fi, change your IP for a while and, for example, connect to the Internet with your phone’s data. This can also help your page to be saved from the action block.


If you have recently opened your Instagram page, you should know that the sensitivity of Instagram is much higher for newly opened pages, and it is better to focus on what you do on Instagram.

Like following and unfollowing, likes and comments… have control and do these things at least for the first three months after opening the page with an account and books and in accordance with the rules of Instagram so that you don’t get action blocked.

If action block happens to you from Instagram side, don’t worry, action blocks are fixed in most cases.

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