What is a blogger without a face? Introducing the best attractive and money-making idea

Money making ideas with faceless blogging

Maybe few people thought that one day by sharing their skills and everyday life, they could earn millions; But these days, thanks to Instagram, which is a very popular social network, such a possibility has been provided to all people. The only tools you will need on the way to blogging will be a mobile phone and an Instagram page.

Of course, some people may not want to share a picture of themselves on social networks. Maybe some people are shy about taking a camera and filming themselves; But even this category of Instagram users can become a blogger. In the following, we intend to introduce you to some money-making ideas for faceless blogging. We hope that with the help of these methods you will be able to earn money from the Instagram platform.

Who is a blogger and what does he do?

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In simple words, we can introduce a blogger as a person who has a special skill or expertise and uses social networks to produce content about it. Some people mistakenly think that anyone who has more followers on Instagram is considered a blogger; While this is not the case and bloggers are mostly looking to attract people who are interested in their field of work.

This group of virtual world activists usually provide specialized and expert opinions to their followers with their knowledge and skills. This group of people has a significant impact on their audience and for this reason they may be confused with influencers.

In another definition, we can introduce a blogger as a person who seeks to share his knowledge and experiences by setting up a page on Instagram. In fact, these people consider their Instagram page as a blog.

If a blogger wants to be successful on Instagram, he should pay attention to publishing attractive, specialized and completely unique content.

This group of virtual world activists need a significant number of followers to gain credibility and earn income from their Instagram page. The more followers these people have, the more their chances of earning will be. In order to get money faster with the help of blogging, you can ask for help from the Digi Follower site to increase the number of your followers.

Blogging and its types

Activity in the field of blogging can have various challenges, one of which is choosing the type of blogging that you intend to work in that field. Usually bloggers work in such a way that they only focus on a specific area and produce content about it and share it on their page.

However, all bloggers can be classified in one of the following categories based on the type of content they produce:

  • Perfectionist bloggers

These bloggers devote a lot of time to producing their content and are very sensitive in this area. This group of bloggers are always looking for the best posts and stories, and for this reason, they dedicate most of their time during the day to creating suitable and flawless content.

It doesn’t matter what field these bloggers work in, because when you enter their page for the first time, you will know well that their page is flawless. In some cases, it is possible that even the way perfectionist bloggers dress suits the topic of the post they are sharing.

  • Travel bloggers

Travel and sightseeing have always been one of the best ideas for a blogger that has many fans. Bloggers who are always traveling and discover pristine and unique places are in this category. By entering the page of these people, you will accompany them in their journeys.

Of course, sometimes it is possible that other bloggers also share pictures and posts with their followers from the trips they go on. There is even a possibility that you will find pictures of their trips in the highlighted stories of different bloggers. Sharing these types of images can create a sense of intimacy between you and your followers.

  • Attractive bloggers

You have probably seen that some bloggers live a luxurious and attractive life and always share pictures of their lifestyle. This group of bloggers are mostly active in fields such as beauty, make-up, clothes and fashion, and generally fields that are popular with women, and most of their followers are women.

Some people call this group of bloggers influencers. It is interesting to know that these bloggers usually attract more followers and it can be said that they perform better than their other competitors in attracting audiences.

  • Expert and intelligent bloggers

Expert and intelligent bloggers

This category of audience does not have very high quality content, nor does it have a boring and attractive lifestyle; However, they manage to gain a significant number of followers. Even in some cases, this group of bloggers are not active in a specific field, and on their page, they deal with different and sometimes very unrelated topics.

The secret of the success of this group of bloggers can be seen in their high expertise in the field of Instagram and familiarity with the different algorithms of this social network. Also, these people know very well how to use social media trends to increase their followers, and for this reason, they are called smart bloggers.

  • Controversial bloggers

Some activists in the field of Instagram, by sharing controversial content, gain attention in a short period of time and gain high followers. Controversial people on Instagram are people such as feminists, activists in various fields, popular artists, etc. . . are.

It is interesting to know that one of the main customers of the Instagram follower buying service is this group of bloggers; Because they intend to give credit to the page they created by increasing their followers. Of course, all types of bloggers can use the services of the Digi Follower site to grow their Instagram page quickly.

Introducing money-making ideas with faceless blogging

No matter which group of Instagram bloggers you plan to be in, it is possible for you to become a blogger without showing your face. You may be among thousands and even millions of people who are not interested in showing their faces on social networks, including Instagram. In this case, you can use the ideas that we will introduce below to start your blog page.

Of course, our suggestion is to use at least the image of your hands or a part of your face to gain the trust of your contacts. The following are some blogging ideas without showing your face:

  1. Blogging in the field of technology
  2. Blogging in your professional field or your skills
  3. Blogger in the field of games and video games
  4. Food blogger
  5. Blogger in the field of fashion
  6. Blogging in the field of humor and producing funny content
  7. Blogging in the field of book introduction
  8. Blogging in the field of financial markets
  9. A blog about the maintenance of plants and their cultivation
  10. Blogging in the field of medicine, nursing and clinical fields
  11. Unboxing different products and checking them
  12. Blogging about the latest news
  13. Bioblogging and activities in the field of beauty
  14. Blogging in the field of travel and introduction of pristine and unique places for travel
  15. Blogging in the field of digital marketing

Of course, the items in this list are only a part of the areas that you can blog about without showing your face.


Blogging will be successful in a field that is created based on the needs of Instagram users. We are sure that after introducing blogging ideas without showing your face in this article, you have found some pure and unique ideas to start blogging.

Note that you can use the lack of face in your content to an advantage to increase your mystery and create a sense of curiosity in the audience.

Another thing that we need to explain to you is the importance of having a high following for starting a blog. If you want to make an impact on your audience in a short time, you will need a large number of followers. Digi Follower site with services like Instagram Buy OmenAndOn Instagram Like, View offers, can help you significantly in this field.

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