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You may have recently created a page on Instagram for business or personal use and noticed that your profile picture has a blue sign with the theme New on Instagram written on it. You may be wondering why this symptom is created.

In general, every user account that is newly created on Instagram, the New sign will be displayed on the profile picture of the user to inform other users that this account is new. The new account on Instagram does not have posts and followings or a high number of followers.

In this case, if you ask someone to follow you, you may be considered a fake user. But with the New sign in the profile, this ambiguity will disappear. Of course, it is better to know that the New sign will not create benefits for the user and is not one of the official signs on Instagram like the blue tick.

In fact, it is only to show that the user is new and to eliminate the ambiguity of the fake page. However, you may be interested in getting rid of the new sign on Instagram as soon as possible. Stay with us to provide solutions for this matter.


how sign new Delete Instagram?

Now, after knowing why there is a new sign on Instagram and why it is created, we are going to introduce solutions that can be used to remove the new sign from the profile picture as soon as possible. In general, after 30 days, this sign will be removed from the photo. But there are methods that speed up this process.

Increase your Instagram posts

The first solution to remove the new sign on Instagram is to increase the number of posts. If you have a business page, it is better to prepare your page content and posts before creating the page. Then upload two to three posts on Instagram daily. If the number of your posts exceeds 5 in a short period of time, the new sign will disappear sooner. It is also better to increase your stories and highlights.

Increase the number of your followers

To remove the new sign on Instagram, in addition to posting with a high number, you can increase the number of your followers in a short period of time. Of course, to increase followers, you have to be very cautious. You may be suggested to use fake followers.

If your page is related to a brand or business and you are going to sell a service or product on the page, having a lot of fake followers will seriously harm the page. So if you are going to buy followers, you should use a reliable source and a large number of real followers. Also, if you intend to increase the number of followers, you should not follow more than 150 user accounts daily.

If it exceeds this number, Instagram will limit you and you may be blocked for several days or lose your account altogether. So, to remove the new sign on Instagram using followers, act with caution and principles.

Take your posts to Explorer

One of the best ways to increase activity on Instagram and remove the new sign on Instagram faster is to go to Explorer. Explorer is an environment in Instagram where many posts are displayed. All users see content based on their interests in this environment and can follow their account if needed.

In this way, you can get a lot of real followers for free. The first way to get to Explorer is to use hashtags. It is better to put a certain number of hashtags related to your content for each of your posts. In this case, the probability of your post being entered in Explorer will increase. Of course, your page must be of business type for this.

You should also increase your interaction with the audience. For this, you need to post daily content that is liked by your audience. It is also better to create video content. This type of content, especially if it is useful and attractive, will be explored more than others.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. The fastest way to remove the mark new What is on Instagram?

A lot of activity on Instagram and in the early days of creating a new user account can destroy the new sign early, so going to Explorer can be a good idea.

  • Do the sign new Will it be automatically deleted on Instagram?

The new sign on Instagram is automatically deleted after 30 days.

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