What do we do to make our Instagram ShadowBan happy?

Due to the wide level of personal, commercial, entertainment, etc. activities on Instagram and earning money through business and advertising pages, increasing followers and interaction for the owners of these pages is an important and vital issue.

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On the other hand, Instagram, like other applications, has set rules for users, the non-compliance of which will lead to account blocking or fines such as being banned. First, we need to get acquainted with the concept of happy, so stay with us.

What is cheerfulness?

The term shadoban means to be in the shade and this concept is completely compatible with the limitation it creates for Instagram pages.

Shadoban is an Instagram penalty for pages that disobey the rules or engage in bot-like activities. Shadoben puts such pages in the shade and does not show the content of the page to followers and other users. It also hides the page’s hashtags in the hashtags section.

  • What do we do to make our Instagram ShadowBan happy?

The worst part of Shadoban, especially for business pages, is that it prevents content and posts from entering the Instagram Explorer section, and this issue is annoying and destructive for page owners.

In fact, Shadoben will reduce interaction, likes, followers, sales, etc. and will lead the page to become stagnant.

On the other hand, one of the advantages of Sohoban is the reduction of fake pages and pages with immoral content. But unfortunately, this problem sometimes affects the main and business pages. One of the questions of Instagram users is how to know if their account is active, which we will discuss below.

How to know when our account is updated?

Unfortunately, Instagram does not give us any prior warning or message that the account is active, so a page may be active for a long time and no interaction takes place. While the owner of the page is not aware of the main problem, there are ways to find out about this issue.

If your page has been inactive for a long time, it is better to make sure that you are not happy! To do this, do the following:

  • Making posts and using hashtags

Making posts and using hashtags

For this, you need to put a new post on your page and use hashtags that have not been used so far. Then search for that hashtag with your page and other pages. If there’s no sign of your hashtag and post, you can be sure that you’ve been blessed.

  • Shadobon test site com

This website is a website in the field of social network marketing and has a tool to test the health of your account online. For this, you need to enter the website at and enter your Instagram page ID in the Shadoban test section so that the result will be visible to you. Now, the question that arises is, what actions cause this penalty for our page and how can we prevent it from happening?

Preventing cheerfulness and its reasons

There are many reasons for being cheerful, but in this section, we state the most important and common reasons and discuss how to prevent cheerfulness.

  • Too many follows and unfollows are prohibited

Although this is simple, it can easily penalize your account. By following or unfollowing too much, Instagram’s intelligence will recognize you as a robot and limit your access. So take this matter seriously and do not follow or unfollow more than 200 people in one day.

  • Too many likes are fined

Too many likes are fined

With too many likes, Instagram’s advanced intelligence will consider you a robot. At first, it may limit you for a few hours or a few days, but if you repeat it, it will cheer you up.

  • Don’t put duplicate hashtags

You must have seen that sometimes users use the same hashtag many times due to the visibility of their post, not knowing that this can lead to hiding their activities on Instagram. So take this seriously.

  • Do not send too many direct messages

It is clear that the ability to chat on Instagram is one of the advantages of this popular application. But Instagram platforms limit excessive sending of messages in Direct due to creating a safe environment for users. If you give more than 100 directs in one day, your account may become happy. Of course, if your page is newly created, it is better to reduce this value.

  • Reporting by users

If you publish content against Instagram rules, such as immoral images, copyright content, etc., other users can report your post. If the number of reports is high, your page will become busy and sometimes the ladder may be completely unavailable. To find out about the rules for inserting content on Instagram, you can go to the Setting section and read the Terms of Use option in the About section.

  • Many tags and mentions

Sometimes it is seen that users mention a large number of people during Instagram contests. But the intelligence of Instagram does not ignore this case and recognizes you as a robot and makes you happy. It is necessary to pay attention not to tag more than 20 people during the day.

  • Use of robots

Using bots to increase likes, followers, comments, etc., in addition to refreshing your account, may make your page unavailable forever. So do not use the robot as much as possible.

  • IP Do not change constantly

Do not change the IP constantly

Using filter breakers and IP changing programs is another reason to be happy. Turn off your VPN when using Instagram. If the filter breaker is active and every time your country’s IP changes, Instagram will notice the danger and restrict you.

How to get out of happiness?

Normally, the period of happiness lasts two weeks, but its exact time is not known. If your page is busy and you want to know the solution, pay attention to the following points:

  • Limit your activities and avoid posting with duplicate hashtags. Also, try not to use your page for a few days.
  • Edit the hashtags of your previous posts

Instagram has not yet provided a definitive solution to exit Shadouben, and the above solutions have only been the experiences of users. For better follow-up, you can report the page problem to Instagram support.


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Frequently asked questions about Shadoban Instagram

How long does it take to be happy?

Getting cheerful on Instagram is completely temporary and those who have experienced this unfortunate event say that it lasts about 14 to 16 days.

What factors make you happy on Instagram?

Use of prohibited hashtags
Excessive use of hashtags
Robot-like manual activities
Reporting your user account

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