What are the reasons for deleting Instagram stories? Troubleshooting

Reasons for deletion of Instagram story: Maybe it has happened to you that as soon as a content is published on Instagram, their story is deleted.

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Do not miss this article to know the reasons for Instagram story deletion. After deleting the story, a message based on the block and its deletion may be sent to the user.

Of course, deleting it brings an unpleasant feeling for Instagram users; Because a user prepares his content to be seen on Instagram, but deleting his story makes all his efforts useless.

Be careful that if this problem becomes permanent, the growth process of your page may be affected. There is even a possibility that your account will be permanently banned for receiving too many warnings.

  • Instagram story deletion and its reasons

But the question is, what can we do to prevent this? Maybe you, as an Instagram user, have faced such a problem on Instagram and your story has been deleted!

According to Instagram rules, there are various reasons for deleting an Instagram story.

In this article, we will examine the reasons for deleting Instagram stories and ways to solve these problems, so stay with us on the site to buy Instagram followers.

Reasons for deleting a story on Instagram

In the normal situation and according to Instagram’s routine, stories are automatically deleted after 24 hours. But sometimes they are deleted earlier than this period and they are blocked by Instagram.

In stories, like Instagram posts, if content is shared that violates Instagram’s rules or if the copyright is not reserved, Instagram will block it immediately after a few seconds.

Sometimes they are deleted only because of the Instagram bug and there is no particular reason to delete them.

Why is my story not uploaded?

Problems of Instagram users when using this application may occur for various reasons. In this section, we have presented the most common reasons why your story is not uploaded:

It is possible that your internet connection is disconnected.

• Your software version may not be compatible with the program version.

• This problem is probably due to Instagram technical problems, in which case you just have to wait until the problem is fixed.

Why is my Instagram story blocked?

Why is Instagram story blocked?

As some Instagram posts are blocked, there is a possibility that they will be blocked on Insta as well. Until now, various reasons have been mentioned to explain the reason for its blocking, and in the following, we will examine the different reasons for blocking stories by Instagram.

• One reason for blocking Instagram can be the reporting of the relevant story by other users. On Instagram, in addition to the possibility of reporting posts, direct messages, comments, and Instagram accounts, users can also report stories and even live stories.

• Another reason for blocking the Instagram story may be the violation of the copyright law. Publish a music or a copy of a content and use it as an advertisement, share a post of an artist without assigning the copyright to him, etc., are among the things that violate the rules of Instagram.

The reason for repeating the previous Instagram story

Sometimes Instagram’s photo and video sharing service may be affected by a bug that causes Instagram to show stories that have already been published instead of displaying the newest stories.

With this disruption, users are forced to re-watch the stories they have already seen. That is, if a user has posted two stories that have been seen within 24 hours, the program will still display them as “new” stories with a colored ring around the user’s profile.

It is very likely that the existence of this bug will have a negative impact on other stories shared by the user. According to reports, some users have stated that after deleting the program and reinstalling it, the problem has been resolved, but some others have not been successful.


• In the first step, update your Instagram app to solve any problem. To do this, you can go to Google Play and App Store.

• If the problem persists, reset your mobile phone in the next step and enter the program again.

• Check the date and time and adjust them if necessary.

• Clear the cache memory of your mobile phone.

• Instagram has set limits for the videos you publish in stories. The file that is uploaded must be a maximum of 15 megabytes in size and it is better to be MP4.

MOV format is not supported by Instagram application. The duration of the video should be a maximum of 60 seconds. So before uploading content, make sure of these conditions.

• It may seem obvious, but sometimes the mobile internet data package ends and you may not notice it. If this happens, it is quite clear that the video is giving an error while loading.


In the article above, we examined the various reasons for problems with Instagram stories. If none of the solutions provided help you and the problem remains unresolved, you can report your problem to the Instagram support department.

If you did not manage to communicate with Instagram support, you can contact the experts of the site to buy Instagram followers and raise your problem so that it can be dealt with as soon as possible.

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Frequently asked questions about the reasons for deleting Instagram stories

What is the reason that Instagram stories do not open in some minutes?

Various reasons such as slow internet speed, cache problems of the Instagram app, DNS problems, etc. can cause this problem.

What methods can be used to solve the problem of not opening the Instagram story?

Updating the Instagram application, checking the internet connection and such issues can help you. In addition, you can also check your Instagram cache.

Are the problems that occur for Instagram stories temporary?

Some of these problems are temporary and will be resolved after time, but others are related to the mobile phone and you need to fix them first.

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