Welcome text to new Instagram followers, activation tutorial

What is the welcome text for Instagram followers? Has it ever happened to you that upon entering a channel or group, you received sentences or text as a welcome to enter this channel?

Such sentences are very popular because of the good feeling they can create in the audience and can help people become more interested in the group or channel they have joined.

If you have a channel on Instagram and you don’t know how to welcome new people, in this article we have suggestions for you from the site for buying Instagram followers.

So that you can welcome new friends and audience in just a few short sentences.

What exactly are the Instagram welcome messages?

The messages that are used as welcome messages on Instagram are the same messages that you send when you follow or direct someone.

You will receive and in addition to the welcome, you will be given information about how the channel works and the admins’ response.

What advantages do welcome messages create for a channel?

The messages that are sent to the audience can be set by a bot and this bot can send messages to anyone who follows you.

or sends a ready message in direct message; Also, you yourself can have such messages ready and send them to people if needed. These messages facilitate the work of your page.

Another advantage that a ready-made welcome message creates for you is that you can satisfy customers by responding to them on time.

And give them a great experience of buying or joining a channel or group, which will cause them to invite more people to join your channel and cause the growth and development of the channel.

Some of the messages you can send to welcome followers on Instagram:

For example, when you have a direct message to buy a product, you can use this message: “Thank you for your message, your message will be answered as soon as possible.

please be patient. From the support team.

Usually, it is better to have these types of messages ready in your phone because many people send you messages daily

And you cannot answer each of these people specifically, but by doing this you can invite them to be patient and make sure that their question will be answered.

Another example: “Hello, dear friend, thank you for your message. You will be waiting in line for up to 8 hours to get a reply. We thank you very much for your cooperation.”

And also, if you want to advertise your products and increase sales, you can use such a message among the answers you give to direct mail.

“Dear friend, you can use the link to buy discounted products by presenting the code. Benefit from our 15% discount. If you have any other questions, you can ask and we will answer you.”

A sample message for when you are not available and you want to reply to messages as soon as you start working: “Hello, dear friend, thank you very much for the message you gave us.

Unfortunately, at this time, our support team is not in charge of this work, but our working hours are written in this link, you can visit for more information.

And we will message you as soon as we start our work day, thank you for your patience.

If you want to increase sales and P%D example

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