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One of the attractions of social networks is the possibility of connecting accounts to each other. Expanding a brand in the virtual space requires continuous activity in all programs. The newest application introduced in this field, Club House, also provides the possibility to connect your account to the Instagram account. Stay with us in the future to teach you how to connect these two accounts to each other, dear companions.


The importance of connecting Clubhouse to Instagram

Clubhouse is an audio-based program that provides the possibility of direct communication and holding different rooms for questions and answers or introducing new product lines to customers. On the other hand, with the help of this program, it is possible to compensate for the loss of verbal and live communication with a large number of customers in the Instagram program.

This growing platform has attracted more than six million users and businesses to date. The tools and features introduced in this program can be seen as a complement to Instagram to have a professional brand in the virtual space.

Although at the beginning of the Clubhouse activity, the need for invitation kept many users away from this application; But with fundamental changes in the strategy, it is possible for all users to be present on this platform, which is good news for different brands so that they can gain the maximum trust of their customers by holding conversations in this program.

On the other hand, after the Corona pandemic, the importance of mass communication tools increased among people, and this has caused the use of Clubhouse as a platform for Instagram businesses to expand and use it to hold online news meetings.

How to activate Instagram in Clubhouse?

The possibility of connecting different accounts to each other has brought marketing and introducing brands to a new stage. Taking into account the changes in society and the need for more brands to use all programs to expand their brand and introduce their products, the new Club House application has also provided the possibility of connecting different accounts to this account.

To connect the Instagram account to the Clubhouse user account, you only need the username, password and phone number or email registered for your Instagram account.

Follow along with us to show you how to connect these two accounts in a video.

How to put an Instagram video in the clubhouse

Complete the following steps to connect the accounts:

  1. Enter your clubhouse
  1. Click on the profile option at the top of the right page
  1. The profile page will open for you and you can see the add instagram option by scrolling the page
  1. Tap on the option to open a new page with the Instagram icon
  1. Enter your page username and password
  1. After registering the required information, a page will open where you have to click Allow to connect your clubhouse to your Instagram account.
  1. At the end, your Instagram ID will be displayed in the Clubhouse account profile, which shows that these two accounts have been successfully connected to each other.

final word

In this article, we explained to you how to connect Club Howie to Insta completely along with its important points and the reason why it is so important to connect accounts to each other. We are waiting for your comments and suggestions.

What is the reason for connecting the accounts to each other?

Businesses connect accounts to expand their brand and introduce more users to their business.

How to connect your Instagram account to Clubhouse?

To connect the Instagram account, you must use the Add Instagram option in the Biwi Clubhouse section.

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