Two-person live request on Instagram training from zero to one hundred

Two-person live on Instagram helps to increase your page views and increase the number of your followers.

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In its latest update, the creators of Instagram have made it possible for their users to hold live broadcasts. Over time, the features and features of Instagram live increased over time, and one of its options was the ability to hold live for two people.

In this article, the Instagram follower buying team will introduce you to the ability to hold a multi-person Instagram live. In addition, two-player live training will also be provided to you dear ones. So stay with us until the end.

What is Instagram live for two?

In the first update when the ability to hold a live event was created in the Instagram application, each user could only hold their own live event;

  • Posting a two-person live on Instagram, training from zero to one hundred

But now Instagram gives its users the possibility to hold their live broadcast for two people and even for several people.

In this way, a user starts his live with his account and then another user joins it with his account. During a multi-person Instagram live, two separate accounts jointly create and hold a live.

In this way, the live screen is divided into two parts and in each of the boxes, the image of one of the two users is displayed. During the live broadcast, the followers of both organizers’ pages can see the live broadcast.

How to activate two-player live?

You are probably wondering whether the access of Instagram users to the two-player live feature is limited or not? The answer should be: No.

All Instagram users, from personal accounts to professional accounts, can hold a one-person or two-person live, and there will be no restrictions in this regard.

Is it possible to hold a group live on Instagram?

After Instagram provided the possibility of live for two people, a number of users were looking for whether it is possible to hold a live as a group or not.

In other words, how many people can participate in Instagram live at the same time? After introducing the group live feature, the maximum number of people who could participate in the live was two people;

But after some time, Instagram increased this number to 4 users. In this way, it is now possible for one live account to start and 3 other people to join the live broadcast.

How to put live for two people on Instagram

Now that you are fully familiar with the two-person Instagram live broadcast feature, you can proceed to hold it and hold a two-person or multi-person live with your friends or followers.

Two methods can be used to create live for two people on Instagram:

• Invite others to join Live.

• Requests from others to join a live broadcast.

Holding live for two or more people on Instagram by inviting others

To post a multi-player live on Instagram with this method, first a user must start his live and then invite others to join the live. To use this method, you must follow the following steps:

1. Enter the Instagram app.

2. In the (Home) section, enter the story section by dragging the screen to the right.

3. In the horizontal list that appears at the bottom of the screen, select Live.

How to put live for two people on Instagram

4. Touch the circle icon in the middle of the screen so that your live will start after checking the connection of the mobile phone to the Internet.

5. After starting the live, select your username located in the upper left corner of the screen.

6. Select the Invite to Join option to invite other users to participate in the two-person live broadcast.

7. In this step, you need to search for the username of the user you want.

8. After finding the account you want, activate the tick next to the corresponding username. You can invite 3 people to your live with this method.

How to put live for two people on Instagram 2

9. After selecting the desired users, touch the Invite option.

10. Finally, the request to join the live has been sent to the users you want and if they accept the invitation, they will join your live.

Conducting multi-player live on Instagram with the request method from visitors

To participate in the two-person Instagram live broadcast, in addition to the invitation from the live organizer, you can also use the request method from the visitors.

In this method, visitors send a request to the live owner and if accepted by the live organizer, they will be able to participate in the live. To do this, just follow the instructions below:

1. Log in to your Instagram app.

2. Click on the desired live icon that is playing in the story section and enter it.

3. Wait a little until the Request option appears at the bottom of the screen.

4. Click on Request to send the request.

5. Now, in the half window that opens, select the Send Request option.

6. If approved by the live organizer, you can participate in the desired Instagram live.

7. To confirm your request, the live organizer must first select the View option next to your username and then select the Invite option at the end.


One of the attractive features of Instagram is the ability to hold live for two people, which has been very well received since its introduction.

For those users who want to communicate live with their friends or acquaintances, using live addition is one of the best methods.

In addition, up to 4 people can share their live images with other users at the same time using multiplayer live.

In this article, we examined the methods of holding two-person and multi-person Instagram live. We hope that this article will be useful and effective for those of you who want to buy Instagram followers.

If you have any questions, suggestions or criticisms about our work, you can contact us in the comments section and other ways of communication.

And in the same way, you can increase your live Buy Instagram live views Take your live game to the top.

Frequently Asked Questions Live for two on Instagram

What is Live, or Instagram live broadcast for two people?

It is possible to hold a live broadcast on Instagram, in which two people participate at the same time and their pictures are also broadcast at the same time.

How to hold a two-person live on Instagram?

It is possible to create an Instagram live broadcast in two ways: inviting others and requesting visitors. To learn about these two methods, you can refer to the above material.

Is it possible to post a group live on Insta?

Yes. After adding a user to Live, you can add the next people in the same way. Of course, you should know that this feature is limited in the number of people.

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