Time to fix Instagram and WhatsApp filters and complete information in this regard

Instagram filtering, time to fix Instagram and WhatsApp filters

When you want to use social media to promote your business, Instagram is one of the best marketing apps you can use. This app is mainly used by mobile devices especially iPhone and Android phones.

Although Instagram is just one tool that has proven to be very useful for businesses, it is one that cannot be ignored globally.

Instagram is important for businesses because it offers many benefits, especially in terms of advertising. However, Instagram filtering is possible. With the help of this article, you can learn the meaning of Instagram filtering, the reason and time to remove the Instagram filter in Iran, and great solutions during filtering.

What is Instagram filtering?

As the name suggests, filtering Instagram means closing and deactivating the Instagram app. If you are in Iran, the Instagram program will be completely disabled and you will not be able to enter this program until the government wants it.

The only way to access this app is to use VPNs. Currently, after the Instagram filter in Iran, this popular platform has been removed from Myket and Cafe Bazaar Android stores. Such an action reinforces the news of Instagram’s permanent filter in Iran, but so far this news has not been confirmed.

What are the benefits of Instagram for businesses and ordinary people?

Among the advantages of the Instagram application for businesses are the following:

  • Increases brand awareness

Due to its huge database of users, Instagram is a very low-cost and very effective means of increasing your brand awareness. In addition, the image-centric nature of Instagram helps to create familiarity with your brand presence and influence the minds of customers.

  • Increase website traffic and SEO ranking

Almost 80% of marketers claim to have increased website traffic with increased engagement. It shouldn’t come as a surprise since 73 percent of adults who go online once a day spend a large portion of their time on social media.

Since 80% of Instagram users follow at least one business site, generating traffic to your site becomes important if you want to rank your brand in the top SEO rankings.

  • It saves you time

Many accounts have already established their small business in a competitive market. Everyone is promoting their brand creativity. Instagram is the only place where you can advertise your products without worrying about the law. With this Instagram, all businesses, even small businesses, can advertise their products without spending time and money.

  • You can communicate with people outside of Iran

This option is one of the most important and best advantages of the Instagram program. With the help of Instagram, you can communicate with everyone from anywhere in the world. Therefore, you can have a conversation, video call and communication with your acquaintances. All kinds of small and big brands have started to advertise globally with Instagram, they buy and sell with the help of this platform.

  • Order online from all cities in Iran

Many followers have a physiological role in making your brand important and authentic. The more viewers of the brand’s products, the more likely it is to buy. With the help of this platform, not only the number of customers will increase, but your brand will be famous in the whole country.

  • It gives you better insight into your audience

Communicating with customers and getting to know them better is a key factor in promoting your business. With Instagram, you can easily learn about audience preferences, dominant language, interests, gender, age, etc.

This helps a lot in your strategy in designing campaigns and product offerings, thus helping you get ROI in less time.

  • Low capital to create a brand

Most people in our country need to work with little capital. This program helps everyone to start working with capital and sometimes even with zero capital and reach billions of income.

  • Brand trust

Customers tend to search online about a brand they like. If the same information is presented on social media, it helps the customer to know about the services and products of a brand and makes it legitimate.

On the other hand, if a brand is fraudulent, it is easy to inform Instagram users to stop these brands.

  • New trends are easily published

Have you ever seen a shop offering services related to the introduction of movies and series? Certainly not

With the help of Instagram, many businesses that are not profitable in the natural state, make people earn money. This is only possible with the help of the Instagram app.

  • Public information

With the help of this application, everyone’s voice reaches all the people of the world. Instagram has over 1 billion users, so your voice will reach one of those millions.

  • You connect to other social media platforms

Your brand on Instagram can link directly to it on Twitter and Facebook. It may seem like an ordinary trick but it is very useful.

For a small business looking to expand through Instagram, connecting apps is great. With the help of this method, you can talk more with those you know in this program and learn about the status.

  • Instagram is very easy to use

Social media functions are very simple. This program is not just for making money; Rather, many use this platform to gain fame, communicate with acquaintances, and take quality photos and videos.

How much is the loss of Instagram filtering for Iranian businesses?

How much is the loss of Instagram filtering for Iranian businesses?

According to last year’s report of the Iranian Statistics Center, the equivalent of 9 million people earn money through the Instagram network. 9 million people are not only losing themselves, but their families are also suffering from material problems.

In the meantime, a large number of female heads of families used to spend their lives with the help of Instagram, but these days they only see losses and are in difficult conditions.

According to the applied research, every hour of internet filtering, our country loses 1.5 million dollars.

On the other hand, bigger businesses depend on social networks. With the help of this program, it was possible to sell outside the city or the country for everyone, but this possibility was lost when Instagram was filtered.

Instagram allowed everyone to talk to customers and friends without showing their mobile number and even communicate with a video. But with the filtering of Instagram, the way of communication with many people, acquaintances and customers was lost.

What is the reason for Instagram filtering in Iran?

Today, with Instagram, everyone’s voice reaches each other and the world. According to the government, “Instagram” has a special role in spreading and creating disturbances in all cities. Due to the publication of various videos, photos and news in this program, people are incited to create chaos against the Iranian government.

Therefore, in order to maintain security, public order, peace and civil rights of the people, the Iranian government has imposed restrictions such as Instagram filtering, so that people cannot direct riots through this virtual network.

Time to fix the Instagram filter

The decision for when to remove Instagram filtering is with the Supreme Council of Cyberspace

According to the Minister of Interior, Internet restrictions will continue until the riots end. Rioters cause such restrictions to be applied, and when the security and intelligence apparatus is sure that it is no longer such an issue, these restrictions will be removed. But for now, there has been no decision regarding the removal of the Instagram filter in the Supreme Council of Cyberspace.

What to do when Instagram is filtered?

  • Turn off your location on Instagram

This will help you to avoid any problems if you are accessing this app with the help of VPNs. VPNs show different current location positions with each connection; For example, it shows Germany once and France another time. Therefore, Instagram may think that your account has been hacked and close your page.

  • Buy Instagram followers

With Instagram filtering, your activity and your users have decreased. As a result, a significant number of your followers will drop and cause your page to crash. This will not only reduce your income, but may also cause you to leave the Instagram Explorer page.

Buying Instagram followers from the Digi Member brand is one of the best solutions to avoid these problems. Digimember brand is one of the best sites to increase followers, likes and visits on Instagram.

  • Create a website for your brand

With the help of creating a website, you can transfer all your activities from Instagram to the website so that even if you don’t make money from Instagram, you can make money with this method. Creating a website for any job and profession can help, and on the other hand, all your contacts and followers will be preserved forever.

  • Buy Instagram views and likes

When Instagram is filtered, you will definitely face a decrease in views and likes. By buying Instagram views and likes from the DigiMember site, you can increase the interaction of your page so that the Instagram algorithm does not detect your inactive users.


Considering that the Security Council has started filtering Instagram due to security issues. Of course, according to the statements of the Minister of Communications, there is a possibility that the filtering of these social networks will be temporary. So, until this problem is solved, you can think about maintaining interaction in this program with the help of the above methods.

If you want to read the content of Instagram filtering, the time to remove the Instagram and WhatsApp filter offline, download the pdf.

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