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Making money from YouTube is one of the best ways to make money through digital marketing. Although Iranian users need a filter breaker to access YouTube, this social network is still one of the most used and popular among them. Stay with us to explain the best way to calculate YouTube earnings. Followcamp is the best site for buying YouTube subscribers that you can use to increase your subscribers.


How is YouTube income calculated?

Among the successful people in the world, there are those who have achieved a lot of wealth and capital through earning money on YouTube. If you are a beginner and you want to know how YouTube income is calculated, there are different ways to calculate YouTube income, the most important of which are:

Calculation of YouTube income based on views

When you post on YouTube, the number of views it gets can be a way to calculate your income. YouTube is known as one of the largest virtual networks that many people register in every year, and as a result, it is considered a trump card for business owners to use the social network platform to make money and increase income.

It is not possible to say exactly how many dollars the number of views of each post on YouTube will earn you. The type of content you post on YouTube has a huge impact on how much you earn.

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Youtube income calculation

If your advertising content is very attractive and can gain the trust of users, surely the number of visits will increase and your income will also increase.

The geographical location of the audience can be mentioned among the factors affecting YouTube’s income. Of course, the audience that enters your YouTube page likes to follow companies that have full legal and real characteristics in terms of geographic location.

In this case, he will trust you more and this will increase the number of users and increase visits. In general, rules have been established by Google to calculate YouTube’s income.

The most important rule is that 68% of the revenue belongs to YouTuber and the rest goes to Google. Therefore, according to what was said, for each visit, between 1.10 and 0.3 dollars is considered as income for the person.

YouTube revenue calculation based on CPM

Another rule that has been established to calculate income on YouTube is known as the CPM rate, according to which, for every 1000 views, an income will be considered for a YouTuber.

Of course, in some advertisements, the cost related to the number of clicks is considered as a factor for calculating YouTube’s income and is called CPC. That is, for every 1000 clicks on advertisements, the income of the person will be calculated. According to Google’s rules, your income for every 1000 visits will be saved in your Adsense account and the amount will be deposited to you when it reaches one hundred dollars.

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Youtube income calculation

The importance of the topic of the channel for YouTube income

As you can see, the number of views of your YouTube channel as well as the number of clicks on advertisements are among the factors that will play a major role in determining your income.

Since users only enter channels with very interesting and useful content, choosing the topic of the YouTube channel is the most important factor that will affect the amount of your YouTube income.

Let’s talk more about why choosing a YouTube channel theme is so important? When you search for keywords or phrases in Google to obtain information about a specific topic, you will be provided with various links. You will be unconsciously attracted to a link that has a more attractive title.

Webmasters know very well that the more they can do better in choosing the title and produced content and provide an attractive topic for users, the more likely their site will be visited. The same applies to the YouTube channel. As much as you can prepare a very attractive topic for the audience, you have been able to achieve significant success in the field of making money through YouTube.

Channel topic for YouTube income

In general, the most important factor that affects how much you earn is the topic you choose for your YouTube channel content. For this purpose, we must consider several factors:

  • Go to trending topics

You need a professional team that finds popular topics that have the most searched statistics through Google searches every day, and as a result, you use this topic to produce your YouTube content.

  • Choose a subject that you are good at

Because you are going to put video content in YouTube from this topic. Therefore, you have to master it enough to be able to explain the content well to users. Among the most popular topics for YouTube are humor, life tricks, advice, motivational cooking and singing.

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Some sites calculate income from YouTube

For those who have just entered YouTube and set up a channel for their internet marketing, knowing how to calculate YouTube income is a very important issue.
Youtube income calculation site

Fortunately, there are many sites through which you can calculate the amount of income through YouTube:

Social Blade site

One of the most reliable sites for calculating other people’s YouTube earnings is the Social Blade site. You can not only use this site to calculate YouTube income, but it also allows you to analyze the Instagram page.

Just enter the search bar and type the name of the channel. In this case, all the statistics and information related to the number of video views per day, week, month and the exact number of followers will be presented to you. Also, with this site, you can calculate the amount of YouTube dollar income monthly and annually.

Tube Buddy site

Among other sites that are very suitable for calculating YouTube income, the site Tube Buddy It has a name that does a lot of analysis for you. You can install the plugin related to this site on your browser and get statistical information about your YouTube channel whenever you want.

Especially since this site mentions the rate of decrease and increase of visits for you on a daily basis. Being aware of the drop in views makes you act more precisely to manage YouTube and take measures to compensate for the drop in views.

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Youtube income calculation

final word

Note that the influence of the content produced on the YouTube channel is so high that it can be said that it affects 90% of your activities.

Therefore, if you want to start a YouTube channel, be sure to have a team of experts in the field of YouTube channel content production by your side. Thank you for your attention. Share your thoughts with us.

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