The best sites to buy Iranian Instagram followers in 1402

The best site to buy Iranian Instagram followers

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No matter how much they make stories about the disadvantages of our long-term presence in social networks, we have to accept that this entity has penetrated into all of our lives. In the meantime, Instagram as a super media, with more than one billion active users worldwide, has attracted a lot of attention.

Instagram is not only for entertainment purposes, but a significant part of the currents governing it in order to earn money. For this reason, we intend to have an overview of the important technique of buying Iranian followers and the best sites for buying Iranian followers in this article.

Why should we think about buying followers for Instagram?

If we pay attention, we will find that on Instagram and even other social networks, a successful page has more followers. The formula is very simple; More followers equal more visits and trust, more visits equal more sales and income!

When we intend to buy followers, we will face many options that may confuse us a little. Therefore, in this section, we try to explain each of these options in a complete and practical way.

Buying Iranian and foreign followers

Iranian follower and foreign follower are two opposite concepts. People whose business is inside Iran and their audience is inside Iran, it is better to use Iranian followers or at least a significant part of their followers are Iranian.

But people whose target market is international and outside of Iran, it is better to use foreign followers. The importance of this choice goes back to Instagram algorithms.

Based on these algorithms, the followers of each page are from any geographical location, this page will be suggested to the people of the same geographical location. Note that Iranian followers are slightly more expensive than foreign followers.

Buy real and fake followers

Basically, the two concepts of real and fake followers are opposite each other. Real followers are accounts like you and me who have normal activity in this social network. But fake followers are created by robots and in bulk.

These accounts have no special activity on Instagram and their presence on a page is only symbolic. Fake followers have a very low price and their impact on the growth of a page is also very low. But real followers are exactly the same as the followers you get organically.

Immediate and targeted purchase of followers

An instant follower is a follower that will be added to the page in a fraction of an hour after purchase. This issue is very important for business owners and those who earn money from this social network. By buying instant followers, you can increase the number of followers of a page as quickly as possible.

A targeted follower is a follower that is most similar to your target audience. For example, suppose you have a cosmetics store; In such a case, the followers of a women’s clothing page will probably be suitable for you. There are robots that can be used to attract followers of one page to another page.

What are the benefits of buying Instagram followers?

High speed is one of the most important advantages of buying Instagram followers. There are definitely other ways to increase the number of followers, such as advertising or creating content. But these solutions need a long time to be effective. While business owners need to increase their number of followers in a short period of time.

Buying Instagram followers is a confidence builder. If you buy real and active followers, your number of followers will increase in a short time. When other people come across your page in any way, they will trust you, your product or service more easily and this can lead to more sales.

Buying real Instagram followers can increase the impression rate. Anyway, purchased followers, especially if they are targeted, will see the content produced by you and if this content is of sufficient quality, they will most likely like it and leave comments.

What are the disadvantages of buying Instagram followers?

The disadvantages of buying Instagram followers are related to the fact that you have bought these followers from the site or a wrong reference. It means that the followers you received are fake or that there is no match between them and the community of your contacts.

Unreliable sites basically give you fake followers that only increase the number of followers in terms of appearance; Meanwhile, a good follower is a follower who is real and can like and comment on your posts. Therefore, you should always remember to buy your followers from reliable and reliable sites.

Important points that you should pay attention to when buying followers:

  • Real and Iranian followers are the best option for businesses that intend to operate in Iran.
  • Never buy a lot of followers at once, but do it in smaller numbers but more often.
  • Make your purchases from reliable websites.
  • Never give your page password to the seller to buy Instagram followers because there is no need for it.
  • 5 to 10% shedding is normal after a while.
  • It is better to prepare 10 to 20 posts and buy 2000 followers after publishing each one.
  • Your page must be public.

Other strategies to increase the number of Instagram followers

In addition to buying Instagram followers, other techniques such as advertising on other pages or websites can be used to increase the number of followers.

Producing regular content based on the calendar is another strategy that can help you increase the number of your followers.

Publish the latest news and events in the field in which you are active, interact with the audience, use stories and rails, hold contests, write appropriate and attractive captions, have a special graphic theme, find suitable hashtags and… among other things. is what you can do in this field.

Buying an Instagram page is one of the ways by using which you can bypass the trouble of trying to increase the number of followers for several months and become the owner of a great and pro-follower page overnight.

Of course, you should pay attention to certain points when buying an Instagram page. For example, the relevance of the page’s topic to your field of activity, the authenticity of the followers, having an impression, security, etc. are among the points that should be paid attention to.

Where to buy Instagram followers?

We said that buying followers can be one of the best solutions that can be used to increase the number of followers of a page.

Also, in the disadvantages of buying Instagram followers, we mentioned that to do this, you must definitely find a website that is reliable and reliable. Therefore, in this section, we will introduce a number of well-known and reliable websites.

The official site for buying Instagram followers

The official site for buying Instagram followers

The official site for buying Instagram followers is the main reference for buying Instagram followers. This site has been operating for several years and has been able to attract many customers due to the high-quality services it has provided.

The official site for buying Instagram followers can be considered one of the best marketing teams on Instagram, which exclusively offers services such as buying all kinds of followers (cheap, Iranian and real followers), buying likes, buying views, buying Instagram pages, etc. pays

By buying from this site, you can be sure that you will get the best and highest quality followers for your page. Money back guarantee and 24/7 support are other benefits that you will get by buying followers from this site.

Digi follower

Digi followerDigi Follower can definitely be considered as one of the most extensive and largest sources in the field of buying Instagram products, especially followers. This website started working when the use of Instagram became popular in Iran.

The reasonable price of the products is one of the reasons why people want to buy from this site. Providing followers, likes, views, comments and high-quality pages along with 24-hour support are other advantages of Digi Follower.

In Digi Follower, good discount codes are considered that can be used. Also, the existence of multiple plans has made it possible for any page with any level of budget to get the followers it needs.

This site has many clients, most of whom are celebrities, but they will not be named in order to protect the client’s privacy.

Follower bank

Follower bank

Follower Bank is one of the newly established but very reliable and high-quality sites in providing services that offers Instagram products including real followers, Iranian and foreign, likes, views, various comments and pages.

The main advantage of Bank Follower is its very reasonable price. Almost no site in Iran provides its customers with high-quality products at this price. Therefore, if you are looking for an economic and affordable choice, we suggest buying Instagram followers from Follower Bank site.

bye follower

bye follower

By Follower can also be considered one of the oldest websites in the field of Instagram marketing. Different types of followers, likes, views, bots, pages and comments are among the products offered on this site.

Of course, By Follower also provides free services to all people. Downloading photos and videos from Instagram is one of these possibilities. That is, you enter the photo or video link in the specified section and then you can download the content.

Collaboration in sales with a high commission is another possibility that Bay Follower has planned for you. In this system, you will be given a link. Anyone who enters Buy Follower’s site through this link and makes a purchase, a part of the profit will be allocated to you.

Providing high profits, clear and accurate statistics, ease of sale, the possibility of placing links on various platforms such as pages, Telegram channels, blogs, websites, etc. are other reasons that make the sales cooperation system of Buy Follower site different and superior.

final word

Increasing Instagram followers is one of the basic ways to progress in this social network. If you want your business to be seen, you will need to use different strategies to achieve this goal. Buying Instagram followers is one of these solutions that have been used since the past.

In this article, we tried to explain the purchase of Instagram followers as much as possible and clarify its various aspects. The important thing here is to do this using reliable sites, and we have mentioned some of the best sites for buying followers at the end of this article. We hope this article is useful for you.

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Frequently asked questions

Is buying Instagram followers necessary for page growth?

Yes. Increasing the number of followers is very important for the growth of a business. Buying followers is one of the best ways to increase page followers.

Which type of followers is better to buy?

Iranian and real followers are the best option to increase followers.

Who are suitable foreign followers?

Foreign followers are suitable for those whose audience is outside of Iran.

Do purchased followers have a drop?

Yes. Up to 10% shedding is normal.

What is the best site to buy followers?

Digi Follower, By Follower, the official site for buying Instagram followers and Follower Bank are among the best sites for buying followers.

Does buying fake followers lead to an increase in impressions?

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