The best Instagram settings to increase real followers

Instagram settings to increase real followers

What are the Instagram settings to increase followers? Do you have complete and comprehensive information about this issue? If you are a professional Instagram user, you probably know this very well and are already using it to increase your followers.

But if you are one of those people who have just noticed the different Insta algorithms, you can use this article to increase the number of your followers on Insta. Any of the things that are mentioned in the rest of this article can help you to increase the number of your followers in this social network in a principled and correct way.

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Complete guide to Instagram settings

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The first thing we need to consider is what steps are included in the Instagram settings to increase followers and how can we rest assured that we have chosen the right way?

Choose the type of account

In the first step, which is considered the initial step of creating a user account, it is related to choosing the type of account. The type of account you choose should be in a way that you can have the most interaction with other people in this program.

There are several types of accounts, including personal accounts, advanced accounts, and business accounts. At the very beginning, you must select the advanced account option from the account settings section.

When you choose this type of account, you will notice that Instagram provides you with many different tools for free so that you can check the progress and regression of your page.

The more you have the ability to manage and control your page, the more you can focus on attracting more followers.

Lack of privatization

You have probably seen private or private pages a lot in cyberspace. These types of pages are by no means a good option if you want to have economic and business activities through them or if you want to increase the number of your followers by using them.

In order to be able to have Instagram settings to increase followers, do not forget that your page should not be locked and all people should be able to see the content you have published.

· Biography and highlights

The next thing that can be part of the settings needed to increase the number of followers is related to the completeness of the biography section as well as the highlights that you have on your Instagram page.

In the biography section, which includes a profile photo and a brief description of yourself, it is necessary to enter complete and correct information and try to present this information in a way that can introduce you completely in a few short sentences.

Let us explain this issue more clearly by mentioning an example. For example, in the biography section of your page, you write a few short sentences that show that this account has activities in the field of introducing movies and series.

Along with the sentences that introduce your account or yourself, you can also put the link of YouTube, Club House, etc. and guide different people who follow you to these pages.

In addition to these explanations, you should not neglect the photo that is placed on your profile. This photo should have a design and color that the audience can easily recognize. Try to change your description and profile picture less.

· Number and communication methods

Another method related to Instagram settings to increase followers is about placing communication channels. Suppose that your user account is an online shop or a virtual store.

In the online shop, you have to win the trust of the customers in the first step. For this, put your phone number on the page and try to put a landline number or the address and location of the store on the page so that customers can trust you more easily.

· Comments

Optimal comment settings to increase followers

Have you ever entered an Instagram page that closed comments and did not allow the audience to comment? If you are going to use the services of that page or want to buy a product from them, what do you do?

Usually, the first thing people do is to unconsciously go to the comments section of the page and try to make a final decision based on the experiences of others who have used the company’s products.

Now suppose you close the comments. Arguably one of the worst things you can do on a business account and it’s the exact opposite of Instagram settings to increase followers.

It is better to try to remove this topic completely and in addition to leaving your followers free to comment, make sure that you even respond to the things they bring up to a large extent.


Exchange does not mean sending posts and stories to others. This means that you try to connect with people who are in your field and expose yourself more.

The more you can like other people’s posts, leave useful and positive comments for them, see more stories, show more reactions, etc., the amount of your followers will certainly increase and you will not have to worry about this.


The things that were raised during this article about Instagram settings to increase followers were all among the things that needed to be checked during this article so that you can use them to increase the number of followers you have.

Usually, using the right and basic methods to increase the number of followers can be a little time-consuming and you need to be patient for a period of time regarding this issue. This issue causes some people to regret in the middle of the way and stop from continuing the path of basic follower attraction.

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