Testing a new monetization tool on Instagram

Instagram is testing new tools to increase the income of content producers.

Instagram is testing a new tool to help content creators develop monetization from this social network. This platform plans to provide new tools to its users so that they can earn money through content creation.

Today, the competition between social networks has become very hot and it seems that Instagram is also looking to keep content producers on its platform. For this purpose, Meta (former Facebook) has also officially confirmed

who are testing a feature called “Gifts” for Instagram. By using this gifting feature, users can appreciate the pages they want and provide them with financial assistance.

A spokesperson for Meta Platforms, the parent company of Instagram, told TechCrunch about this tool: This feature is an internal prototype and has not yet been tested externally on the Instagram platform.

Ability to give Gifts on Instagram

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This experimental feature, called “Gifts” on Instagram, provides an opportunity for Rails content creators to make money from making short video clips. In fact, in addition to liking and commenting and other interactions, users can give gifts for their favorite content.

The feature was first reported on Twitter a few months ago by mobile developer Alessandro Palozzi in July. He announced that: Instagram is busy designing a new feature called “Content Appreciation”.

According to the screenshots posted by Paolozzi, this feature allows content creators to enable an option that allows their fans to send them gifts.

According to the information shared by this source, a sub-menu button named “Content Appreciation” will be added on Instagram. In this way, users can send gifts to others through the button located at the end of the rails.

Some time later, this developer announced that the development process of this feature has progressed and its name has been changed to Gifts. However, not many details about this Instagram gifting feature are available. Of course, since we have seen such a feature in other platforms in the past, we can guess how Instagram will implement it.

Other features of giving gifts on Instagram

In 2020, Instagram launched the “Badges” feature, which allows users to show their support for users during a live event. It should be noted that this option is not available for Iranian accounts.

When you buy Badges while watching a live video, a heart icon will appear next to your name in the comments section. With the possible addition of Gifts, Instagram provides a way for content creators to monetize through live streaming and Reels.

Of course, it is not yet known when Instagram will activate the gift feature for profiles. Other platforms already offer similar tools to monetize content creators; Therefore, it is not unlikely that it will also be considered as a feature for Instagram.

Although there is still no complete information about the gift feature of Instagram, if such a feature is implemented, it will be a good platform for content creators to earn more money.

Since the beginning of summer, Meta has taken different ways to generate more income for content creators; From Badges and Bonuses system to streaming ads and many more.

But it must be said that Instagram has tough competitors, so it will be interesting to see how this prominent social network will maintain its users and content producers.

Gifts feature in Tik Tok, Instagram’s biggest competitor

Gifts feature in Tik Tok, Instagram's biggest competitor

Tik Tok, Instagram’s biggest competitor, has provided its users with a similar feature called Donate in December last year. With the help of this feature, Tik Tok users can give diamonds to content producers when they play live videos in the For You section.

Diamonds are a kind of gift that Tik Tok users send as a gift to their favorite content.

The ability to give gifts is active for Tick users in two modes: classic and premium; It is also possible to attach a message along with the gift. Tik Tok, like Instagram, is doing its best to encourage content producers these days and has even provided advertising revenue for some of them.

In May 2021, Twitter also launched a feature called Tip Jar, the purpose of which is for users to sponsor their favorite accounts; Even the social network Tumblr activated the Tip Jar feature in early 2022 for rewards.

Now, in order to keep its users and surpass other competitors, Instagram plans to activate the gifts feature for Instagram users.

Gifts feature in Iran

To date, most of the new features of Instagram have been activated for Iranian users; But it is not clear how the Instagram gift feature works in Iran now and when will it be available to Iranian users?

But in general, it seems that there is still a lot of time left until its official release; Because this feature is still in its early stages and even if these steps are completed, it will take some time to be available to Iranian users.

But another issue that I thought was interesting to share with you is the principle of gift giving. Social network users outside of Iran are more open-minded and supporting social network content creators is common among the public.

But it is very likely that this feature will not be of much interest to users in Iran in terms of economic conditions and many other issues; Because Iranians do not like to give gifts to strangers.

The last word

Tik Tok entered the competition with virtual networks since 2017, but it has become very popular compared to other platforms. Now this has caused Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram to think of encouraging users to video content.

Instagram has not yet published any official news about this feature; All we know about this feature is that content creators will be rewarded for making Rails videos.

I recommend that you think about making attractive rails right now, so that you too can earn by receiving gifts. To make interesting rails, be sure to follow the trending topics of Instagram rails.

If you want to read the test of the new tool for generating income on Instagram offline, download the pdf.


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