Teaching how to return a blocked Instagram account step by step

Teaching how to return a blocked Instagram account step by step

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Instagram is one of the most popular social networks that most people use to record life moments. But one of the main uses of the Instagram application is to use it as a place to buy and sell needed goods. As you know, increasing followers is created gradually and requires a time-consuming process.

Now consider the situation that after a long period of time, your page is disabled with many followers. If users encounter Instagram’s 30-day error, it will not be possible to log in to the account and access its information. To know the reasons for closing the Instagram account and how to return the blocked Instagram account, stay with us until the end of the article.

Different reasons for disabling Instagram account

Deactivating the Instagram account, also known as disabling the account, is a big problem for the users of this popular application. In the last few decades, with the expansion of businesses and communications, Instagram has performed satisfactorily as a suitable platform for performing various activities.

Disabling Instagram or deleting an Instagram account happens to people who do not know enough about the rules and restrictions of Instagram.

Therefore, disabling the Instagram account can be a very unfortunate event for active Instagram pages. Note that preventing this is not so difficult. Because users can prevent their account from being deactivated by getting the necessary information about Instagram rules.

Instagram algorithms have a sensitive function. As a result, the most appropriate way to prevent problems and restrict access to the Instagram account is to carry out activities within the framework of this area and follow the relevant laws.

The main reasons for disabling the Instagram account

Deactivation of Instagram account happens for certain reasons. In general, these reasons are divided into two categories. The first category depends on how you operate. But the second category is beyond your control. Among the reasons for Instagram account deactivation, the following can be mentioned:

  • Failure to pay attention to copyright laws on Instagram
  • Violation reporting and document reporting by users and audiences
  • Daily activity more than the allowed amount and exaggerated in the form of spam
  • Using multiple IPs to enter Instagram
  • Publish immoral content against Instagram rules
  • Using different robots that have more activities than allowed.
  • Carrying out various actions such as buying likes, followers and comments
  • Enter the age of less than 13 years
  • The mistake of artificial intelligence and bots
  • Using VPNs

It is very easy to follow the things we have mentioned. Following these rules can prevent the Instagram account from being disabled. Among the various reasons for disabling an Instagram account, violation of copyright laws is the most important.

This law includes any kind of content that does not belong to individuals. According to this law, people must have permission to publish any type of foreign and Iranian music, part of a movie, video games, talk shows and any type of produced work.

How to restore a disabled Instagram account

First of all, you need to know that there is no way to make your Instagram account 100% active. All the activities done to solve this problem depend on Instagram. If people seriously violate the rules of Instagram, they will not be able to access their account. Depending on the activity of the users, recovering the disabled page is possible with three methods. These methods include:

  1. Verify the user’s identity by sending identification documents to the Instagram account recovery site

If a large number of Instagram users report your account as a fake page, the authenticity of your identity will be doubted by Instagram. If users’ accounts are disabled due to suspicion of being fake, using identification documents, including passports, can be a suitable option to restore the page. To do this process, follow the steps below:

  • Activate the IP Changer tool.
  • Log in to Instagram.
  • On the next page, activate the Yes option.
  • In the boxes that appear, enter your name, username, email address, and the name of the country you are connected to by IP, respectively.
  • Upload your documents in the Choose Files section.
  • In the last step, click on Send option.

Verify the user's identity by sending identification documents to the Instagram account recovery site

If the above steps are done correctly, the user will receive a message within 72 hours that the Instagram account has been reactivated.

  1. Sending work documents

If your business page is unavailable, sending documents related to your business can be a good option to restore the page. One of the main reasons for disabling business accounts, especially Creator, is the violation of copyright laws. To send work documents and authentication, follow the steps below:

  • Activate the IP Changer tool.
  • Click on the link of the site related to restoring the Instagram page.
  • Activate the Yes option.
  • In the following boxes, enter your name, username, email address, country name and pictures of your work certificate.
  • At the end, select the Send option.

If the authentication process is completed successfully, the account will be available to the user within a few days.

  1. Submit a support request

If the user has not done any business activity on his page and has not published a picture of himself, he can use the following method to restore the Instagram page. in such a way that:

  • Turn on the IP Changer tool.
  • Click on the site to restore the Instagram page.
  • Enter your name, account phone number, email address, and username in the boxes that appear.
  • In the last box, describe the reasons for your request in full for Instagram. For example, you can explain your lack of knowledge of Instagram rules due to the violation of the rules and request to restore your page.

Submit a support request

Important tips to restore a blocked Instagram account

  • Do not enter the relevant links with the IP of Iran under any circumstances and be sure to use the IP change tool.
  • In the country field, enter the name of the country to which you are connected to the IP address.


Instagram account blocking can happen suddenly and as a result of not knowing the relevant rules for any user. If the request to restore the closed Instagram account is rejected, repeat your request again. Because you will communicate with a supporter every time.

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Frequently asked questions to return a blocked Instagram account

Is it possible to recover a deactivated account?

Yes, it is possible to recover a disabled account

Is it possible to restore a deleted account?

If the account is deactivated or deleted temporarily, it is possible to restore it, but if it is deleted permanently, it is not possible.

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