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Have you ever noticed problems after uploading a photo or video, such as a cropped image or being too large for the page? Instagram has set standards for uploading photos and videos in each section. In this article, we will deal with the standards for the size of Instagram photos. Stay with us.


Instagram profile photo size

One of the most important parts Instagram The photo of which is noticed by many users, is a profile photo. Users first check the profile of an account to make sure that the account is worth following or not. Especially private accounts where there is no idea of ​​its posts and highlights in the minds of the audience, users pay special attention to its profile photo.

How to choose the best photo for your profile?

As mentioned, the profile picture is very important; So you have to pay attention to all its points. The profile picture of an account is displayed in a circle. So the first thing to do when choosing a profile picture is to put all the details in the center of the photo.

Instagram photo size

Photos that are placed on the Instagram profile must be 110 x 110 pixels and 320 x 320 pixels. These dimensions are the minimum ratios of a good photo to fit in the profile section.

Each photo has three ratios, which are:

  • Horizontal
  • Vertical (portrait)
  • Square

The best dimensions for any photo form are:

  • Horizontal: 566 × 1080 pixels
  • portrait: 1350 × 1080 pixels
  • Square: 1080 × 1080 pixels
  • Dimensions supported by Insta: Between 1.91: 1 and 4: 5

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Instagram post photo size

Instagram entered the field of social networks with the idea of ​​sharing photos and videos with friends and acquaintances, and soon became popular among the people. This idea has caused photos and videos to be very important in this program, and their correct and complete upload is no less than the quality and attractiveness of the content.

Many businesses aim to sell more and showcase their products to a wide range of active users in this space. If their page images are published in cropped form, the page loses its professional aspect. And users no longer pay attention to the contents of that page.

Instagram manipulates photos that are larger or smaller than the standard dimensions defined in the app. Croping or enlarging a photo saves all the effort, money, and time spent creating photos. .

Instagram photo size guide

From the launch of the Instagram app until 2015, the app only published photos that were square in shape and without manipulation. In the new updates, horizontal (landscape) and vertical (portrait) photos can also be published in They have found this platform.

Dimensions and sizes that Instagram has considered for the post section:

  • Square photos 1: 1——1080 by 1080
  • Vertical photos 4: 5—–1080 in 1350
  • Horizontal photos 1.91: 1—–1080 in 566

If the photo you have prepared for publication on Instagram has a width of less than 1080, the Instagram app will kill it to bring it to standard dimensions, and this will cause the quality of the photo to be lost.

If the image is larger than 1080px * 1080px, Instagram will automatically compress the size to display. When a photo is compressed too much, it will definitely have a negative effect on the image quality.

Also, if the dimensions are too small, the image quality will decrease and the image dimensions should not be smaller than 320PX * 320PX, because Instagram has to take the image to bring it to its standard dimensions, which makes the desired image poor quality. .

So in order for the images to have the best quality, their size must be set to 1080px * 1080px.

Professional activity on Instagram requires knowing all the rules and modules of this program. So read the article Instagram Rules 2022 Do not miss.

As a result, Instagram maintains sharpness as long as your photo width is between 320 and 1080 pixels. But if the aspect ratio of the image is not observed, for example, it is too big, it will cut or compress it and will cause the poor quality of your image.

The ideal size for horizontal photos and videos is 1080px * 608px. For horizontal photos, the 1.91: 1 aspect ratio must be maintained to have a quality photo, but because a lot of time is spent editing photos with these dimensions, we can also upload 16: 9 aspect ratio photos to Instagram, only Instagram automatically has a margin. Creates around the photo.

Uploading a horizontal photo to Instagram involves the following steps:

  • Tap the Add post tab ع at the bottom of the screen) and select your photo or video.
  • Tap the full size button in the lower left corner. (This option automatically adjusts the size of your photo. It works the same way in vertical photos.)
  • After selecting this option, the photo size is set to landscape mode. Tap Next to continue.
Instagram horizontal photo size

If you upload a larger vertical or rectangular photo, you will be asked to crop a portion of the photo to fit the standard size. So if you want to upload the photo to Instagram without cropping, you can use the full size button in the lower left corner of the image when uploading the photo.

Instagram story size

Instagram Story is one of the most useful and amazing tools for us to be able to share our daily stories with our followers and it is also suitable for business development. The best tool for quick information that has received a lot of attention. So the quality of the photos and videos we want to upload is very important.

The most suitable size for Instagram stories is 1080px * 1920px. We can upload any photo and video with standard dimensions of 1: 9: to 9:16 in Instagram story. If you want your story to be full screen and cover the entire page, you will need a size of 1080px * 1920px and a 9:16 ratio.

Instagram Rails Size

One of the latest features of Instagram that has been added to this program to increase the quality of content and make it more attractive; Rails tool is Instagram.

The Instagram Rails section can be considered a competitor to the Tic Tac app. This tool, which is designed in full screen and vertical for smartphones, has its own dimensions in Instagram standards, which are:

  • Dimensions 9: 16—- 1920 * 1080 pixels
  • Dimensions 1: 1 —–1080 * 1080 pixels
  • Dimensions 4: 5——1350 * 1080 pixels

The best dimensions for Rails videos are in the size of 9:16. Access to some Iranian accounts may not have been activated in the Rails section due to sanctions.

sInstagram photo in Photoshop

Once you know the dimensions of Instagram for each part of the program, you can customize your templates according to these dimensions for each part of the program. Photoshop To do this, you can do the following steps in order:

  1. Log in to Photoshop
  2. From the top bar of Photoshop, select File
  3. A menu will open for you where you can click New.
  4. To access the dimensions section, you can press Ctrl + N to open the desired page for you
  5. To create a medium format, ie 16: 9 (720×1280), you must enter the number 720 in the first field, which is the width of the image, with the number 1200 written by default.
  6. In the second field, the length of the photo, enter the number 1280
  7. Photo mode must be on Pixels
  8. Finally, click create to create your template.
Instagram photo size in Photoshop

The last word

In this article, we tried to provide useful information about the size of Instagram photos. We hope this post has been of interest to you dear ones. If you have any questions, you can ask us in the comments section, and if you have any comments or suggestions, we will be happy to share them with others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should Instagram photo size be based on Instagram standards?

Because if the size of Instagram photo is not according to the standards, the quality of the photo will decrease and the photos will no longer be beautiful and attractive.

Does following the size of Instagram photo help to be seen better?

Yes. The high quality of the photos and their attractiveness attract the attention and increase the followers.

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