Some security tips to keep your Instagram account safe

Nowadays, the security of Instagram pages has become an important issue for users of this virtual network. A large number of Instagram users always lose access to their page because it is hacked. Most people think that hackers are only looking to hack pages with a high number of followers.

But we must say that the pages that have a high number of followers usually have a good level of security. Therefore, pages with fewer followers are more likely to be hacked. Stay with us to introduce you to some methods to increase the security of your page.

Reasons for losing Instagram page security

Among the things that endanger the security of the Instagram page are disabling the Instagram account, forgetting the information, hacking the account, etc., which we will explain each of them below:

  1. Disabling the account

Disabling the page or closing the Instagram page occurs for several reasons. But generally, users will receive a 30-day Instagram ban due to one of the following:

  • Not following Instagram rules
  • Use of Instagram by people under 13 years old
  • VPN on while using the Instagram app
  • Error in Instagram artificial intelligence

If you have complied with the above, after receiving the notice of the closing of your Instagram page, you must request Instagram to check so that your page is available again.

  1. Forget Instagram information

Instagram users may forget some of their account information. If you don’t remember the password, username, or both of these things, it is possible to recover your page through tricks. Of course, this is possible when the email or mobile phone number registered in the account information is available to you.

In the following, we will introduce you to tips to keep your Instagram account safe.

Instagram account security tips

  1. Register the email address in the account profile

After creating an Instagram account, email registration is the first effective step to ensure page security. Although it is possible to operate on Instagram without registering a mobile phone number and email address, creating a valid email when creating an Instagram account will help you a lot in increasing the level of page security. Registering your email address in case of forgetting your account password, getting hacked, etc., will guarantee the restoration of your page.

If your page was purchased and not created by you, it is better to change its email as soon as possible. Otherwise, it is easily possible to access the account by the previous owner by registering a password change request via email.

  1. Registration of mobile phone number in account related information

The presence of a mobile phone number in the Instagram account information can be involved in creating security for your page. Because when there is no access to e-mail or there is a problem in sending e-mail through Instagram, receiving a short message is considered the best option to solve the problem of the page.

  1. Enable two-step authentication

Enable two-step authentication

Activating the two-step verification option, which is known as one of the best ways to secure the Instagram page, is a process that checks your identity when you log into your Instagram account.

The two-step authentication feature is available in all virtual networks. If you enable two-step verification, a message containing a security code will be sent to you after each login to your Instagram account. No one but you can access this code. Steps to enable two-step verification:

  • Open the Instagram app and go to the settings section from your profile.
  • Click on the Security option in the settings menu.
  • Touch the Two-Factor Authentication option.
  • Tap on the blue Get Started text to enter the security information page. In this section, three options will be shown to you, including:
  • Authentication App

By choosing this method, one-time passwords will be generated and sent to you by the encryption program. In this method, it is necessary that you first install one of the Google Authenticator, Duo Mobile, and Microsoft Authenticator programs and register the code specific to your user account in it. After completing these steps, a one-time password will be sent to the Instagram app every time you log in.

If you use this method, one-time passwords will be sent to your WhatsApp application. To activate this method, just enter the number that WhatsApp is available in the relevant section.

One of the most common and easiest ways to get a one-time password is Text massage, through which you can register any desired number for authentication.

  1. Block mysterious and anonymous followers

Our advice is to make your page private and identify and block unknown followers or suspicious followers. Also, always update your Instagram to avoid being hacked.

  1. in the selection Authorize pay attention

Some applications used during installation request your permission to access Instagram account information. If you do not allow access, the program will not be usable for you. These apps may compromise your Instagram security.

  1. Do not click on suspicious links

Opening suspicious and ambiguous links, in addition to hacking your Instagram account, also increases the possibility of your phone being hacked and losing its security. So don’t click on any unknown link. It is also better to download the Instagram application from reliable sources.

  1. Limit who can tag you

Tagging means mentioning your username by followers on Instagram stories and posts. It is better to disable this feature for anonymous people to ensure the security of your Instagram account.


By reading this article, we provided you with the necessary information to create sufficient security. In addition to the mentioned cases, entrusting the security of your page to sites or people who specialize in this field will give you more confidence in maintaining personal information. The official site for buying Instagram followers is always ready to respond and serve you by providing various services, including ensuring the security of the Instagram page.

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The source of the article

Frequently asked questions about security advice to keep your Instagram account safe

How to increase the security of our Instagram page?

Dear ones, you can increase the security of your page with two-step verification, email registration, etc. and prevent it from being hacked by other people.

What is the method to activate the two-step code on Instagram?

1- First, enter the Instagram settings, then click on the two-factor authentication option to activate the two-step code.

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