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In the past, Instagram on the web had very few features and users could like or comment using Instagram on the web. That means you couldn’t post a photo or video or put it in a story without needing the app on your phone. But today this problem has been solved and it is possible to post a story without an application. Follow us to find out how Publish story on computer explain to you.

Instagram on the web

The web version of Instagram was initially used to view posts, likes, comments and search accounts. But recently, its capabilities have increased and it has become very similar to the Android application. However, there are still many differences between the Instagram app and Instagram on the web. For example, you cannot directly insert a photo into a post or story.

Of course, you should know that there are indirect ways to post a story on Instagram on the web, which we will explain completely for you.

How to publish a story on a computer or laptop

There are several ways to post a story on Instagram, and you can use any of them to add the desired photo and video to your story account.

The first method

To use Instagram on the web, you must have Google Chrome on your laptop.

  • Open Chrome and search for Desktop for Instagram in the box that appears.
  • A page will open for you and you have to tap on Add to chrome.
  • Then a box will be displayed and you click on the add extension button.
  • With this, you have downloaded the Instagram extension and you must allow the download to finish.
  • This extension does not need to be installed and these steps are done automatically.
  • Now a page is opened for you and you have to enter your Instagram information. The top box is for your username and the second box is for your Instagram password.
  • By entering the terms, you can tap on Login.
  • Your Instagram page is loaded and to publish a story on your computer, you need to go to your profile and place the photo you want.

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The second method

In this method, you also need the Chrome browser, so it must be on your computer or laptop and proceed with the following steps in order.

  • To open Google Chrome, you can press the F12 key or go into Chrome using the program installed on Windows.
  • In the upper and right part of the opened page, there is a three dots, click on it.
  • From the opened menu, click on More Tools and then Developer Tools.
  • At this stage, you need to set the screen to mobile mode. To do this, tap on the second option in the tool section of the page.
  • Refresh the page once using F5 and allow the new page to load completely.
  • The web page of Instagram on your laptop is completely similar to the mobile page.
  • The options to add stories and posts appear for you and you can put any photo or content you want in the story.
  • After adding the photo, you can put one of the effects on the photo as desired.
  • Then tap on Next.
  • After clicking on the Next option, your story will be placed on the story. But there are other ways to publish a story on the computer, which we will describe for you.
  • The third method
  • In this method, you need to go to the Chrome page and search for Then proceed with the following steps in order.
  • After searching, a page will open for you. You have to right click on that page and tap on the inspect option.
  • By pressing “Ctri+shiht+I” the above steps are completed.
  • A screen with a red box will pop up for you. You must click on the red box to switch the laptop browser to mobile mode and select your mobile model.
  • Now reload the browser page once more so that the site is compatible with the selected mobile version.
  • Now you have an Instagram view in the browser and you can put the desired content on your page.

These methods are very simple and smooth, and after working with Instagram on the web once or twice, it will be very easy for you to publish a story on your computer.


The old versions of Instagram on the web were very simple and users could only like and comment using it. Today, we have seen many changes regarding Instagram on the web and on the app, and you can do more things using Instagram on the web.

There are different ways to publish a story on a computer without the need to install an application, which are very simple. We explained these methods to you in the previous sections and you can use any one you want.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is it possible to leave a story on the computer?
    Yes. You can put photos and videos in the gallery as a story using Instagram on the web.
  • What program do you need to enter Instagram on the web?
    You must log in to Instagram using Chrome.

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