Prevent Instagram hacking using the easiest methods

Instagram is a global application whose users are engaged in activities in the global dimensions and in the number of billions and beyond borders and languages, and this application with such wide dimensions of use is not 100% perfect and sometimes unfortunate events happen to users. Such as their page being hacked. Page hacking is something that sometimes happens to users, and the cause can sometimes be the negligence of the user, and sometimes a hacker really attacks a person’s Instagram page with the intention of destroying information and a person’s page. Now this person can Be it a celebrity or an important politician or anyone else… If this happened to you or your friends, we are here to tell you that you can prevent your Instagram page from being hacked by using a series of simple methods. Stay with us in this article with these few simple methods.

Forget simple passwords

You must have seen some users who use the same password for all their social networks or choose very simple passwords such as year of birth, numbers one to four, etc.; If you are one of these people, do you know that you are giving a golden opportunity to someone who is waiting for the opportunity to take advantage of you? If you log into your user account with a stranger, if your passwords are too simple, it will look like you gave him the password yourself, and your page can be hacked just as easily. By a stranger on the bus or in the queue and anywhere else, this may have happened and you were not aware. In order to prevent such incidents, you should choose a more complex password that consists of numbers, upper and lower case letters, and special symbols such as #, @, %, and &. So without wasting time, go to the settings section of the phone and from there to the password section and change your password.

Enable two-step verification on Instagram

Enable two-step verification on Instagram

If someone knows your username and password, they can easily enter your page, change your password and kick you out of your page, and actually hack you, but with the two-step identification method in addition to These require a six-digit number to enter the page, which is sent to your phone number, and this makes it almost impossible to hack you. In order to enable two-step verification on Instagram, you need to do a few simple steps, which I will explain in detail:

  • First, you need to enter the setting section on Instagram and select the security option.
  • Now another page will open for you where you have to select the option of two-factor authentication.
  • When you select the two-factor authentication option, it will show you two options: do you want to use applications that are special for receiving passwords? And the second option asks if you want SMS to be sent through the phone number of these numbers? And you activate it with any of the options that you are comfortable with.
  • If you choose the application option, the codes you need to enter will be sent to you through the application, and if you choose the phone number, the security codes will be sent to you via SMS.

Enable two-step verification on Instagram

Do not click on unsafe links

You may have received a message from a friend through your email that invites you to a game through a link or suggests you visit a website through a link; In these cases, first make sure that this link is from your friend and it is a safe link, and then click on it, because there have been cases where the hacker has sent such messages to the victim’s friends and taken over their accounts with infected links.

Change your password from time to time to be sure

For the security of your page, it is better not to use a password for a long time, although you may not have been attacked by hackers, but this does not mean that you should ignore the security of your page, and it is better to have a secure page in addition to As long as you don’t reveal your password to others, change it from time to time.

Use the original version of the Instagram app

Maybe when you choose the Instagram program to download, you will see other similar options that are suggested to you, but it is better to skip downloading these side programs such as Insta Royal and… and use the original Instagram program and the possibility Minimize the loss of your page information.

Connecting Facebook account to Instagram account can be dangerous

Sometimes some users connect their Facebook account to their Instagram, this will definitely help to make it easier to log into both accounts, but you should know that it also makes it easier for the hacker to hack both accounts. Why? Because by hacking one user account, he will easily gain access to the second one; So, if you connect your Facebook and Instagram accounts, think about this part of the case, that if your page is hacked, both pages will be hacked together.


Hacking Instagram can happen to anyone these days, whether it is an ordinary person because of the enmity that people have with him in the real world, or famous people for extortion, etc., but the important thing is that you follow the security tips. Log in to your Instagram account to minimize the possibility of this happening.

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Frequently asked questions about preventing Instagram hacking using the easiest methods

How do we know that our page has been hacked?

If you feel that people are being followed by your page or posts and stories are being shared without your request, your page has probably been hacked.

Why should our page be hacked by a series of people?

1- A series of profit-seeking and somewhat unemployed people may decide to hack your page for any reason, which of course you can guarantee the security of your page to some extent by using the two-step verification feature.

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