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What is Instagram bio link? Any business page that is active on Instagram can have more and better communication with their audience by having a website link or order link in the bio section. In fact, putting a website link in the bio is a way to attract more credibility and customers. In the following, we are going to show you how to put a link in the Instagram bio and teach you how to put a few links. So stay with us.


What is a bio link on Instagram?

Instagram bio is a section where people give a brief introduction about their brand and business. In this section, pages can include brand name, store address, contact number, website link, etc. put In the bio section of Instagram, there is a section for posting a link, and pages can encourage other people to buy through their site by posting a link to the site. In addition to the site link, people can post other links such as Telegram links, anonymous spam links, etc.

In the rest of this article, we will introduce you the methods of posting Instagram bio link.

What is a bio link on Instagram?

Why is it important to use a link in Instagram bio?

If you are starting or owning a business page, you should know that posting a bio link on Instagram will help increase your followers, sales, and income. By doing this, people will have more confidence to buy your products.

The reason is that due to the fraud and abuse of many people in social networks, using the site gives users the assurance that you do not intend to defraud, and if a problem occurs, people can follow up more easily through the site. be the case In addition, by doing this, you also save your time and instead of spending time to answer direct mails, people easily place orders through the site.

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Link shortener tool

You may want to put several links in your bio, if you can only put one link in the bio section. Fortunately, with Instagram bio link shortening tools, you can put as many links as you want in your bio. In the following, we will introduce you some of the best link shorteners.

Van Da

Van Da

Van Da site is one of the best link shortening sites. By using this site, in addition to shortening your links, you can also earn money. In this way, you will be awarded 1000 Tomans with each membership on the site, and you can earn money by inviting your friends to the site.

You can shorten your links either directly without monetization or indirectly with monetization using this site. After you shorten your links, to see the exact statistics of the number of links, just add /info to the end of the shortened link.

a link

one link

Using this site, you can create a ready-made payment portal for your online shop in less than 5 minutes and increase the number of customers and your income. By placing the site link, contact number, email, messengers, social networks, location, etc. in a special link, people can communicate with you with just one click.

Other features of this site include a countdown timer, slider, photos, and frequently asked questions. You can also use its templates to make your page more beautiful. Also, with a real-time report, you can know the number of clicks on each of your links and use the best strategy to attract more customers.



This site is another free link shortening site that you can earn money from. To earn money, you must first register for free and then by putting a link in your bio, you will be added an amount for each visit, which you can withdraw when it reaches 8000 Tomans.

You can use this site to keep track of your link visits, shorten links with your desired address, subcategory to earn more money, and edit or delete links if needed.

Also, this site is equipped with advanced link shortening tools such as script code, mass shortener, API web service, etc.



Zaya site is one of the best link shortening sites that has many unique features. Using this site, you can set a password for shortened links for more security. You can reactivate or deactivate shortened links. You can also know the details and visit the link. Building links with UTM, categorizing links to create more order and convenience, transferring specific platforms to their own links, shortening links in bulk, etc. are other features of this site.

This site is constantly being updated and has a version of the Telegram bot that shortens the link.



This site is another Iranian link shortening site, by using which you can put several links of your choice in one link and people can access your other links by clicking on it.

With the various features of this site, you can introduce your products and services to customers, upload photos and videos, answer customer questions, and direct your followers to the desired link. In fact, people can directly enter the different messenger software that you have placed in the link with just one click.

Shorby link shortener


This site is one of the foreign sites for shortening links, which you can use to personalize as many links as you want and direct people to your desired page by linking them. The site includes:

  • The ability to add the address of various messengers, including WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, etc.
  • The possibility of placing subtitles or text for links, buttons or cards, countdown and…
  • The possibility of adding links to other social networks such as YouTube, Facebook, Tik Tok, Twitter, Tumblr, Snapchat, etc.


Using this site, you can create up to 10 advertising campaigns in addition to shortening your desired links. Having more than 60 templates will help you in designing the link and making it more beautiful. This site supports several platforms and social networks and is optimized for gamification.

You can use this site for free and pay for premium mode from $99.

Linktree shortener


This site is one of the old sites in the field of link shortening, which is compatible with other software such as Amazon and Google Sheets and makes it easier for you to attract customers.

By using this site, you can choose the links that have more priority and direct people to them. You can also add a separate image or icon for each of your links. The ability to report detailed statistics about visiting links, the number of clicks on them and location, the ability to share offline using a QR code, the ability to direct people to email or SMS, etc. are among the other features of this site.
Put YouTube link in Instagram bio

If you have a YouTube channel, you can use the following methods to put your YouTube channel link in the Instagram bio section.

  • First, open the Instagram app and enter your page profile.
  • Click on the Edit Profile option.
  • Put your YouTube channel link in the website section of the opened page.
  • Finally, select the Done option.

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Put Twitter link in Instagram bio

Put Twitter link in Instagram bio

Twitter is one of the most popular social networks in the world. By putting the link of your Twitter account on Instagram, you can introduce it to your followers. Unfortunately, Twitter is a filter in Iran and you need to turn on the filter breaker to enter it, so it is better to mention turning on the filter breaker at the top of the link in the bio.

To put a Twitter link on Instagram, do the same as above, that is, after opening the Instagram app, click Edit Profile, paste your Twitter link in the website section, and then select Done.

Putting a Twitter link in your Instagram bio will increase your chances of getting followers on Twitter. So, if you have an active account on this social network, with the help of the tools we have introduced, try to put a bio link on Instagram.

How to post a Telegram link on Instagram

How to post a Telegram link on Instagram

The new rules of Instagram are such that people cannot put their Telegram ID link in it. But luckily there is a way around it. To put Telegram link in Instagram bio before your username, you should use instead of For example, if your ID is Instagramlink, you should write Instagramlink instead of Instagramlink Then put the link in the bio according to the methods we said above in the website section.

last word

By using link shortening tools, you can attract more customers and achieve more success in sales and income. If you know other tools to add Instagram bio link, you can introduce us in the comments section.

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