Making an attractive Instagram post with important tricks

Today, social networks play a very important role in people’s lives, and in addition to entertainment, they have become a place for earning and buying and selling. One of these networks is Instagram, where many stores are present in this space.

In this space, you should use tricks for sales, after which the audience becomes a loyal audience and ultimately leads to sales.

Sometimes the posts used for Instagram stores cause customers to run away from your page.

Posting interesting posts on Instagram because they are creative and attractive at the same time will get more people to follow you on Instagram and this will increase your sales in the long run.

In this context, many pages lose their followers due to lack of content. In the continuation of this article from Padro, we will discuss some creative ideas to make Instagram store posts more attractive.

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Some ideas for creating interesting posts

Using the right hashtag to create attractive posts on Instagram

A long time ago, Instagram was only used for sending pictures and videos, but the administrators of this social network add to the professional features of this network every day.

One of these professional tools is hashtags, hashtags are actually keywords that direct users to their favorite posts.

Hashtags should be used correctly in social media marketing. Sometimes, some Instagram users use unrelated hashtags just to attract followers, which causes them to lose their audience.

Therefore, choosing the right hashtag is one of the most important activities to attract users. These users should be related to the industry you operate in or be interested in a branch you are interested in.

For this reason, selling an Instagram page is not recommended at all because the followers of these pages do not know what their tastes are and why they follow this page. Usually, after buying these pages and publishing the post, a sharp drop in followers is evident.

So learn to use hashtags correctly and in place. For example, if you are using an image of a dress, dress, dress and other related hashtags should be placed below it and irrelevant hashtags should be removed.

Edit photos and videos to create engaging Instagram posts

Another thing that helps in creating attractive posts for Instagram is editing images and videos. Many people are present in this space only to see movies, photos and entertainment, and managers of store pages can use this interest of people to increase their income.

For example, if your page is about cars and gadgets, you can use edited posts of foreign videos and photos that appeal to users.

Various Instagram photo editing programs or video editing programs available on the net can help you in this regard.

In this context, collect interesting photos and videos, use the Instagram photo editing program to put your logo, because it does not allow others to copy it, and seeing them in different sections is a form of marketing for you.

Special attention to post cover in creating attractive posts on Instagram

Instagram post cover design is one of the most important parts of creating attractive posts on Instagram. In fact, by having an idea for an Instagram post cover, you should be able to direct the audience to the next stage of viewing the post.

A catchy headline is one type of Instagram post cover idea that tells the reader whether to read more and view the post or not.

Using capital letters can also make your post cover more attractive. The use of attractive photos related to the content is another idea of ​​the Instagram post cover, in which the quality of the photo is also very important.

In fact, the customer should be satisfied with your content by seeing high-quality photos related to the topic. It is better that the text that is placed on the cover of the post is very short and legible so that the reader does not get confused. Using some elements can also help to attract the attention of the audience in the post cover.

The font of the text should be large and have warm colors.

The font of the text should be large and have warm colors

Warm color refers to a range of colors that give people a warm feeling by looking at them. Colors such as red, yellow and orange include warm colors and create a sense of movement in the audience. Considering that these colors stimulate the nervous system, they intensify people’s emotions and attract attention.

Creative choice of post theme to create attractive posts on Instagram

One of the most important parts in managing an Instagram page and creating attractive posts on Instagram is using an Instagram post theme. There are many themes for Instagram pages, especially store pages.

The Instagram post theme gives a lot of variety to your store page and actually refers to how the posts are arranged together. When users land on your page, they generally only see photos.

Therefore, at first glance, the theme and structure of the photo on the page is visible to the audience. When the photos on your page have a certain aspect together or each of them uses a common format, it can be said that an Instagram post theme is used exclusively in them.

But when these photos are unrelated and each photo is from a specific scene, the page is off topic and confuses the audience. These pages have no attraction for the audience.

In order to make the theme of your Instagram post attractive, you must follow a special rule in the arrangement of posts. Therefore, your photos must be relevant.

In this context, trailing formats can be attractive and display several photos together as one photo, choosing the type of theme depends on your taste, and with this method, you can make your Instagram store posts more attractive and attract more followers.

Challenging posts to create interesting posts on Instagram

Another way to create engaging posts on Instagram is to post a challenge. Many people welcome Instagram challenges.

So, you can post in the same thread and start a challenge yourself.
If you have a lot of followers, you can start a new challenge and ask your audience to follow and share it.

When a good idea is given for an Instagram challenge; It spreads quickly and is published by many users. These challenge posts can increase your page views and then more audience will enter your store page.

Publish the sayings of the elders to post interesting posts on Instagram

There are always people who are interested in the words of elders. Therefore, the administrators of Instagram pages can publish these images by editing the photos of important people and quoting one of them. When these images are more graphically professional. It will have a better effect on your followers.

It is better to take more help from psychological sciences to quote from great people who have more fans and are popular, for example one of these people is Gandhi.

You can post a Gandhi quote by putting a picture of Gandhi in the background of your post and post a quote from him in a nice white font at the bottom.

It is better not to copy images and work on it yourself and be creative in this area, the reason for this is that followers usually like creative pages and leave copy pages.

A behind-the-scenes look at creating compelling Instagram posts

Another idea is to create interesting posts on Instagram for any profession and job to show the audience behind the scenes. It is better to show the audience of your page a photo or video from behind the scenes of your work from time to time.

This will increase the audience’s trust in you and open a special account on you, in addition to this trust building, the behind-the-scenes show is usually interesting for the audience and they can learn more about your business and the way you work.

Publish product images to create attractive posts on Instagram

Publish product images to create attractive posts on Instagram

When you have a store on Instagram, it is very important to pay attention to one thing. The images should be shown in a frame. This method should be done professionally and the images should be published from an angle and with a blurred background. It is better before publishing the products. Beautify yourself with a graphics program.

The image of the product should be attractive and guide and encourage the audience to read its caption. You can use your creativity to photograph flowers and plants or beautiful scenery next to your products.

final word
These ideas are some of the most common creative ways to publish Instagram posts and create content for your page. There are certainly tons of other creative ideas that you can come up with, so go for it.

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