Let’s get to know the concept and applications of close friends on Instagram

In Instagram, we all have followers who follow us by choosing the follow page option, and one of the options that Instagram has given us is that we can separate the members of these followers and select some of them as our close friends. Have a list of close friends.

How to do this and what is the benefit of choosing close friends in this article? If these questions have occurred to you and you want to know the answer, stay with us in this article.

How to select people on Instagram as close friends

You can easily and with a few simple steps choose your close friends from among your followers and share your special stories with them. These are a few simple steps:

  • First, open your Instagram and after going to the profile page, go to the three lines at the top of the page.
  • Select the close friend option from the displayed options.
  • Now the names of people who follow you will be displayed and you can add them to your list by pressing the add sign next to their names.

Now that you have selected your close friend list, you may want to know if it is possible to delete a person or people or even the entire list altogether? Yes, it must be done in this way:

How to select people on Instagram as close friends

How to select people on Instagram as close friends 2

  • Select the three lines at the top of the profile page again.
  • Click Close friend, now a list of people you have in your list will be displayed.
  • If you click remove in front of the names of the people in the list, that person will be removed from your list.

You can do this until the last person and delete your entire list.

Close friend removal

How do I share my first story with people on my close friend list?

You can do this just like a normal story where you open the Instagram story camera and prepare the video for the story, and after you have prepared your story, select Close Friend from the left corner and then Story. Submit yourself; With this selection, your story will be displayed only for the close friend list.

How do I share my first story with people on my close friend list?

The functionality and benefits of close friends on Instagram for business owners

If you have a business page where you sell a product or are engaged in teaching a specific field, having a list of followers as a close friend list will definitely help you in expanding your work and page.

The way to help the close friend list is that you definitely have people in your follower list who are special customers for you, that is, they have already bought your training packages and products and you want services Offer more such as free training packages or discounts on the sale of other products only to this group. This is where the close friend list comes to your aid;

You can put these people in this list and provide them with special services; In this case, other people who are your followers are encouraged to buy your product to enter your close friend list.

Also, if you have built a brand for yourself on Instagram and you are working with your colleagues or friends and you are all present on the Instagram page with these people to report some work done or make necessary arrangements for meetings and everything that needs to be done. How many colleagues are exchanged? You can form your close friend list.

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Frequently asked questions about increasing sales on Instagram

1) How do I know if I am in someone’s close friend group?

The only way to find out if you are on someone’s close friend list or not? This is to see if there is a story with a green circle or not when you see the other side’s stories. If the color of his story circle is green, you can be sure that you are in his close friend list.

2) Is it possible to use the close friend list in the posts?

No, you can only use your close friend list in Instagram stories.

3) What does close friend mean?

A close friend means a close friend and on Instagram you can have this friend or close friends separately from your other followers and send them messages separately from others.

4) If I remove someone from the list of close friends, will he know?

No, the other person will not be informed of his deletion in your close friend.

5) Can others see my close friends list just as they can see the list of people I follow?

No, this list is at your disposal and only you will know about its members.

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