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Instagram, as a social network, has features that each of these features individually or together can make your page perform better.

Commenting is one of these features that if you know how to use this feature, you can boost your Instagram page with marketing comments. In this article, we want to know what is comment marketing? And what do you need for comment marketing?


What is comment marketing?

You can express your opinion about the posts you see in any social network that you are active in by commenting, and in return you give permission to your visitors to express their opinion about your posts and content. do In recent years, when Instagram algorithms have advanced in the direction of visibility of different pages, commenting is known as one of the ways to enter a page into Explorer.

Comment marketing is actually the same issue of commenting, which ultimately makes your page visible and increases its efficiency. Of course, this issue does not only include commenting on other pages under your post, and if you also comment under other posts, your page views will increase.

In the matter of comment marketing, you should pay attention to the fact that every comment you leave does not make your page visible, but the comment should be so effective that the audience is encouraged to see your page.

The issue of commenting is so important that many people buy fake comments in addition to buying Instagram followers. In these cases, you should pay more attention to the text of the comment and the page that posts the comment, more than anything else, so that no one notices that the comment is fake. Don’t be you.

The impact of comments on Instagram

After getting familiar with the category of comment marketing, the question arises, what is the importance of commenting on Instagram?

As you know, Instagram post ranking is done with the help of a series of predetermined algorithms, each of these algorithms is checked separately and then ranked; The better a post is ranked compared to other posts, the easier it is to enter it in Explorer.

Your entry to Explo means an increase in your post views and ultimately an increase in the efficiency of your page, and this is what you need as an Instagram activist or an Instagram business owner. In order to know the best comment according to your expected return, see the examples of comments that are placed under the successful posts and try to follow them. The text of the comment is as important as the number of comments you receive.

Basics of comment marketing on Instagram

Commenting, like other features of Instagram, will increase your post only by following a series of predetermined rules. In the past, only the number of comments was important for Instagram, but over time and due to the intense competition of different pages for the visibility of their posts, these algorithms gradually changed and included more rigid rules.

According to the latest Instagram updates, only comments that include these specifications will make your post go up

  • The content of the comment should be related to the content of the post and should not be repeated too much
  • The number of characters in the comment should not be too long or too long
  • The comment should be attractive to the audience
  • Your comment will get as many likes as possible
  • The comment should involve the emotions of the audience

If you pay attention to these principles in comment marketing, you can be sure that your page will receive the most feedback from the audience in the shortest time, and this means a springboard towards the success and visibility of your content.

Marketing comments on Instagram

Commenting is one of the capabilities of most social networks, but we can safely say that Instagram is the only social network that directly considers commenting as a measure of success or failure of your performance. The importance of the commenting category is that buying fake comments is considered a handy option that many big pages use.

Of course, in the case of buying Instagram comments, you should pay attention to the fact that the comments are not fake from the page and the commenting should not be done in such a way that the audience or Instagram can recognize it as fake. Since we all know what comment marketing is for, it is better not to reduce the efficiency of your page by buying certain fake comments.

Examples of successful marketing comments on Instagram are not few, in such a way that sometimes, even when you refer to the posts of popular pages, you will see up to tens of thousands of comments that even if you carefully check them one by one, you will not realize that they are fake. became.

This does not mean that all these pages use fake comments, but the same number who get help from this category buy their comments from the right place.

Dos and don’ts of comment marketing on Instagram

In the last category, we are going to tell you how to get the most return from comment marketing? And let us explain to you the example of successful marketing comments.

  • The first thing you should pay attention to is quick response to commenters; One of the ways to increase the efficiency of your posts is to try to answer the commenters as soon as possible. This will increase the number of comments on your post, and you will encourage other visitors to leave comments with your interaction.
  • Even if you get negative feedback from the audience, don’t delete it. One thing you should keep in mind about negative comments is that deleting these comments makes you look like a selfish person. Our advice to you is not only to not delete negative comments, but also to try to give positive feedback to this type of comments.
  • Leave a comment under other people’s posts and try to introduce yourself to them. Introducing yourself in the form of a comment under other people’s posts is one of the ways to attract the audience, which has proven to be very successful. But in the commenting category, you should be careful that these comments are effective so that the audience is encouraged to refer to your page.

final word

Commenting is one of the features of Instagram, which was gradually recognized as a measure for the success or failure of various pages. The importance of commenting in page views and its efficiency is so high that you will be able to easily raise your page on Instagram with a correct comment. We hope that by reading this article, you will understand the importance of comment marketing and be able to succeed in visiting your page with proper performance.


  • Will commenting contribute to the visibility of the post as much as anything else?
    Today, the importance of commenting has progressed to the point where it not only makes your page visible, but is also considered as one of the most basic criteria for identifying successful performance.
  • Are only the comments that are left for us considered criteria?
    In the field of commenting, both the comments that are left for us and the comments that we leave for other posts are considered as a measure of our success in commenting.

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