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Instagram bouncing is a problem that many people have experienced at least once. If you are among the people who often face this problem, don’t miss this article. Because we are going to teach you what to do to solve the problem of Instagram jumping. Stay with Followcamp’s Instagram service site.


What does jumping Instagram mean?

Instagram jumping happens when you are browsing Instagram and working with this program on your mobile phone. But suddenly, without you touching a button or closing the program, your mobile automatically exits Instagram or your Instagram jumps.

Sometimes this happens so much that you can’t use your Instagram app much because as soon as you stay on Instagram for a few minutes, your Instagram crashes and you have to open it again from the beginning. The existence of this problem can be troublesome for you, so you should think about fixing it.

Jumping Instagram

Reasons for jumping Instagram

The reasons for Instagram jumping can be many factors. Including:

  • Instagram cache is filling up
  • The memory of your mobile phone is full
  • Internet connection problem
  • The Instagram app is not updated on your mobile phone

Although there are solutions to solve this problem, the main reason for Instagram jumping is usually not identified and you have to try all the available solutions so that one of them will be the solution for you.

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Tricks to prevent Instagram jumping

In the following, we have described the tricks that can help you solve the problem of Instagram jumping. You can try all of them to find out exactly where the main problem came from.

Tricks to prevent Instagram jumping
  • Close all open mobile applications
    The first thing you should do to solve the problem of Instagram jumping out is to see all the open apps on your phone and after a few minutes, log back into Instagram and check if the problem is fixed or not.
  • Restart the mobile phone
    Another solution to jump Instagram is to restart your mobile phone. Turn your mobile off and on again and then log in to Instagram again and check the problem.

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  • Clear Instagram cache
    Sometimes, Instagram crashing is due to Instagram app cache being full. For this reason, clearing the cache can be effective in solving this problem. To do this on Android phones, first go to the settings section of your mobile and then touch the apps option.
    In the next step, enter the app manager and select Instagram from the list of applications.
    Finally, touch the clear cache button to clear your Instagram cache.
    On iPhones, you cannot clear the cache from the phone itself. As a result, in order to clear your Instagram cache memory, you must delete this software and install it again or use other software like imyfone for this.
Solving Instagram jumping problem
  • Reset the Instagram app
    To reset the Instagram app, first enter your mobile settings, then go to the apps section and select app manager in the next step. Here, select the Instagram application and finally select the clear data button.
    Of course, to reset the Instagram app on Android and iPhone phones, you can also use deleting and reinstalling the Instagram app.
  • Update your Instagram
    Most of the time, Instagram jumping or many other bugs that occur in your Instagram is because the version of Instagram that you are using is old and you need to update it. As a result, by updating your Instagram application to the latest version of this program, your problem will probably be solved.
Jumping Instagram
  • Reset mobile network settings
    Sometimes the reason your Instagram keeps crashing is because there is a problem with your internet connection. Therefore, you need to check the settings of your mobile network or Wi-Fi.
    If the problem is with your internet network, you can solve Instagram jumping by resetting the network settings. To reset network settings on Android phones:

    1. First, enter the settings section of your mobile phone.
    2. Then go to the General management section
    3. Select the Reset option here.
    4. At the end, by touching Reset network settings, your network settings will be reset and your problem will be solved.

tip: In iPhone phones, to reset the network settings, you must follow this path: First, enter the settings of your mobile phone. Then touch the General option. In the next step, go to the Reset section and finally touch Reset network settings.

  • Empty your mobile memory
    Full mobile memory can cause apps to not work well or crash. So if the memory of your cell phone is full, free it by deleting unused files or transferring files to a laptop or computer. Clearing the mobile memory can help a lot to solve the problem of Instagram jumping.

Sometimes you do all these things that have been said, but the problem of your Instagram jumping is not solved, or your other programs also have the problem of constantly jumping out and bothering you. In such cases, your phone may be broken or have a problem that you should show to an expert or dealer.

Jumping insta

On the other hand, sometimes the problem of jumping does not end with your Instagram software and your Instagram “page” jumps. So that your page is out of reach and you can’t find it on your phone or even on other people’s phones. This is a separate issue that you can read about in other articles on this site.

last word

In this article, we talked about the causes of Instagram jumping and gave you solutions to solve the problem of Instagram jumping. If you also face this problem a lot, this article can be useful for you.

Send this article to your friends and if you face any problem while doing the mentioned solutions, you can raise your problem in the comments section so that our experts can guide you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does jumping Instagram mean?
    Instagram jumping happens when you are browsing Instagram. But suddenly, without you touching a button or closing the app, your mobile will automatically log out of Instagram.
  • How to solve the problem of Instagram jumping out?
    With solutions such as: closing all open mobile apps, clearing the Instagram cache, restarting the mobile, resetting the network settings, resetting Instagram, deleting and reinstalling Instagram, etc.

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