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Have you ever thought about learning English at home through YouTube and self-study? Do you know the language teaching channels on YouTube? In this article, we tried to introduce the best channels that are useful for you in the process of language learning. By viewing and using these channels, you will better understand why YouTube is called the best world university.


Learn the language with VOA Learning English

Voa, or Voice of America, is an American news channel that, in addition to the news agency, also teaches language on YouTube. This news network, which announces live world news in 47 languages ​​every day, teaches the language category much differently and more attractively than conventional academies.

The voa YouTube channel consists of a team of experts who, in addition to the knowledge of the living languages ​​of the world, examine the best type of training that they can use to teach the language to the audience. Goodness indicates the success of the ideas of this YouTube channel.

The working method of this voa, which makes this channel different from other English language teaching channels on YouTube, is the simplicity of the words and the educational process of the podcasts from easy to difficult. According to the educational algorithms of this channel, the audience can choose any podcast according to their level of eloquence, increase or decrease its speed, and observe the pronunciation of words according to the speaker’s mouth movement.

In the trainings of this channel, smooth and easy words are usually used, and like other news agencies, they are not fast sentences with difficult words; Another feature of this channel is that wherever you don’t understand the meaning of a word, you can stop the video and read the meaning of the word you don’t understand and write it down, according to Zerenus.

English Lessons 4U channel

Another YouTube channel that is available to various users to help them learn and improve their language is the English Lessons 4U channel. The destination of this little-known channel is Toronto, Canada, which tries to teach English to non-English speakers with a new method. But as the name of English Lessons 4U has been heard less by now, this channel is less known than other similar channels.

BBC Learning English YouTube channel

We can easily find the BBC Learning English YouTube channel at the top of the English language learning YouTube channels. This YouTube channel, which is managed by the big BBC company, is considered one of the biggest resources for learning English on YouTube. In this channel, which is prepared for both beginners and advanced people, several experienced experts have been prepared and divided.

When you enter this channel, you will be introduced to several different sections, which you can choose according to your level of sophistication. Teaching through short listening stories, interviews and news, as well as teaching for exams, are the options available to users to help them learn the language. This channel, which now has about 4 million followers, is considered one of the most successful YouTube channels for language education.

Learn English on YouTube with EnglishClass101

The EnglishClass101 YouTube channel, which has more than 5.5 million followers, is one of the most popular language learning channels on YouTube, which attracts many users every day. This YouTube channel shows different aspects of American and English culture in an attractive way, along with teaching English, which makes this channel more attractive.

The contents of this channel are about 1000 educational videos that are available to users for free. The content of these videos changes from beginner to professional, so you can choose the appropriate video according to your language level and start learning from there.

In addition to the free training of this channel, you have an option that you can learn English through this channel by paying a fee; Although the videos published by the EnglishClass101 channel are a good help for you, they are provided to you completely free of charge.

Real English educational channel

If you consider yourself a beginner and want to learn English from scratch on YouTube, the real English YouTube channel is the best option for you. This YouTube channel, which is considered a large library for teaching English, contains many videos that try to teach English to non-English speakers by showing people’s daily lives.

The interesting thing about this YouTube channel is that in addition to teaching lessons, users are provided with exercises that can help them improve their language and measure their language level before and after the training. These videos are available both with Persian subtitles and without subtitles, and by closing the subtitles, you can find out how much your listening ability has improved after watching these tutorials.

This YouTube channel, which is known as the best channel for teaching beginners, is trying to teach grammar and the basics of the language in addition to strengthening the audience’s understanding and listening power. The appropriate method used by this channel is to teach English to beginners by showing everyday events.

Rachel’s English

Another language teaching channel on YouTube is Rachel’s English, which is taught by Rachel, an English teacher. Rachel, who is an English language teacher, started her work in 208 and by uploading English language teaching videos, she tries to teach this language to non-English speakers in the most fluent way possible.

In this channel, Rachel shares a video every day and teaches English grammar, terms and vocabulary in the easiest possible way. You can see new content by visiting this channel every day.


Marina is one of those teachers who, in addition to teaching, motivates other people to realize that learning a language on their own is not that difficult.

Marina is a girl of Russian origin who moved to America in 2015 and has been teaching English through YouTube as a second job for several years. Marina has stated several times that she learned English by herself without any classes, and now she is so professional in this language that she can easily teach it to those who are interested.

The non-nativeness of Maria and the fact that she learned English by herself makes the students more motivated to learn the language by themselves. In this channel, Marina tries to talk about other businesses in addition to teaching English, and this has made this channel become a motivational channel in addition to teaching English.

If you are also preparing for the TOEFL exam, you should know that this channel is the best resource at your disposal, with the help of which you can get to know grammar, terms and the general English language. In addition to preparing for the exam, this channel will introduce you to terms and daily routines in English; So, if you are planning to immigrate to an English-speaking country, this channel is the best free resource you can get help from.


Teaching English by self-study is more difficult than face-to-face teaching, but it does not mean that it is impossible. YouTube, as a video-based social network, is a rich source of all kinds of education, especially English language education. The variety of resources at your disposal allows you to choose the best training for yourself and learn English on your own. Now you know through which channels you can learn the language?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you learn English by yourself?
    When you go to YouTube channels, you will find that the content of these channels are so complete and basic that you will be able to learn English in the best possible way just by watching their content and just practicing.
  • Are YouTube channels enough to teach the language?
    YouTube these days is a rich source of thousands of types of education that you can reach a very high level by referring to each of them and watching different videos.

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