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Many of you must know that Instagram is not the only photo and video sharing platform. There are many programs and applications that have tried to do the work of Instagram, some of which have been successful and others have failed.

In this article, we are going to introduce Instagram-like programs to you and examine each one in terms of efficiency.


The best Instagram alternative app

In the following, we will introduce you some of the most popular photo sharing applications. You may be familiar with some of them and you may not have seen others. These programs are not as complete and popular as Instagram, but they have their charms and fans and are relatively successful in their own way.

This application is basically a photo and video editing program. But the VSCO application, in addition to photo and video editing, allows users to share their edited videos and photos with other users of this application.

Among the features of this program, we can mention the following: attractive default modes for editing photos, the ability to change the settings of the default modes, advanced photo editing tools, the ability to compare images before and after editing, etc.

VSCO app
  • Snapchat application

The Snapchat application, which is mainly a photo and video editing application, has become more famous for its attractive and unique filters.
You have probably used this application or heard of it. But many people still don’t know that this application, apart from its attractive and popular filters, has other features.

Among them: the ability to send messages and share photos and videos, the ability to publish stories and live videos, view friend profiles, snap map (see friends on the snap map), send timed files, etc.

  • Flickr app

Flickr is a photo editing and sharing application. This application is usually liked by professional photographers and unlike Instagram, which is a public platform, you can find unique and professional photos in it.
If you are interested in photography and viewing the art of photographers, you can use this attractive application.

 Flickr app
  • Pinterest app

Pinterest is also one of the photo sharing platforms that has become very popular these days and its web version is also widely used.

What makes Pinterest attractive to the audience is the professional categorization of photos. Also, the photos on Pinterest are generally professional images, and you will rarely find a photo on this social network that has low quality or low photography art.

In this program you can follow people whose photos you like. There is also the ability to download photos and go directly to the website of the photo owner.

In general, it can be said that Pinterest is a large and popular photo reference that you can find any type of photo you want by searching in the search bar of this program.

Similar to Instagram
Pinterest, a program similar to Instagram

Farsi program to replace Instagram

The applications we introduced so far were foreign platforms similar to Instagram, which are popular in Iran and the world.

But in the following, we are going to introduce you to 4 of the most popular Iranian programs similar to Instagram:

  1. Face application

Face Nama application is one of the most famous Iranian photo sharing programs where you can share your pictures with your friends.

face view

The features of this application are:

  • Ability to view other people’s content and photos
  • The possibility of joining different groups and viewing the content published in them
  • Ability to like content
  • The possibility of adding content to the favorites section for faster access to them
  • The ability to see the complete details of friends’ profiles, such as the number of posts, date of birth, points, gender, residence, etc.
  1. Application coming soon

This application is generally a social network for finding new people where you can message your friends or share photos, videos and voice.

This program is more than a photo sharing platform, it is a communication platform that is among the most popular among Iranian platforms.

  1. Visgon application

Visgun social network, which has an environment similar to Instagram, is a photo and video sharing application that has features such as sending private messages, liking, following friends, etc.

  1. Lensor program

Lensor is also a social network that has an environment relatively similar to Instagram and you can share your photos and videos on your personal page, follow your friends in this program and like their photos and videos. or send them a message.

Lensor app
Lensor is the Persian equivalent of Instagram

The reasons for the success of Instagram against competitors

Despite the availability of many applications and programs for publishing photos and videos, it can still be said that Instagram is the most popular platform for sharing photos and videos, and in competition with other programs, it has stolen the competition from them.

The reason for this can be found in the following:

  • Easy to use and visually beautiful
  • good speed
  • Wider and more attractive capabilities than competitors
  • Availability in all countries (internationality)
  • Advanced web version
  • More security
  • And…

final word

In this article, we talked about programs similar to Instagram and examined some of them.

But as you know, Instagram is the most popular platform among the platforms we discussed so far.

You can ask us your questions about working with Instagram or applications similar to Instagram that we introduced in this article, in the comments section.

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