Installing and creating a free SoundCloud account, step by step

Soundcloud is a popular music platform among people. This platform has been launched since 2007 and has made millions of songs available to different people. Stay with us until the end of this article to learn how to register in Soundcloud.

Important topics in this article:

People listen to the latest songs of their favorite singers through this platform.

In this article from the site for buying Instagram followers, we intend to fully introduce you to the Soundcloud platform, its benefits and how to register and use it, so be sure to follow our article until the end.

The reason for the popularity of SoundCloud is the ability to share music and communicate directly with artists and easily find new songs.

  • Installing and creating a free SoundCloud account, step by step

Easier access to each person’s favorite music definitely multiplies the pleasure of this work. In Soundcloud, you can listen to your favorite songs without the need for the Internet.

What is Soundcloud music streaming service?

In 2007, Sweden introduced Soundcloud as a system for online streaming of audio files. At first, a group of relatively weak musicians chose this platform to introduce their works, but after a short period of time, more professional people started playing their music on the Soundcloud platform, and day by day, more valuable works filled the space of this program.

The SoundCloud platform can be used both in the form of Android and IOS applications, and its web version is also available. In Soundcloud, you just need to create a free account to listen to your favorite music and create a permanent playlist for yourself. In Soundcloud you can find any new and old music you are looking for.

Suggested music in the SoundCloud app is selected by the app’s artificial intelligence based on your interests, searches, and playlists. Although the suggestions are not always clever and attractive, you are often offered good works of your favorite style.

After about 15 years of creating and presenting the SoundCloud program, the number of music works on this platform has exceeded 200 million, and during this time, SoundCloud has provided valuable services for music and podcast creators in addition to interested users.

The Soundcloud music streaming service is full of new songs and lesser-heard covers. However, due to the fact that this app is free, sometimes music creators may not play their works on this app.

Based on this, many consider the Spotify program to be more specialized than other online streaming platforms, but Soundcloud has many advantages over this program, and the free service for people is one of the most important of these advantages.

What are the features of Soundcloud?

Apart from the fact that you can access millions of different songs and music using Soundcloud, this program also has other features, the most important of which are mentioned below:

  • You can make a list of your favorite music and music styles in SoundCloud.
  • You can download the songs you want and listen offline.
  • You can access more than 180 million songs without any restrictions.
  • You won’t get annoying ads while listening to music.

Is Soundcloud free?

Soundcloud program has both free and paid features. One of the free features of this program is listening to music online, for which you do not even need to register in SoundCloud. Of course, if you plan to upload a music or write your comment under a song, you must register on the SoundCloud site before that.

Normal free users can upload up to 3 hours of audio files after registration, and the size of their uploaded files should not exceed 4 GB. Also, a song uploaded by a free user can be downloaded up to 100 times.

How can we create an account in the Soundcloud program?

There are different ways to create an account on the Soundcloud platform, depending on what exactly you want to use it for, which are described in the full tutorial of these methods:

· Login to the Soundcloud platform as a listener

First, enter the Soundcloud site at the address and click on the create account option to start creating your account to use the services and features of the Soundcloud site.

How can we create an account in the Soundcloud program?

At this stage, you can create a user account based on 2 methods, one through Facebook account and the other through Gmail, and after selecting one of these two items, enter the next step. In this step, you must specify your age and gender and click on the continue option. After this, your account is created.

How can we create an account in the Soundcloud program?  2

After entering the site, as you can see, downloading from Soundcloud has limitations that some music can be downloaded, and most of them do not have the download option to save the music, and this feature is defined by the artists themselves.

· Login to the Soundcloud platform as an artist

SoundCloud is a bit difficult for music creators to use. To upload a song to Soundcloud, you must click on the upload option. In this section, you can drag and drop files into the upload box or select files to upload from your computer.

Login to the Soundcloud platform as an artist

Set the privacy for your audio track by clicking on “Public” or “Private”. You can also enable downloads for your song and add or change song information.

Login to the Soundcloud platform as an artist 2

Soundcloud emphasizes the importance of copyright and reminds that uploaded songs must comply with the terms of use and not infringe the rights of others. In other words, you cannot upload a song that is not yours.

Login to the Soundcloud platform as an artist 3

The Soundcloud platform provides a variety of tools and facilities to artists and music creators so that people can make the best use of this platform. The platform also gives creators tips on how to optimize songs for easy discovery and how to share them.

How to create a subscription account in Soundcloud?

If you have PayPal and would like to have a paid account in Soundcloud, just register in Soundcloud and log in to your free account, click on upgrade account option and easily pay the subscription fee and upgrade your account.

By doing this, you will remove ads between songs and increase your access to Soundcloud songs and services, and you will also use its monetization plan.

How to create a subscription account in Soundcloud?

If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can get help from companies that provide these services. For this, after finding a reliable company, you must give information about your account type, subscription type and how to activate it to the collection.

How to create a subscription account in Soundcloud?  2

How to create a subscription account in Soundcloud?  3

In the next step, you have to send them your Soundcloud user account and password, so be sure to choose the company that provides these services carefully. To reduce risk, your password on SoundCloud should be different from your email and important paid sites. After registration, your account will be activated within 24 hours and you can use it.

Advantages of using a subscription account in Soundcloud

  • Sharing famous music
  • Earn money from Soundcloud songs
  • Access to the most professional music works in Soundcloud
  • Ability to save music for offline playback
  • Storage space and download HD songs
  • Play all music without restrictions
  • Access to quality music

What is the Discover section in Soundcloud?

The Discover section on the SoundCloud platform helps you find and enjoy new songs. Create a playlist by clicking the “More” button and then “Add to playlist”.

What is the Discover section in Soundcloud?

Click the “Follow” button below the artist’s name to see their songs, playlists, and reposts. These will appear on your Discover tab next to the songs you upload and send. Your favorite songs and playlists are in the “Library” tab.

What is the Discover section in Soundcloud?  2

What is the Discover section in Soundcloud?  3

Is Soundcloud a filter?

So far, the filter for the Soundcloud platform has been applied once and then removed. This filter was first applied in 2016 and then canceled. Then, in October 2019, SoundCloud was filtered again, which continues until now, and Iranian users need an unblocker to access it.

final word

In this article from the site for buying Instagram followers, we tried to fully familiarize you with the Soundcloud platform, its features and how to use and register in Soundcloud or create an account in it. Soundcloud is actually a social network for music lovers.

On the Soundcloud platform, you can follow other people’s accounts and like their songs or leave comments for them. In fact, the Soundcloud platform is a suitable program for music lovers. We hope this article was useful for you.

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Frequently asked questions about registration in Soundcloud

What is the Soundcloud platform?

SoundCloud is a music streaming platform that started working in 2007.

In which systems can Soundcloud be installed?

The SoundCloud program can be installed on all Android and IOS devices, and its web version is also available.

Is Soundcloud free?

Creating an account in SoundCloud is completely free, but this program has features that can only be used for shared accounts.

Can Soundcloud be used offline?

Yes, in fact you can download the songs you want in the app once and then listen to them offline anywhere.

Is it possible to upload music to SoundCloud?

Yes, in addition to listening to music, you can upload your songs to the Soundcloud platform. Of course, there are different conditions for uploading music, all of which must be followed when publishing.

Is copyright important in Soundcloud?

Like other social networks, copyright is very important in Soundcloud, and if you plan to upload music on this platform, you must pay close attention to the copyright law.

How to buy a Soundcloud subscription account?

Buying a Soundcloud subscription account is not difficult, and if you have a PayPal account, you can easily do this. There are also various collections that do this, and if you don’t have a PayPal account, you can get help from them.

Is Soundcloud filtered in Iran?

Yes, currently the SoundCloud platform is filtered in Iran, and Iranian users must turn on their anti-filter to use it.

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