Installation and registration in Club House for Android and iOS video tutorial

Installing Club House, you may have come across a new application called Club House while browsing social networks.

Important topics in this article:

Classhouse is a platform where people can discuss various issues live with each other. In this application, you can only use Voice to communicate with others.

The important thing to mention about Club House is that this application is actually for communication between people in different places.

In this article from the site for buying Instagram followers, we intend to introduce you to the Clubhouse platform, its features and how to use and create an account in it, so be sure to stay with us until the end of the article.

  • Installation and registration in Club House for Android and iOS video tutorial

What is a club house and what is its use?

Clubhouse is actually an audio social network and its most important use is the ability of users to talk about specific topics.

There is no video, video or writing in this social network. Clubhouse is made up of different groups where people talk about their favorite topics.

This social network is currently only available on iPhones. In the clubhouse, each person can create a conversation for himself and talk to anyone he likes about his favorite topic.

In addition, you can send the link of the room you created to your friends so that they can enter your conversation.

Another important point is that participants and people who enter different rooms to listen to the conversation cannot enter the discussion without the permission of the room manager and can only listen to the conversation.

How to get to the clubhouse?

How to get to the clubhouse?

Clubhouse is available for both iOS and Android users. So iPhone users can download this app and listen to the conversations and how to participate in it.

To access this application, you need an invitation from Clubhouse users. Each new user has two invitations, after using them, more invitations will be assigned to him.

If you don’t have an invitation, you can register your username in this network when registering.

If one of your friends has your phone number in his contact list and has an invitation on this network, he can invite you to this service using your phone number.

What are the features of the Clubhouse platform?

Clubhouse has a large number of virtual rooms with different topics.

Among the topics of these rooms, we can mention talk shows, business, book reading, literature, science, poetry reading, networking, music, making friends, performances and political and cultural discussions. That is why virtual conversations are held in the clubhouse.

What do we have access to in the clubhouse?

Now that you are almost familiar with the Club House program, you may be wondering what exactly you have access to in this program.

After installing and entering this program, you will be faced with a large number of rooms with different and varied topics that you can enter according to your taste and have a conversation or use the words of others.

But nothing is stored in these rooms. This program only transmits information live via voice.

Clubhouse is a very good educational resource for people who use it properly, and on the contrary, it is a useless program for people who do not use it properly.

It all depends on how you use the app and which rom you follow. You are completely free in this virtual space and you can express your opinion to thousands of people or just listen to the words of thousands of people around the world on various topics.

How can Iranian users become Clubhouse members?

As we said, currently membership is by invitation and the referring person must have your number in his contact list or add it to his contact list for invitation.

With the permission of the users, Clubhouse can access their contacts, and when sending an invitation, all these people will be displayed in the list.

Then you can invite people to this network through the invitation section. You can also create a user account by installing this program and use the clubhouse.

How to send an invitation from the clubhouse?

How to send an invitation from the clubhouse?

Sending invitations in the clubhouse is much easier than you think. By default, the Clubhouse program offers you three invitations to invite three people from your audience.

You can get more invitations by visiting the clubhouse and inviting people.

iPhone and Android users can access the audience list by selecting the envelope icon in the application bar to send an invitation to the Club House and then invite the desired person to the Club House.

Android version users can use this program after receiving the invitation notification. In the following, we will fully review how to create a user account in Club House.

How to send an invitation from the clubhouse?

How to install the Clubhouse program?

As soon as you open the Clubhouse app for the first time, you will be faced with a screen. In this step, you must click on Get your username option.

In this section, you must enter your mobile number in the desired box. Select the Iran code from the list of countries and enter your mobile number without the first zero.

Enter the code sent to your phone and click Next. At this stage, type your first and last name in the corresponding boxes.

Note that your first and last name will be displayed in your profile. With this, you have completed the steps of creating your profile.

How to use your invitation during registration?

At this stage, there are two options, first, you already have an invitation and your number is registered as an invited number in this program, which is how you will enter the next stage.

Second, you don’t have an invitation and you have to wait for your contacts to send you an invitation.

The important thing is that as soon as the request is registered, a message will be sent to those who are members of the club in your audience list and they can send you an invitation so that you can continue to create your account.

In the second case, your username will be saved and after receiving the invitation link, you can enter the clubhouse through it and have the reserved username for your mobile number.

How to use your invitation during registration?

How to use your invitation during registration?  2

In this step, you can set a profile picture for yourself and click Next, if you don’t want to, click Skip to go to the next step.

Next, if you don’t have a problem with Clubhouse having access to your contacts, click OK and otherwise click Don’t Allow.

After this step, Club House will show you the list of different rooms, based on your interest, you should choose the rooms you want and go to the next step.

At this stage, two options will be displayed for you, according to your opinion, you can choose whether or not program notifications will be displayed for you.

After this stage, your account creation is finished and you can use the Clubhouse program.

How to make a room in the clubhouse?

In this app there is a section called rooms where you can find active rooms and chat with others. In these rooms, each person’s profile, including name, active people, number of attendees, etc., can be seen.

The rooms have 2 private and public sections where you can enter the private section and listen to the conversation of your friends or enter the public section and chat with others who are online.

How to make a room in the clubhouse?

In the public room, if you have a question, you can request to use the microphone by tapping the hand sign.

There is also a section in this program that you can use to create a room yourself and by sending a link to your friends, invite them to the room you have created.

final word

In this article, we tried to fully introduce you to the Clubhouse platform, how to use it and create an account.

This program is very suitable for people who are interested in listening to audio tutorials.

Also, the Clubhouse program is a good platform for having friendly conversations and even playing games like Mafia. We hope that with our help you can enter the Clubhouse program and that this program has been useful for you.

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Frequently asked questions about the clubhouse

What is the Clubhouse program?

Clubhouse program is a social network to communicate with others by voice.

Can Clubhouse be installed on all phones?

Yes, it is possible to install Clubhouse on iPhone and Android phones.

What are the features of the clubhouse?

Classhouse is actually a platform to communicate with others. In this program, there are different rooms, each of which has a special theme and you can use them.

What are the subjects of the classrooms?

Talk programs, business, book reading, literature, science, poetry reading, networking, music, making friends, performances and political and cultural discussions.

How can people with Android phones use Clubhouse?

It is not possible to install the Clubhouse program on Android phones, but these people can use this program for a while using the Clubhouse invitation link.

What is an invitation in the clubhouse?

In Clubhouse, each person can send an invitation to at least three people to install this program. In fact, the invitation is one of the methods of installing the club house.

How to create an account in Clubhouse without an invitation?

If your phone model is an iPhone, after installing the program and entering the information, the message of your entry to the Club House will be sent to your contacts. At this stage, you have to wait for one of your contacts who has this program to send you an invitation.

What is the public and private part of the room in the clubhouse?

The public part includes the part of you chatting with other people in the room and the private part is related to listening to the conversations in the room, which you can use according to the access given to you by the room manager.

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