Instagram settings to increase real followers

Today, one of the most popular and widely used social networks is Instagram. It can be said that every young Iranian is active on Instagram.

Important topics in this article:

Instagram has a section as followers and followers. Followers show the number of people who have followed your page and account, and followers are the people you follow on Instagram.

The more followers you have, the more attractive your profile will be. Many people have turned this into a way to earn money. These people sell their Instagram account to other interested people by creating a user account and attracting a lot of followers.

In general, increasing Instagram followers will be an effective and very important factor in your activity. But the question is, how to increase Instagram followers? In this article from the site for buying Instagram followers, we have tried to provide useful and comprehensive information about Instagram settings to increase followers.

Instagram settings guide

The first thing you should pay attention to is what stage Instagram settings go through to increase followers and how to make sure that our method is correct and correct? Below we mention some of these settings.

  • Choosing the type of Instagram account

The first step is to create an Instagram account, in which you choose your account type. The type of your account should be such that you have the most interaction with other users.

There are three types of accounts on Instagram, which include business, advanced and personal accounts. First, you must select the advanced account. When the user chooses the advanced account type, Instagram provides many different tools for free.

By using these advanced tools, the user can check the progress or progress of his account. The better and more you can control your account, the more followers you will attract.

No privatization

  • No privatization

You must have seen private pages on Instagram. Private pages are not suitable for business and economic activities and you cannot increase the number of followers with this type of account. If you want to attract more followers through Instagram settings, your Instagram page should not be locked. Instagram users need to see your content.

  • Biography and highlights

The next thing that is part of the Instagram settings and the user can attract followers through it is the biography of your page. Your biography and highlight page must be complete. Biography includes brief and complete information and explanations about you, and in this part, your information must be complete and correct. Use sentences that can fully introduce you in a few short sentences.

Note that your profile picture should not be used in your highlight page. The photos in this section should be in color so that the user can recognize it. It is better to change your biography and description less.

  • Number and communication methods

Another method that can increase followers on Instagram is placing communication channels. Let’s assume that your page operates in the field of online sales.

In such pages, you have to gain the trust of users at the very beginning. For this, put your phone number in your account. Try to put the address and location of the store and landline phone number on the page so that users can trust your page and business more easily.

Instagram comment

You must have seen on some pages that the user closes the comment and does not allow other users to leave comments. If you are going to buy the products on that page or use my services, what will you do? Usually, when a person wants to use Paji’s services, he goes to the comments section and uses the experiences of other users to make his decision easier.

Now suppose that the desired page has closed its comments. In general, closing a comment can be the worst thing you do on a page. Allow your followers to comment and comment, and even better, reply to comments.

Exchange does not only mean sending stories and posts to other users. Exchange means that you try to communicate with people who are active in your field and expose yourself to more users. The more you like or comment on other users’ posts, the more followers you will have.

One of the ways that can help to increase Instagram followers is to enter your post in Explorer. There are different ways to enter Explorer. One of the methods that can enter your post and content into the explorer is to first enter the Instagram settings section, then you need to go to the account section.

Click on Content control option and then enable sensitive content control with more mode. With this trick, your post and content will always be placed in the explorer.

Another way to increase followers through Instagram settings is related to bugs in this program. Users can use this bug to re-enter their old posts in the explore section.

For this, first enter the posts section of your account and select your old post. After that, change the hashtags you put under your post. By changing the hashtag of old posts, you will enter the explorer again.


By reading the above, you have gained complete knowledge about Instagram settings and now you can increase your followers through Instagram settings. Usually, using these methods will take some time and you have to wait to increase followers through Instagram settings. For this reason, many people regret and do not follow the path. Another method that is very easy is to buy real Instagram followers from the site for buying Instagram followers.

The site for buying Instagram followers is one of the most reliable and well-known sites that operates in the field of selling followers, likes, comments and other social network services. If you have any questions, you can contact the experts of our collection through the numbers registered on the site.

Frequently Asked Questions

What methods can be used to attract followers through Instagram settings?

Biography and highlights, explorer, comment, exchange and…

How should the biography and highlight on the Instagram page be?

Your biography and highlights should be summarized in a few sentences and introduce you completely.

Why shouldn’t we make our work page private?

Because locking the work page prevents interaction between you and other users.

To create a work page, what kind of Instagram account should it be?

To create a business page on Instagram, your account must be advanced so that you can use Instagram tools for free.

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