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Have you ever paid attention to hacking the growth of big and popular pages? Have you ever wondered how and what process they went through to get here? Although you need the Instagram growth hacking course to learn the basics of this issue, in this article we have tried to teach you growth hacking and the necessary tips for growth hacking, so that you can help your page progress while learning about the page hacking process. .


What does growth hacking mean?

Have you ever noticed the upward trend in the number of followers and views of successful pages? Have you ever noticed that successful Instagram pages increase their followers and likes every day? Do you know what they call this growth? “Growth hacking” is the name given to this upward growth.

Growth hacking was said to be a series of processes that owners of large pages go through to increase the efficiency of their pages through recovery, implementation of predetermined strategies and statistical data to achieve success. You probably know very well that hacking the growth of Instagram has a direct relationship with increasing your income from your page, and this is what makes the issue of hacking a page appear important.

Growth hacking is actually a strategic shortcut that successful page owners take to achieve the growth they want. Many Instagram business owners have learned this from the experts by taking the growth hacking course from the basics and this possibility is still available to you.

If your goal is to earn money through your Instagram page and for this you need to increase the efficiency of your page, you should pay as much attention to the issue of hacking your growth as big Instagram pages. In the rest of this article, we will teach you everything you need to hack your growth to make this ancient myth a reality.

Marketing methods with Instagram growth hack

Marketing is one of the most basic methods of introducing any business to different people; A common method that has been popular since the beginning and all business owners have used it even after becoming famous. But with the advent of social networks, the type of business marketing took a new shape. Growth hacking is the way you should go in order to introduce your business to other social media users. Marketing with growth hacking has several methods, and we are going to introduce these methods to you and tell you how you can help your page to be seen through these methods.

Understanding the value of hashtagging

Hashtag is one of the most important things you can do to hack the growth of your page. According to research, hashtagging can help the visibility of your post up to 12%. When hashtagging, you should pay attention to the fact that hashtagging should be correct and appropriate to your activity. Better than before you upload the post, search and find suitable hashtags and use as many as necessary under your posts.

When we talk about the importance of hashtags, it means that the hashtags must be related to your type of activity, the words must be used correctly and with the correct spelling, and the number of hashtags must not be more than a certain number; Failure to follow any of these tips will not only help your page growth, but will also cause your page to decline.

There are two ways for hashtagging, firstly, you can write hashtags as captions and under your desired post. The second solution is to post a hashtag in the first comment after uploading the post. According to the obtained statistics, the second method, i.e. hashtagging in the comment, is less effective than the first method.

Another thing that will help your growth hack a lot is branding with your own hashtag. The fact that you, as a business owner, use a specific hashtag for your page visibility will bring you a very favorable result. In fact, in this way, you have helped the growth of your Instagram page and done branding.

Effective communication with influencers

Since 2010, when Instagram entered the field of social networks, many people entered this global social network; Among them, there were people who helped to increase the growth of their page by trial and error and knowing their target community. These additions, which are made up of influencers, are the best guide for knowing the hacking methods of Instagram growth.

If you also want your page to be seen and help hack the growth of your page with the most correct strategy, influencers are your best guide. Try to connect with old influencers and ask them for help, learn ways to hack the growth of the page and reach your goal by evaluating all the issues.

Although it is difficult to communicate with these people despite the heavy competition in this field, but know that if you can do such a thing, you have literally achieved a big shortcut to reach your goal. .

Making interesting posts and videos

With whatever purpose and business you have entered Instagram, the thing that attracts the attention of other users is the appearance of your page. The appearance of the page is not possible except by using attractive posts, photos and videos. Here you should choose the best possible photos and videos according to the topic of your page activity and the business you have.

It may be hard for you to choose the best option at first, but after a few trials and errors, you will find out what kind of visual content your audience likes the most, and which type of content is more popular? After that, you will be able to do basic growth hacking for your page by posting correctly.

Interaction with users

The difference between traditional marketing and the new internet marketing that exists is that in the past you started talking on TV as a speaker and encouraged your audience to buy from you! But nowadays, in Instagram marketing, you are in contact with your audience; As you speak, you also receive feedback.

This makes the right interaction with the audience very important. The positive point of this is that you can get help from your audience by communicating effectively, survey and ask them to tell you what kind of content they like the most. This type of communication not only helps your type of activity, but the audience’s feeling of intimacy with you has a direct relationship with the growth of your page.


Marketing is one of the main concerns of internet business owners; Growth hacking or Instagram marketing has been one of the concerns of the owners of large pages for years, and today, after years of trial and error, solutions have been provided by successful pages, some of which are discussed here. Am. We hope that now and after finishing this article, you know what processes growth hacking requires. Now do you know what process a correct strategy requires?


Marketing through Instagram is possible?

Instagram, as a social network, has now become the arena of competition for large and small businesses, and business success is only possible with marketing, so the designers of this social network and experts have definitely provided you with the possibility that in the term It is called growth hacking.

How important is interaction with users?

In Instagram marketing, unlike advertising and television marketing, you are in contact with the audience, and this makes interaction with the user an important issue.

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