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Challenge videos are one of the attractions of Instagram and other social networks. Instagram challenges can make us visible. In this article, we are going to talk about attracting followers by launching an Instagram challenge. So if you want to know more about Instagram challenges, stay with us.


What is the Instagram challenge?

Instagram challenge is the type of videos or photos that become trending and Instagram users start imitating that photo or video.

For example, one of the challenges that became popular on Instagram some time ago was the smile photo challenge. Users published their smiling photos with the smile challenge hashtag on their Instagram pages.

Or other challenges such as black and white photos, photos ten years ago and ten years later, ice water bucket challenge, pantomime challenge, etc.

Instagram challenge

Instagram challenge to increase followers

The purpose of the Instagram challenge is usually entertainment and the contents are fun and entertaining. But there are some challenges that have other goals and seek to convey a message to the audience.

If you are the one who starts an Instagram challenge, you can attract a large audience and be seen on Instagram.

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Of course, not all challenges can increase visibility or increase followers. Therefore, if you are going to launch a challenge, you must proceed in a professional and thoughtful manner. Even if you have not created a challenge on Instagram yourself, by joining the challenges of other pages, you can attract the audience of those pages to your page.

For example, many singers create challenges and ask their audience to perform dubstep on their music and this Dubsmash videos They share on their page. In this way, the people who participated in this Dabsemesh challenge will be seen on the page of a famous person and their followers will increase.

Instagram challenge to increase followers

How to challenge on Instagram

Setting up an Instagram challenge does not have a specific method or rule. You can turn any idea you find interesting into a challenge and ask your audience to complete the challenge and share or send you photos and videos.

To make your Instagram challenge more visible, you can use the following ideas:

  • Determining the prize for challenge participants
    You can set a reward for people who complete your Instagram challenge. For example, after two weeks, choose the best photo or video from among those who participated in the challenge and give the owner a prize. Or give a prize to a number of people who participated in the challenge.
  • Collaborate with bloggers
    The challenge you create can be considered a kind of advertisement for you. You can ask a number of bloggers to cooperate with you and do your challenge and share it on their page and tag your page. In this way, you have advertised on the bloggers page, but in a creative and different way.
How to challenge on Instagram

Question and answer challenge for the story

Asking and answering questions in the story is one of the most popular challenges on Instagram, which can be done in different ways.

Many bloggers and influencers have done this challenge and it is usually welcomed by the audience. The question and answer challenge is in the form of a question box, and we will introduce you 3 examples of question and answer or question box challenges in the story:

  • Challenge private questions
    One of the questions that audiences always like to ask their favorite bloggers is private questions. In general, people like to know other people’s private matters and it is exciting for them.
    Therefore, the Instagram challenge of asking private questions can be one of the challenges of attracting audiences. Ask your audience to ask you the questions they have about you in direct or question box and you will answer their questions as much as you can in a video or in stories.
Question and answer challenge for the story
  • The screenshot challenge
    The screenshot challenge is another question and answer challenge on Instagram that is very popular. This is how you use the question box to ask your audience to name a place on your mobile phone and you have to take a screenshot of that part and make a story of that screenshot.
  • Challenge professional questions
    You can ask your audience to ask their specialized and professional questions that are in your field of expertise, and you can answer their questions completely and clearly. Doing so can be helpful for newcomers who are planning to enter your profession. As a result, it can attract a large audience.

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Riddle challenge for Insta with answer

The puzzle challenge is also one of the most attractive and popular Instagram challenges. Many pages tell a story of a question or riddle and ask their audience to answer that riddle. Finally, the people who answered correctly will receive a small prize.

Riddle challenge for Insta with answer

This challenge is not only exciting and interesting for the audience, but giving a prize can multiply the audience’s desire to participate in it. In general, people like to participate in contests and win, and the puzzle challenge is a kind of contest and competition for them.

You can consider a limited period of time (for example, 1 day) to post the answers to the riddle, and after a day, tell the audience the correct answer. Here are some examples for the puzzle challenge with their answers:

  • What is it that belongs to you, but people around you use it more than you?
    Response: your name
  • A person has been in the hospital for three days without being hurt or sick, but after being discharged from the hospital, they have to carry him, why?
    Response: The person is newly born

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Using the Insta trend challenge

Sometimes a certain song becomes a trend on Instagram and Tik Tok, and people prepare a music video for it according to their taste, which is called using the Insta trend challenge.

Using the Insta trend challenge

The good thing about this challenge is that it is more inclusive and attractive due to the topics and trending music of the day, so you can easily get ideas from others and become famous as quickly as possible with a more interesting music.

last word

In this article, we talked about attracting followers by launching an Instagram challenge. If you have an idea to start a challenge, don’t hesitate and implement your idea after a little research because it often helps you get more visibility.

You can ask us your questions about Instagram challenges in the comments section. If you found this article helpful, share it with your friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Instagram challenge?
    Instagram challenges are videos or photos that become trending, and over and over, Instagram users start imitating that photo or video.
  • How does the Instagram challenge increase followers?
    You can give a prize to the people who participate in your Instagram challenge to make your challenge more visible and attract more followers. Or ask bloggers to participate in your challenge for a fee and encourage their audience to do the same.

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