How to share other people’s stories? Step by step guide

How to share other people's stories

One of the questions that occupy the minds of Instagram users is that, how to turn other people’s stories into stories? For this purpose, in this article from the Digi Follower site, we are going to teach ad stories on Instagram. For this, we will teach you three different methods that we hope will be useful for you.

Instagram is known as one of the most popular social networks these days and a significant number of Iranians use this application. One of the features of this mass media is a story that allows users to share a content on their page for a day or 24 hours.

One of the options for stories on Instagram is adding stories, which allows users to add stories to other people’s stories. In this article, we will teach you three practical methods for this purpose. Of course, in this article, we will also teach you how to create a story for the post.

What is Instagram Ad Story?

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As you know, Instagram is one of the most advanced social networks, to which many features and functions have been added in the past years. One of the most popular features of Instagram is that it is possible to add stories on this platform.

Ad story means that you can share other people’s posts or stories in the story section of your page.

In this way, you can publish content for your followers. There are different ways to make an ad story, and in the following we will teach you different methods of ad story.

  1. Learning how to make stories of other people’s posts

One of the ways to add stories is to share the posts of other pages or your own page in the story section. To do this, first of all, you have to open the post that you want to story and select the airplane option that is next to the posts.

In the next step, in the sharing menu that opens, select the option to add a post to your story (Add post to your story).

In this case, the post will be automatically uploaded to your story with a default format. Now it’s enough to add the text, sticker, gift and drawing you want to your story by clicking on any of the icons like a normal story. Finally, by clicking the send option, this story will be uploaded.

Of course, keep in mind that only posts that have been published on public pages can be shared with this method. You can also let your followers know about the new content you have shared by making your page posts into stories. You can also use the purchase service of Digi Follower website to get better and more feedback.

  1. Learning to narrate other people’s stories

In order to be able to post another story page on your Instagram page, you can use three different methods for this purpose. Stay with us to teach you all these three methods.

First method: Ad story with tag

Storytelling other people’s stories is more useful than storytelling a post. To use this method, the story in question must have features, otherwise you will not be able to edit it.

There are three necessary conditions for this method: First, the account that published the story must be public or you must have followed each other. Second, the desired account must have enabled the ability to share its stories. Your soma page must be tagged in the desired story.

If even one of these conditions does not exist, you cannot share that story with Ad Story on your page. When someone has tagged your page address in their story, you will be notified of this through a direct message.

Ed Story with tag

Now, to add a story to the story on the page, it is enough to go to the Directs section. Now it is enough to open the message about your page address being tagged and from the Add This to Your Story option that is next to this message, you can add it to your story.

Ed story with tag 2

The second method: taking a screenshot

If there are no conditions against the previous method, you can share the stories of another page with the story in two different ways. The first method is to take a screenshot of the relevant content and share it on your own page.

This method is very simple and you can take a screenshot of the desired story page with the help of shortcut keys. Then share the corresponding image with the story feature of your page. In this case, making a story on another story page is exactly like posting a normal story.

You can add your desired sticker, text or hashtag to this story with the help of various features in the stories.

Taking a screenshot

The third method: using story download programs

This method is very similar to the previous method, with the difference that you no longer need to take a screenshot and to access the desired story page, you must use external programs to download stories. Various software are designed for this purpose and you can choose one of them according to your needs.

These applications allow you to directly download the story related to the desired page. The advantage of this method is that the image quality will be higher and the content you share will have better quality; For this reason, it is given more attention.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to tell the story of others?

There are three different ways to make stories on other story pages. In the first method, conditions must be met, the most important of which is tagging your ID in that story. In two other ways, without being tagged or under any other conditions, you can easily create and share other people’s stories.

How can we share other people’s stories without being tagged?

In this article, we introduced two different methods for this purpose. The first method is to take a screenshot of the desired story. The second method is to use the program or sites to download stories from Instagram.

Why can’t I make an ad story?

Various reasons can cause you to not be able to make a story using the Add This to Your Story option. The first reason can be that you are not tagged in the story. The next reason could be that the desired page has not enabled the story sharing option.


Considering that posting a story is one of the most important parts of Instagram, it is very important to master its features and get familiar with it. In this article, we tried to teach you the methods of narrating other people’s stories.

We hope you get the most out of this article. Of course, don’t forget that to grow your page faster, you can use the various services of the Digi Follower site, such as Buy View Story Use buy likes, buy real followers.

If you want the article, how to make other people’s story a story? Read offline, download pdf.


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