How to share a Live Photo clip on Instagram (Live Photo)

How to share a Live Photo clip on Instagram (Live Photo)

The Instagram application is one of the applications that has very interesting and useful features. One of these features is Live Photo, which many people who have iOS smartphones will use.

It should be mentioned that by sharing the Live Photo clip, you can download only one photo to your Instagram profile.

So there is no news from the video clip, if you intend to Instagram live photo clip share, in the following content we will provide you with appropriate information about how to share this type of clips.

What is Live Photo on Instagram?

One of the unique features of iPhone phones, which was presented for the first time in iPhone 6, is Live Photo. Live photo refers to live images that are presented in the camera application of iPhone phones and will be recorded by pressing the shutter button of the iPhone instead of recording a photo or a second clip.

This one-second clip is actually one and a half seconds before the shutter button is pressed and one and a half seconds after it. By doing this, instead of taking a photo, you can have a short and interesting video clip in your hand.

Meanwhile, if any person intends to have a Live photo clip to share on social networks such as Instagram will face problems, because Live Photo can only be used on iPhone phones.

To solve these problems, you need to convert the Live Photo clip into a GIF, but considering that Instagram does not support any kind of GIF, there is another way to share the Live Photo clip in this application.

As said, you can’t Instagram live photo clip share and convert it to GIF, so there are special programs that can convert a short video into suitable formats for Instagram.

Pay attention to this point, as it was said, if you want to share a Live Photo clip on Instagram, only one photo will be uploaded in your feed.

But to share live photos on Instagram, you can use the motion still application, this application will easily edit the video formats suitable for the Instagram application developed by Google.

What is Live Photo on Instagram?

How to share Live Photo clip on Instagram

As we said before, it is not possible to share the Live Photo clip on Instagram, so you can share the Live Photo clip on Instagram by following the steps below.

The first thing you need to do is to download the motion still application and register it on your phone. Note that the download of this application is provided for free.

After running the motion still program, you must select the desired clip and after selecting the clip, touch the arrow icon that you see on the image.

After that, you will see the share clip option, if you select it, other options will be shown to you. Among these options, you should select the save video option. Save Live Photo as a video in your phone gallery.

On the other hand, you can directly share the desired clip by selecting the Instagram application. Now, if you run the Instagram program and choose the steps required to send a photo, you can easily share your live clip with other users.

By doing all these other steps, users can easily view the Live Photo clip on your page. Of course, be careful, you can share these types of videos on the Facebook social network with similar methods.

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