How to send your post to Instagram Explorer? (100% guaranteed solution)

How to send your post to Instagram Explorer?

As you know, entering Explorer is not that simple. In fact, Instagram artificial intelligence considers many factors to show a post in the search results. Among the parameters that give credibility to an Instagram page and raise it in the explorer is the number of visits to its posts.

When a clip receives a high number of views, it is displayed on the public page while building trust among users and attracts new followers. In this article we are going to talk about submitting videos to explorer by buying views, so please stay with us.

The reason for the importance of buying Instagram views

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One of the criteria for the value of a post is the number of views it receives. Instagram algorithms when a video content receives favorable feedback from the audience, it is routed to the explorer.

In this way, the related post will be shown to more users and the probability of receiving likes, comments and attracting new followers will increase. All these factors can affect your sales.

In fact, when attempting to Buy Viv You are creating value for your business. With this method, you can easily attract the attention of users to your page, and the number of followers will increase day by day, and your Instagram page will grow unimaginably.

Especially if you are in the initial stages of setting up your business, by purchasing traffic increasing services, the page engagement rate will improve and the number of followers will increase day by day. This will ensure that the created trust remains in place.

Buying views leads to better audience feedback

The atmosphere of Instagram is such that the approval of other users is very important. A high view indicates that other people have approved the content. When a person is going to watch a shared video, they first look at the view and like statistics of the video. If the number of views is favorable, the person will be curious to watch the content until the end and even the possibility of following you will increase.

Therefore, buying views leads to better feedback from other users. Instagram’s artificial intelligence also opens a special account on this content and increases your chances of sending videos to Explorer by buying views.

The opposite is also possible. That is, if the number of video clips is low, the user thinks that the content is not attractive and loses his desire to watch it.

If you try to buy followers for your Instagram page, but neglect to increase the number of visits, in this case, there will be a kind of inconsistency between the number of audience and the interaction of the page. People who intend to follow your page, by seeing the high number of followers, expect that the posts will also have high views.

This is despite the fact that most of the accounts are inactive and do not see the published content. The only way to compensate for this is to buy Instagram views.

View purchase adds value to content and page

When you buy views for a video content, you are actually showing users a few things. First, you let people know that you have produced interesting and valuable content that has been welcomed by the audience.

Second, you inform users that you have been approved. Once people conclude that the posts are interesting and approve of your audience, they will also be eager to follow your valuable page.

The role of purchase view on the way to explore Instagram

The role of purchase view on the way to explore Instagram

In general, Instagram AI needs to prove your popularity in order to show content in search results. By buying views, you can easily prove your popularity on Instagram.

The criterion of Instagram algorithms for displaying a video in the search results section is that the desired post receives a high number of likes, views and comments in the initial hours of sharing. Therefore, sending video to Explorer by buying views is one of the easiest ways to be seen in this space.

You will be able to promote your brand at no cost by having the video come up in the search results. Because in this section, other users who are not your followers will also see the posts and follow your Instagram page if they like it.

Another advantage that the rise of the post in Explorer brings is the attraction of real followers. Basically, increasing followers is a process that is difficult and only possible with continuous and long-term activity in this space. While by buying views and finding your way to the search results section, you will be able to attract real, targeted and active followers.

Tips for buying Instagram views

Well, by now you have noticed that Instagram algorithms welcome pages with a high number of views and place them at the top of the search results. When buying packages to increase visits, you should keep these points in mind:

1) Choose packages that suit your needs and the number of page followers.

2) Choose the best site for providing services. The company in question must perform well and be reliable in every way.

3) Be careful that visiting a fake can have destructive effects on your Instagram page.


If you want to see the amazing growth of your Instagram page in a short time, buying View is the best option. In fact, the possibility of sending videos to Explorer will be provided to you by buying views, and the number of likes and followers will increase by itself.

On the Digi Follower site, the service of buying Instagram views is performed by completely Iranian accounts, which has a great impact on entering Explorer.

Today, many profit-seeking people take advantage of the lack of awareness of users and send foreign visitors to customers. Due to the fact that the cost of buying foreign views is lower compared to Iranian views, these fraudsters do this to get more profit.

Therefore, it is recommended to make sure that Viv is Iranian, make your purchase from reliable centers such as Digi Follower.

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