How to send videos longer than 1 minute on Instagram

How to send videos longer than 1 minute on Instagram

Many people who use the Instagram application usually see videos and movies that are displayed for more than 1 minute on the page of other users, and they ask themselves the question of how to make videos with a long time on Instagram. loaded

It should be mentioned that special tricks are needed to share long-term videos, because these users will face limitations when sending videos and films using Instagram, and these limitations include the duration of the video. .

According to the algorithms that Instagram has, you cannot share videos longer than 1 minute on your Instagram, but many people will upload their long videos in this application according to the methods that exist. And by uploading high-quality videos, you can enter the page with high views, and if you are at the beginning of the path, you can Buy Viv Get millions of views for your posts.

Many people may use the software bug, but we have to say that the problem of using the software bug is that Instagram may stop this bug with new updates in the future and send videos more than 1 will prevent minutes.

How to share videos longer than 1 minute in the Instagram application

According to what was said in the previous paragraphs, users cannot share videos longer than 1 minute on Instagram, but there is a way that you can share your videos longer than 1 minute without using any external application. Download software.

To do this method, there are steps that are not too difficult, and by performing each of them according to the explanations provided, you will succeed in posting videos of more than 1 minute on Instagram.

to load Videos longer than 1 minute on Instagram You must first click on the icon of sending a new post in this application and select a video whose length is more than 1 minute, after doing this you must go to the next option and select the video cut option from the bottom of the screen.

There is a toolbar in this area that selects one-minute videos, but you have to ignore this bar and move your video to the right until you get to the last minute of the video. For example, if the duration of your video is 4 minutes, when the video ends, you can select the next option.

At this stage, there is another option called tag people, where you can tag 1 person or different people on your video or you can tag your personal profile on the video.

How to share videos longer than 1 minute in the Instagram application

This part is one of the essential parts of sending a few minutes of videos on Instagram, because by doing it you can easily share your video on Instagram. Now you have to choose the return option until you reach the previous 2 steps.

Here you can see that your video is blurred, to remove the blurring of the video, you need to drag your finger to the right until the desired video reaches zero seconds.

In this part where you are facing the video cut, you can drag your finger to the left until you reach the end of the video, then by moving to the right side of the bar, the desired video will be out of blur and the color will change. will find. Now, at this stage, select the next option to share in the Instagram application.


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