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If you are a fan of the Internet and virtual space and spend a lot of time on your phone every day, or if your job is an Instagram blogger.

Important topics in this article:

And you have to be on Instagram for long hours and you are always surprised that your internet package ends soon.

So you should read this article; This article will teach you how to reduce your data consumption with simple settings of Instagram or your phone and enjoy browsing Instagram pages more.

What is the reason for high internet usage on Instagram?

The Instagram platform is an image and video based platform that uploads and downloads these videos and images with high internet usage and of course the higher the quality of uploaded images and videos can cause more internet usage. to be

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Now the question that arises for many users is, is there a way to change this process and consume less data from the user?

To solve the problem, Instagram has included a setting method from within the Instagram application itself, in which the settings of all photos and videos are not displayed by default.

And you have to watch them selectively, and the quality of the resolution of the images and videos is a little lower, and as a result, less data is consumed from your phone.

If you accept the limitations of this type of setting and do it, you will see that your internet usage will be much less.

What should I do to reduce my internet usage while using Instagram?

One of the methods you can use to reduce your internet usage while using Instagram is to use Instagram’s own settings. These settings are done as follows:

1- First, open the Instagram app and go to the profile section.

2- Now go to the three lines at the top of the screen, which are also called the hamburger menu, and select setting.

3- From this section, click on account from among the suggested options.

What should I do to reduce my internet usage while using Instagram?

4- Now select cellular data use.

5- Now turn on the light in front of the data saver to start optimizing your internet usage.

Here is another point that you should know on this page that is opened for you:

6- In this section, you can see another option called High-Resolution Media, if you click on it and select Wi-Fi only,

In this case, you will have high quality images and videos only when you connect to Instagram with Wi-Fi.

What should I do to reduce my internet usage while using Instagram?  2

Reduce Instagram consumption by turning off Instagram notifications

The notifications that are sent to you through the Instagram app can also consume a part of your internet;

If you close these notifications, you will not receive the notifications, but instead you can manage part of your data consumption with this method. Follow the steps below to turn off Instagram notifications:

1- First, open your Instagram and enter the profile page.

2- Open the three line mark at the top of the screen and enter the setting section of the software.

3- Now select the notification option.

Reducing the amount of Instagram consumption just by turning off Instagram notifications

4- On the opened page, select pause all so that all Instagram notifications are disabled for you.

5- Now, by deactivating notifications, your internet consumption will also decrease.

Reduce the amount of phone data consumption with special settings from within the phone

In this way, using a series of mobile phone settings can prevent excessive use of mobile data. The trick with which your data consumption is managed in this way

It is that when the Instagram application is off or closed, photos and videos are not loaded automatically and only when you open the application.

And you open the photo and video at your own discretion, this is when your data is consumed. The instruction to reduce internet usage through phone settings is as follows:

1- First, go to the settings section of your phone.

2- Click on connection and sharing option.

Reduce the amount of phone data consumption with special settings from within the phone

3- Now select data usage.

4- Now you see the list of apps you have on your phone; Choose Instagram from among these.

5- Select the background data option and disable it so that part of your internet usage is saved in this way.

Reducing the amount of phone data consumption with special settings from inside the phone 2

Find free Wi-Fi

You may be a student and have the possibility to connect to the Internet through the university’s free Wi-Fi, or you can use free Wi-Fi in places such as buses and taxis;

Our suggestion is that if you find a free and safe Wi-Fi, use it sometimes; This will reduce your internet usage.

It is better to skip uploading photos and videos that are taken with the Instagram app’s camera in the gallery section
As you know, when you take a photo or video through the Instagram camera, they are also saved in the gallery, and this reduces your data;

In order to reduce your data consumption, you can avoid uploading photos and videos in the gallery, which is done by default, and you can do this with a series of simple Instagram settings.

Remember, in this case, if you take a video or a photo with the Instagram camera, but you don’t have the opportunity to tap it, that video or image will not be saved for you.

and you will lose it, so be aware of this aspect before making adjustments. The settings for this are as follows:

1- Go to your Instagram profile

2- Open the setting section

3- Now disable the original photos item

Find free Wi-Fi

4- With this, any video or photo you took with the Instagram camera will no longer be downloaded in the gallery, and of course, this is not a problem at all. Whenever you want to take a photo or video for your Instagram, take them with your phone camera.

In this way, you can share them later on your Instagram page and you will not use any data.

Using a program that is full of beautiful images and videos with very high quality certainly requires high volume and speed internet, but at the same time, if the amount of internet that Instagram takes from you is very high, you can use this method. Manage what is said in the article.

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