How to put a song on an Instagram story in a few seconds

Putting a song in the Instagram story helps to make your story more attractive and increases the number of views of the story.

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As you know, music is one of the ways to convey feelings and it plays a very important role in sharing one’s special and lovely moments with one’s followers.

In the latest version of Instagram, we see the addition of the ability to upload songs in the Instagram story; This feature is one of the attractions of this popular platform.

Have you ever wondered how to upload a song to your story? This is very simple and convenient. Instagram has provided this option to its users

  • How to put a song on an Instagram story in a few seconds

So that they can put their favorite song in their stories and create sweet moments for themselves and their followers. There are different ways to put a song in the story. Stay with us on the Instagram follower buying site to learn more about this issue.

Add music to Instagram story with Music sticker

Due to the cooperation of Facebook and many music companies, it is possible to choose a song from among your favorite songs and put it in the story, through the Instagram program itself.

When you want to add a song to a story, you can do so by adding a tag to the story. For this, you must go through the following steps:

  1. • Add the photo or video you want to the story.
  2. • Tap the sticker icon at the top left.
  3. • Select the music label.Add music to Instagram story with Music sticker
  4. • To add a song in the story, choose the song you want that matches your photo or video from the music list provided.
  5. • When you select your favorite song, you will see a slider that you can drag to add a part of the song you want to play. For this, you need to mark the range of the desired song, because Instagram will limit the playable piece to 15 seconds.
  6. • When you have specified the story part of your favorite song, touch done. Now you can add the music tag to your story and even change its size.Adding music to Instagram stories with the Music 2 sticker
  7. • In the last step of uploading the song in the story, tap on your story or send to see the story and the song that you have added by the music tag in your user account. It is also visible to your followers.

Putting a song in Instagram story using external programs

Putting a song in Instagram story using external programs

The SoundCloud program provides you with the ability to publish music on Instagram stories through the subscription menu. To share music in the Instagram story using soundcloud, you can do the following and go through the mentioned steps:

• First, download the SoundCloud program and activate your user account.

• Select the song you want and tap on the share icon at the bottom.

Putting a song in Instagram story using external programs

• Select the Instagram story icon from the bottom bar.

• The song you selected will appear as a tag in the story. If you want to move it to your desired place or change its size.

• Touch your story option to publish it on Instagram account.

• In the last step of putting the song on the Instagram story, a link will be placed in the story where your followers can easily listen to the song shared by you by tapping the play on soundcloud option and then the open soundcloud option.

Putting music in the Instagram story with hands-free functionality

Putting music in the Instagram story with hands-free functionality

Handsfree is one of the oldest methods used by Instagram users, who use it to record a sound while playing, along with recording an Instagram story video.

Using this hands-free function, you can record video in Instagram story without holding your hand. Follow the steps below to use this feature:

• Update the Instagram app.

• Open Instagram and touch the camera icon in the home section.

• At the bottom of the screen, you will see a circular button, and by moving your hand to the left, specify the type of your story record. Here we want to use handsfree.

• Play your favorite music using the music player in your mobile phone.

• Then go back to Instagram and touch the record button.

Putting a song in the Instagram story using external programs 2

• After recording the video in the story along with your favorite music, select your story option.

It should be noted that after recording the video, you can use the sound on sticker to let your followers know that this story has sound.

It should be noted that the hands-free function is one of the most popular methods for recording video along with music; But you should note that in addition to the sound of the song being played, this feature also records the sound of the surrounding environment.


Having an Instagram story helps to attract followers; For this reason, Instagram adds attractive features to the story in every update and encourages users to use it more.

Playing music in Instagram stories has made stories more attractive for Instagram users.

You can use this great feature and receive unique feedback from your audience by using the ways provided by the Instagram follower buying site.

Adding music to Instagram stories is one of the tools that helps business owners, bloggers and influencers in producing attractive and professional content.

You can also attract many contacts and multiply your sales in this way Buy story views Increase the number of visits to our site.

Frequently asked questions about putting a song in a story

How much music can we put in each piece of Instagram story?

You can put 15 seconds of your favorite song in each piece of Instagram story.

What is one of the applications that we can use to upload our music to the story?

Using the soundcloud application, you can put your music in the Instagram story.

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