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YouTube dollar payments have led many people to earn astronomical income from this program. The question that has occupied the minds of the audience, how to get rich with YouTube? Join us in this article to explore ways to make money from YouTube.


How to make money from YouTube?

Make money from Youtube It is very attractive. As you know, videos play a very large role in communicating between people around the world. YouTube is one of the most popular social networks in the world and there are no restrictions on using this social network.

In this attractive program, you can get very high views and publish popular content on this network and earn dollar earnings for each content. Maybe you are wondering how to get rich with YouTube?

To answer this question, I have to say that there are many ways to make money from YouTube; But to make money, we have to pay attention to a series of rules.

Make Money From Youtube

One of the most important reasons why users are hesitant to work on YouTube is how to make money from YouTube. Despite the many problems along the way; But we can say with certainty that there is a dollar income even for users of sanctioned countries.

Here are all the steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for mediation:

  1. Having the necessary conditions to earn income

The first step in earning money is to have a channel on the YouTube platform that complies with all revenue rules and regulations.

Pages that qualify for monetization of this platform are called monetize. Channels that are subject to monetization from YouTube that have the following features:

  • At least 4000 subscriptions
  • Have at least 4,000 hours of video released and viewed on YouTube over the course of 12 months
  • All the rules of YouTube Partner Program in making video and how you work in the channel are known

The best and fastest way to increase a channel’s subscription and earn revenue, Buy a subscription YouTube.

Approval of a channel to qualify for revenue from this program depends on the following:

  • The attractiveness and uniqueness of the channel content
  • Having videos with high viewing percentage
  • Having the most time watching videos compared to the number of videos published on the channel

tip:Not copying the content of a channel is one of the most important rules that you should pay attention to when earning dollars from YouTube. Channels that publish duplicate content violate YouTube’s copyright laws and will never monetize the platform.

  1. Connect Google Adsense to YouTube channel

The second step to earn money from YouTube is to connect the channel to Google Adsense. To register an account on the Google platform, you must enter the real address and contact number in its forms. Receive income from YouTube with the help of global accounts such as debit cards and credit cards Is.

Google Adsense to monetize
  1. Specify the type of ad you want on the YouTube platform

Making money from YouTube is divided into direct and indirect parts. Inserting ads in the movie is one of the ways to earn money on YouTube, which we will explain to you in the following.

Make Money From Youtube Without Making A Video

There are many ways to monetize YouTube; One of these ways is to place ads between published videos. To activate ads on your YouTube channel, follow these steps:

  • Enter the YouTube site and from the account section, tap the MY CHANNEL option.
  • Select the blue CUSTOMIZE CHANNEL option.
  • At the top, find the Video Manager option and tap on it.
  • Click the CHANNEL option in the left pane and then select Status and features.
  • In this step, you must enable the Monetization section.
  • Tap Start and follow the steps displayed to allow you to run ads in the video.
Advertising is a way to make money from YouTube

اTypes of advertising On YouTube are:

  • Display ads alongside video content: Depending on the amount of clicks on it, you will receive the amount.
  • Ads in the small box below the video: If the viewer clicks on the box, you will receive the amount.
  • Seconds in the first video: If your audience stays in this ad for only 5 seconds, it will generate a lot of revenue for you.
  • Midroll Ads: Long commercials in the middle of a video are called mediumrol ads. The audience must watch it for at least 30 seconds in order for the amount to be considered for you.

If you are not yet a professional in creating YouTube content, read this article How to be seen by producing content on YouTube Do not miss.

During the steps in the sixth price of activating ads, in one of the steps, Sama will be asked to select the type of ads that you intend for your channel.

for example; One of the types of ads that you can choose from is the cpv or (Cost Per View) option, according to which Google will pay you for the number of views of each video.

Also keep in mind that revenue is different for each type of ad. Making money from YouTube depends on your choices and channel settings.

After selecting the type of ads, you will enter the step where you must enter your google adsense account details.

tip The important thing to keep in mind is to have at least 4,000 subscribers a year to get your YouTube application approved.

Buy subscriptions to make money from youtube

If the subscription amount of your channel has not reached the desired level, YouTube will register your request to earn money from YouTube and will apply after the channel reaches the desired level.

Make money from YouTube in Iran

Although it may be impossible for Iran to operate on YouTube and make money from it in terms of sanctions; But with the help of various tricks, you can easily create a channel and get to the stage of earning money from YouTube. In the following, we will explain the best tricks to earn dollars from YouTube, despite being in Iran.

Another important point when making and performing each step of YouTube is to keep in mind that due to sanctions, you have to adjust the position on any country except Iran.

How to get YouTube revenue?

As much as having a dollar income in an economy like Iran is a dream come true; The steps to reach this money are like rejecting seven readers. Since all bank accounts in Iran are unacceptable for YouTube; You need to find other ways to earn money from this platform:

  • Intermediary companies

There are some international companies that, after receiving a percentage of your income from YouTube, deposit the amount to your exchange office in Iran. This method can be used in the last step and in the height of despair; Because paying a commission will save a lot of your income.

  • Friends and acquaintances living abroad

The best and fastest way is to get help from friends living abroad; Because with the help of their information, you can open a Google Adsense account and they will receive the amount as an intermediary and transfer it to your account.

Ways to make money from youtube

Concluding remarks

We are very glad that you took your time and stayed with us until the end of this article. As a final word, one of the best ways to make money is to use the YouTube social network, but following a few tips can be helpful in the rapid growth of your progress, which we have fully explained in this article.

Ways to earn money and a number of ways to reopen the YouTube channel were also mentioned in this article. We are waiting for your comments and suggestions.

Can I earn money from Iran?

Yes – just use your friends abroad or intermediaries to earn money.

How is the amount sent?

In most countries, except the sanctioned countries, it will be transferred to your bank account, and in a few countries, Western Union can be used.

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